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  1. Dying light 2 I'm one trophy away from the plat and that trophy "Don Quixote" is currently bugged, will not pop after activating all 17 Windmills.
  2. Last game purchased was Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order
  3. I personally wouldnt play ps3 games on a ps4 so the ps5 wouldn't bother me if backwards compatibility was removed
  4. I agree
  5. Cant wait to place a pre-order pay it off until release
  6. Crazy taxi..
  7. No, because those unwanted trophys earned count toward psn level XP. However if you could delete the title without losing the trophys id be all for that.
  8. That would be awesome
  9. World War Z http://
  10. Absolutely looking forward to this, Preordered via the PS store, release date - November 19. http://
  11. Shooters/Fighting http://
  12. Currently playing World War Z http://
  13. Sleeping Dogs Tekken 7 http://
  14. The last game I preordered was that starwars one, Jedi something lol... Via the PS store. http://