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  1. I've found that this game is a horrible grind that for me consisted of three parts: farm work, animal breeding and lastly the jobs. I ended up getting the platinum in about 40 hours, but feel like that with a couple of tips I probably could have shaved of 5-10 hours. 1: Download the government subsidies mod to get all the money you've ever desired. 2: Get a fckton of fields and plant the same produce on every field. 3: Have workers do several things at the same time (everything they do will count towards required things). 4: Always have a worker doing a job, whilst you're doing something else. 5: When doing the animals I suggest getting as many as possible whilst still leaving space for the amount of animals that need to be breed. Then filling up the food and water (straw isn't necessary). Then just speed up time and go do something else either in the game or outside of the game. 6: When it comes to finishing up the jobs I recommend making "clusters" of fields. Pick a couple of fields that are close together and buy a cultivator, seeder and a fertilizer for this cluster of fields. (for example on ravensport I clustered fields 1, 2 and 3 together as well als fields 14, 15, 16 and 17). Then just take these jobs for the fields that you've clustered and skip time when none are available. If you do not like waiting around for stuff to be done and can't stand repetitiveness this game is not for you. From the 40 hours of playtime only 10 hours were probably actually spend playing the game. The rest were spend waiting on animals to breed or workers to do jobs. I hope some of these tips will help someone. If anyone has any other tips or better tips please feel free to share.
  2. The last of us for the ps3. I played the game when is wasn't thropy hunting yet and since have sold my ps3 so I can't obtain it anymore:(
  3. Probably DMC 5 or any of the other DMC games Binding of Isaac. Those type of games just aren't for me
  4. Fallout shelter, just because I find the gameplay loop kinda dull
  5. Driveclub, because I generally am not really that good in racing games
  6. The plat doesn't seem all that hard. It looks to be about as difficult as Borderlands 2. I think the difficulty really just ends up being decided by how hard the raid bosses are.
  7. Definetly track mania. I honestly don't think I'll be able to do that.....
  8. I had to get the 15 different moments all in one playing session. So maybe try that.
  9. Afterwards I think there is no way to check but when you are flipping them or killing them Lincoln either shoots them or knocks them out, you might be able to guess which is which.
  10. Little Big Planet 2
  11. Red Dead Redemption