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  1. Speedruns. I simply hate rushing through a game, and constantly checking the timer and reloading when you're a 1 millisecond late in a section. What's worse are games that you can only complete with a maximum of 2 minutes before the required deadline. Like the pre-Resident Evil 4 games. I hate MP. But they're alright when they encourage to try the MP. But I get really furious when they ask you to give your life to it. Like Rockstar's games.
  2. The game is still very active, more than ever. With updates every week and heroes balances every season. You can get all the dlc trophies without buying the dlc by buying any of the Wu Lin characters for 15,000 steel. Except the two trophies related to the arcade mode. However, anyone who has the Marching Fire pass can invite a friend to play the arcade and get the trophies. Even if that friend doesn't have the Marching Fire pass. I have the Marching Fire pass and invited a friend of mine to help me with the arcade quests. My friend got all the arcade trophies and he doesn't have the season pass. Year 1 season pass isn't required for any trophy. Marching Fire season pass is explained above. Year 3 season pass isn't required for any trophy. All the season passes heroes can obtained by simply playing the game. I got all the year 1 heroes and the first of the year 3 heroes by just playing.
  3. Count me in. I have a rare platinum in mind, byt there's a chance I won't be able to get it before the end of the month. If I don't, at least I'll be closer to it. =P
  4. Sorry for the delay. The Link A score of 121.38 =P Well, I focused more on finishing the games I never played than platinuming games I've already played. It was a fun to participate. At least I got For Honor platinum which I dragged for a long time. =D
  5. Yes. =)
  6. I can notice you love Japanese games, and you can handle a bit of weirdness. I'd say go for Nier Automata. It's not easy but definitely nothing hard. If you don't mind some clunky gameplay and bad graphics. You could also try Daedly Premonition on the PS3. It's a medium difficulty platinum. People are split between hating it and loving.
  7. Count me in. I have a few games I'm planing to play and a few that I just didn't bring myself to platinum. Some of them have 20 trophies left, some 3 - 8 and some just 1 left. But I guess these unfinished games will have the penalty applied to them.
  8. Thanks for the method. But I guess it won't work for me since I didn't even buy any DLC yet. =(
  9. When you uninstalled the game and install it again. you said "Upon doing so the trophy popped for me as soon as i opened up the game for the 1st time". Did you update the game when doing so or did you enter the game without updating. Because for those who has the digital version. We kinda do have the choice to download the game again without the update. And from what I gathered the problem is with the game's latest updates.
  10. Thanks, and ohh how good it feels. Now every time we argue about any related difficult gaming task I'd use DMC4 as my prove. =D
  11. Well. it was a slow year for me regarding trophy hunting but I managed to complete 4 games that are considered too difficult or really time consuming. Despite that I did get one of my proudest platinum of all time and of this year. Which is Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition. Devils Never Cry Acquire all trophies. I usually won't go for time consuming games, and prefer those that are challenging instead of "put a 100 hours in it and you'll get the platinum". But people kept telling me you can't get it. It's too difficult, needs a lot of time or there only 700 people who got it (at the time). So it was summer & I wanted to prove them wrong. =)
  12. I would like to say that I finally got this idiotic trophy. Here's how: I start a new game + from my first playthrough on Give Me A Story difficulty. I did it as a continuous speed run as I did it from start to finish in one sitting. Skipped every secondary objective and declined all the side missions I'm offered and didn't go to the automatically given side missions. I did every thing like I mentioned above, and I did these for the first time in this 3rd playthrough: - Since it's a NG+ I upgraded everything related to hacking except the level 3,4 and 5 hacking upgrades. - Every time I'm hacking I would load my game if I got traced ( the timer went off ), and did all my hacks flawlessly. - Every time I'm remote hacking, and got an X or an error. I would also reload my game. - I went for the delegates first then went to Marchenko, and killed with the killswitch. - I gave the Pocket Secretory I got from Rucker to Vega this time instead of Miller. It took me 4 hours and 30 minutes to finish the game in 1 sitting. An hour from it was me repeating sections that I did from 15 to 30 minutes ago because of suspicions and glitches I had. Like a drone not behaving like it supposed to or the leveling meter not filling when leveling up and similar things.
  13. Well, I went for the delegates first and I still got nothing. I did notice however during the last 3 missions that the game's mechanisms sometimes won't work. For instance, I try to lean on a wall with L3 and I can't or I try to do a takedown from behind cover and I also can't. Also, the game crashed twice.
  14. I didn't trip or set off any mines. I always go slow towards them and disable them, and won the debate with Rucker because I noticed in my 1st playtrough that if you loose it the guards will automatically go into search mode and bust into the office. Well, I guess I'm going to reload my backup save today and work with your advise. I'll let you know what happens when I'm done. And for that mission I didn't go through the sewers. I just escaped from the same way I entered. Cloaking my way through the laser traps, and got the Ghost bonus when I escaped.
  15. Went to Marchenko then to the delegates. Got him with an EMP grenade and non-lethal takedown and got Smooth Operator. Didn't pop. Repeated but killed him with the switch. Didn't pop. I don't see what's the difference in going after the delegates first then Marchenko. Although I got a backup save at the London tower roof.