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  1. World War Z http://
  2. Absolutely looking forward to this, Preordered via the PS store, release date - November 19. http://
  3. Shooters/Fighting http://
  4. Currently playing World War Z http://
  5. Sleeping Dogs Tekken 7 http://
  6. The last game I preordered was that starwars one, Jedi something lol... Via the PS store. http://
  7. I assume you are all aware Sony now allows you to make 1 free name change and will charge for any further name changes made after you've used up your free name change. to do this go to your PS4 PlayStation settings > account management > account information > profile > Online ID. happy gaming.
  8. The Original PS4 http://
  9. Knack
  10. It seems as tho the myth has been confirmed - PSN name changes to be coming very soon It's official: PSN Online ID changes are happening. Here are the first details: https://play.st/2NA2stJ Testing with select users soon, full rollout in early 2019
  11. I can't remember who said it exactly but thank you for the clarification now I'm disappointed haha maybe some day.. some day
  12. Have heard PSN name changes will be made available in upcoming updates
  13. Open world games imo
  14. Welcome to PSN-Profiles and a big hello from myself, enjoy the site
  15. Red Dead Redemption 2 is the only game I have on pre-order at the moment