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  1. Hello all I am currently playing rooms and noticed that the trophies do not pop up when requirements are met so I decided to experiment with different way to get it working and I believe I have found a way. if you are going after the puzzle pieces trophies, find the level or room that will activate this achievement and before starting it... shut down the game and make a back up copy of this file onto online storage (just in case you need to upload it again) then start up the game again and complete that mission , hopefully it will then get you that trophy I’ve tried it twice now and it has allowed me to get the 80 and 130 puzzle piece trophy for the mansion complete trophies, same as above before entering the mission required to complete the achievement (the last mission in the mansion) ... exit the game, make a back up copy, start the game again, the complete the mission and then go back to the main menu and the trophy should pop up. I’ve tried it on both the 1st and 2nd mansion trophies and it worked. Just keep trying and hopefully it will work for you guys. btw I live in the UK so I’m playing the EU version of the game any questions just reply and I’ll get back to you ASAP. One day they will fix it with a decent patch all the best adamthepyramid
  2. As long as you guys are getting the trophy that’s great... I was worried that I had to restart it again when it didn’t come up
  3. After spending hours on Lego superheroes 2 I completed the game with 100% and I got all the gold bricks but the trophy ‘another gold brick in the wall’ didn’t pop up. after some investigation I found the solution and wanted to share it with the world. Go into any level as free play and just collect a stud then save and exit the level. The trophy should pop up after that, it did for me anyway. good luck people and don’t be afraid to contact me if you need advise