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  1. Yep, probably I'll do a start fresh. Like I did on ps4. I hope to "start fresh" with Bloodborne 2 😉
  2. I missed the one at 16:10 if isn't your case you can see the other 3-4 minutes and probably you'll get the brick 😉
  3. Cleric BeastDefeat Cleric Beast The best exclusive on ps4, console seller 😎
  4. Oh man, this is really a xmas gift for me, thanks u so much for this thread, u are my hero 👊🏻
  5. All of From Software's dlc!
  6. Paying for playing online is a bullshit, also servers aren't good like MS. Just my opinion.
  7. MGS V: TPP : Kojima deserves this! Lots of farming, damn Konami The Banner Saga : what a masterpiece, final boss so OP! Indigo Prophecy : holy shit, those qte's Knack : it's Knack, baybe! Dishonored Definitive Edition : for a newbie in stealth game, not bad
  8. What's the problem with FFXV's plat ?
  9. You should play Bloodborne, best exclusive on ps4 (for now) imho and Until Dawn, amazing game.
  10. Fortnite: (stupid friends) OP: Burning Blood: My friend's son 4 years old, was playing with that dvd and damaged it. The game crashes at the main menu, never played a single match
  11. Conan Exiles isn't cool. Conan Exiles is lame. Conan Exiles is ugly and has a stupid name!
  12. Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, Dragon's Dogma, Indigo Prophecy (2nd half is cringe) , Watch Dogs (boring story, boring gameplay) Marvel's Spider-Man (Nice game but repetitive, i was expecting more from Insomniac) Seasons After Fall and Horizon Zero Dawn (not my cup of tea)
  13. Only South Park: TSoT because I really love this game (10/15 runs, not kidding) and it was free with South Park The Fractured But Whole
  14. Not a bad game, just not my cup of tea...7.5/10
  15. "For the PAYERS"