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  1. About to be resident evil 2 the remake and Detroit Became Human
  2. My first PS4 game was KNACK haha.
  3. I never got in to it but I agree as I watched my mate blast through the game, has some amazing visuals
  4. Resident Evil 2 the remake Red Dead 2 when it comes out and I'm looking forward to playing Detroit became human eventually.
  5. The controller has been forcefully made to appeal to Xbox players looking to transition to PS4 / wanting to play PS4 games but not losing the feel of the controller or having to adjust. controllers are a big factor when it comes to console choice as some prefer one over the other. Think of it like picking up an Xbox controller for the first time it just feels weird and icky and tacky and the weight just isn't right having played Sony most or your entire life - adjusting is a pain in butt. The question is would you play Xbox with a Sony Buttoned layout? Just to try them exclusives or play halo with a Sony controller designed for Xbox the thing that gets me is you would still have to buy a PS4 console "coming from Xbox" to use the controller so I look at it as just taking it to a mates with a PS4 playing some co-op games or something.. Interesting how this is going to factor in the gaming world. Good topic
  6. Most likely a hardware issue and your ps4 may need replacing unfortunately.. also apologises for the late reply!
  7. I personally think the PS4 & PS4 Pro have not even hit there peak..
  8. Yes I would say it would be worth getting a PS4 however if your really that short on funds you could wait until PS5 launch
  9. I also have the first gen PS4 things you can try are disabling the sceen saver disable time until the ps4 turns itself off, These can off can be found in settings. If no luck try initializing (formatting your ps4) FULL not quick mode. Please be aware you will lose everything and basically start as though you have a brand new ps4. I can confirm it has helped in some situations.
  10. Pre-orded Detroit Became Human.
  11. PS4 performs much better then the PS3 both hardware and software wise offering a better experience IMO.
  12. Monster World Hunter
  13. I love the current gold color controllers have two myself!
  14. I'm sure it will be well worth the wait however I wish it was out now!