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  1. 2 good months in a row for me, cool! 😬
  2. HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!! HOLY SHIT! So fuckin' happy 😱
  3. Do you need to have ps plus for this trophy or can it be obtained without ?
  4. Did anyone else have this issue on the basilisk or the sex mini game ?
  5. It's not so difficult but if you die on the highest difficulty, you need to repeat from the last checkpoint. Some climbing phases can be very tricky
  6. Even on proud it's not difficult at all 😓
  7. Sure, first two HP games on ps1 are so good. On pc I don't like them they were different. On gb (1 and 2) they were rpg with turn based combat (even the third on gba) but I remember one on gba (the 2nd maybe) non turn based
  8. I really like the first two HP games on ps1 also the others on gb and gba. The minigames on HBP was so fun imho. GOF is incredible coop mode
  9. From this year I've learned one thing: no ps plus anymore and welcome ps now
  10. You should play the best exclusive on ps4, Bloodborne 😉
  11. The Surge 2 😬 I'm ok for this month.
  12. Just press and hold X button
  13. Diamond Dogs
  14. Prince of Persia and GTA IV, bundle with console
  15. The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 Hue Knack Risen 3: Titan Lords Mafia III The Surge Nioh