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  1. Monster World Hunter
  2. I love the current gold color controllers have two myself!
  3. I'm sure it will be well worth the wait however I wish it was out now!
  4. The beta is out on Xbox 1 free download as of a week ago. I'm not to sure for ps4 it may be available for download somebody will have to confirm that. Otherwise it didn't interest me was watching a mate play it however it is only a beta but just seems like all previous dbz games to me. Cheers.
  5. I would like to see telltale do a Saw like game from episode 1 to saw legacy haha just thought I'd throw this out there
  6. I don't think so from personal opinion as how are you to obtain a trophy for sync while the PlayStation is in rest mode? Furthermore if your looking to sync the easiest way is to just view your current trophy's and it will automatically sync.
  7. I've played them both fortnight & battlegrounds. Both have pros and cons but I prefer fortnight for the look kinda reminds me of team fortress 2. Yes!
  8. I'm really going to have to get some of these games use guys play!
  9. LA Nor - Beyond two souls - Red Dead Redemption
  10. Did a game really stand out for you? Catch your eye? For myself For Honor was my favourite game of 2017 the combat bought along for me an awesome experience it's just a shame that there is a lot of bugs.
  11. Awesome question :). Red Dead Redemption 2 - Spiderman 2018 - Days Gone - Detroit Become Human - The last of us Part 2 - A Way Out - Jurassic World Evolution - and few others
  12. https://goo.gl/images/XZ2Pfy https://goo.gl/images/CwzxjH
  13. Yes! along with the mask of Zorro
  14. Absolutely, Fallout 3.. Now I ascertain the skill set needed to survive nuclear fallout.