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  1. Thank you for your quick answer! Would have sucked to spent a bunch of money just so I'd have to start over from scratch again.
  2. Does the game have different country codes or whatever they are called? I borrowed the game from an US friend and got to level 17 so far, but he's going back to the States sooner than expected. I'd like to finish the game and plat it but don't really know if the save I have played on is recognized by a German version of the game or if that doesn't matter. Can anyone help me answer that please? According to rumors, AC Origins is supposed to be the next Christmas deal on PSN.
  3. I'll pick up the Wildlands game after I get off from work today and try it this weekend. Thanks for recommening it. Judging by the YT videos I saw it looks bomb.
  4. I’m new myself. Welcome! Add me on PSN if you feel like chatting or need help with a trophy
  5. Hi, I just joined the trophy hunting community and would love to add some new friends PSN is Kane_106
  6. I got that it was a troll Up till now RPG games like Bloodborne or the Souls series haven't been my cup of tea. However ACO is quite a good introduction to that kind of genre and if I keep enjoying the game as much as now, I could see myself trying Bloodborne (and Dark Souls) as well. Bloodborne has an estimated plat length of 50 hours (same as ACO) and the difficulty varies between 7 and 8 which sounds like a very good test of my skills and patience 💪. Thanks for the welcome Thanks for the tip. All those exclusives have great reviews and look like loads of fun. Have you played the Uncharted series yourself and can recommend your favorite to me? That's the exclusive series that interests me the most so far
  7. AC Origins is the first RGP I've ever played so depending on if I like that genre or not I might even start the Bloodborne game The people who play it say it's really good and like I said, I don't mind a challenge or grinding^^
  8. Thanks for all the replies. I‘ll be sure to add these games to my backlog. @beerwego Tomb Raider was one of my favorite franchises on PC and from what I can tell Uncharted has the same kind of gameplay. I’ll be sure to check the collection out.
  9. Hi I‘m looking for recommendations for PS4 games with mostly average platinum difficulty. Generes I enjoy the most are stealth, action/adventure and shooters. Difficulty-wise anything from a 1 to about a 7 out of 10 is fine by me as long as the game is enjoyable and not just something to get trophies like My Name is Mayo. I‘ve just started trophy hunting and am beginning with Assassin’s Creed Origins. Any tip is appreciated :-)