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  1. This was the one. I completed the story legit with no cheat, and my friends went on how I didn't really play GTA: SA when they did not even finished the first 10 story missions. =P You're bold. I admire that. =D
  2. I could be mistaken so everyone should be feel free to correct me. 1- You never know with Capcom. They might release a Street Fighter V: Super Ultra Turbo Arcade Championship Edition II. But the current number of characters is worth it. And the game has been out for four years so I don't think there's a point in waiting anymore. =P 2- Champion Edition for sure. All the characters and maps along with all the cosmetic DLCs which include 200 skins and other stuff. For 30$. It's been 2 months since its release so I'd expect a discount soon. (I kinda feel sad for those who got it day 1 for 60$ 🤕)
  3. Good lord you don't how much I hate Berserker. Thanks for the help. Will definitely check the demos and trials. Good to know there's such a thing. And from what I read Ryu has received some significant nerfs in the last season, Rendering him weaker against some picks. Well, thanks to you. This move will the only thing I anticipate from Bison. 😅 Yeah, I developed a similar habit with Devil Jin in Tekken. Even when I know I'll countered, my brain does automatically. Took a long time to get rid of it. Thanks a lot for all the tips. Will save them in my SF V folder (Yea, I create folders for my games guides =P). I met someone who recommended something regarding the characters. He told me to either go with Rashid, Chun-Li, G and some other characters I forgot. For they're the "S tier" characters used in EVO & tournaments, and have little or no negative picks. And If I'm gonna put the effort to practice, might as well do it with as he said "OP characters".
  4. What's the point if there's nothing to distinguish you from those who did use it. The platinum rarity is almost at 50%. And I'm sure that most guys on this thread have proven they have the capabilities to do it if you look at their profiles, and saw their platinums. For me, if the rarity has gone to shit and I know I can beat it for I did get platinums that are a lot harder than legit Inferno. Then, what's the point ? And that's the question I'm raising here. And like our dear Arthur Witcher ( =P) said. You want to do it legit go ahead. I'll cheering you up all the way. But the way you presented the case like it was some sort of taboo or shaming isn't gonna represent the idea you have in your head. Damn, I forgot about the cheat codes. A time when if you weren't using it then you haven't really played the game. 😆 It's not the one hit kill that's worrying me. It's the repeated travelling from the last manual save to the boss that gives me nightmares. 🤕 And how was you final timing ? How's like running against the clock in Inferno. Gotta agree. In the end we're a community for hunting digital rewards that serve noting but personal satisfaction. =P
  5. Thanks for the advice. It reminded of something I always see in competitive play. The lower levels are always easy to pass and you just need you improve a little level to reach the middle point of the ranking system (Diamond in Overwatch, Brawler in Tekken 7, Master in For Honor). And I'm guessing from what I've seen that's the equivalent of the golden league in SF V. Do correct me if I'm wrong. And thanks for the Bison idea. I did play him once and noticed he's all about countering attacks.
  6. You do have a point. I don't mind ultra hard difficulties as long as they're balanced. As long as any time I die it would be my fault, not the game. I hate it when a game's idea of difficult is cracking the enemies damage and health to a 11 and our damage and health to a 0. An I'm guessing that's what Inferno like.
  7. Well, call me impressed by the idea. I've got RE7 and RE2 to go back to so I take this thread as an incentive. Here's my list: Resident Evil 4: 100% (PS3) Resident Evil 5: platinum & 100% (PS3) Resident Evil 7: platinum, no 100% (PS4) Resident Evil: Revelation 2: platinum & 100% (PS4) For the rest: Resident Evil HD Remake: working on it. Resident Evil 2: Basically got the platinum a long time ago. Just missing a collectibles run. Resident Evil 3: Working on it. Resident Evil 6: just didn't get it. Lost interest in it. Maybe I'll go back. Resident Evil: Revelation. Raid mode was boring. Resident Evil 0: Played it a long time ago. Waiting for a PS Plus release. Raccoon City: Screw this bile of shit. Corps: No. Just no. Resident Evil Resistance: Just started it, don't see myself getting the platinum. I'll update if anything changes.
  8. Try to keep us posted. I'm interested how it'll go. And take my advise. When looking for a guide, look for a "normal" one if you understand what I mean. There's a lot of guides where they expect you to never miss a shot and do some insane maneuvers. I used Darkness's The Everyman's guide to Resident Evil with RE2 as he was understanding of the fact that not everyone is a legend when playing. Was one of the calmest hard trophies I got due to his efforts. Unfortunately he didn't make a guide for RE3 yet. They always are. =P Thanks for the tips. I guess I'll follow your lead. I'll try to do Inferno legit. If for a moment felt something is broken, I'll dig out the items and shows them what's what. =D
  9. Good lord. Almost 3 hrs with the cheat items. Either you're extremely unlucky or it's too much. I understand your point of view. And I want to use the items, as the rarity of the platinum isn't something special. And millions have done it so it doesn't matter if you did with the items or not. But for some reason, there's something nagging inside of me, making me feel guilty about using them as I'm a veteran of the series from the days of speedrunning the first three on PSOne. I just wish that choice was taken for me and they just didn't allow using the items. But in the end it doesn't really matter as you can see from the platinum rarity even though I'm against it.
  10. As the title says, I'm curious if anyone tried it or did it ? As I'm considering doing that way. And would like to know how hard is it really ? Is it easy, doable or extremely hard ? How hard is it compared to RE2 S rank on Hardcore ? And as something I would like to discuss. What do feel about using the cheat items for the platinum ? Do you wish they didn't add it that way and made it a reward for those who truly beat Inferno with an S or do you not care ? If it's in the game, it's welcome. If not, who cares.
  11. Ofcourse, I'll get the game to enjoy it. I'm mostly interested in the story. And frankly I don't know what the trophies are except the Golden League one. I'll check them once I'm done with the story. I'm really interested in Charlie, Akuma, Bison and Juri. And most likely will main one of them. I'm considering Ryu for the Golden League since someone told me he's the most balanced one for obvious reasons. My problem is having to learn to chain combos and punishes since I'm just playing for fun and not to be a "try-hard". And thanks for the tips, will definitely keep them in mind.
  12. Well, shieeeeeeet. So basically for a month or 2 I have to make my gaming life around SF ranked mode. I'd have to learn everything there's to learn and master my character. I played with Akuma in T7 and played SF V demo before. So I kinda get with you mean. SF has its own flow and rhythm than Tekken from what I've seen. Not that's a bad thing or anything. Tekken has many moves and combos laid out. While SF gives the basic moves and expect you to figure it out. Also the 2.5D with Tekken I think is something that's I'm gonna have to learn to live without as it would be make relieved if it was in SF.
  13. Hi, and good day. I've been a Tekken player my whole life. Never played SF and I'm considering to play it now. How hard is it to get to the Golden League really ? I'm decent player in Tekken. I pick a character and practice with it but I never force myself to learn combo, chain combos or how to punish. I played ranked there and the highest I've reached is the Brawler rank. Reference here. How hard will it be for me? Will be a breeze, take time or be difficult and require me to never give up and know how to chain combos, juggle players in the air, max punishes and learn the ins and outs of everything ?
  14. What he said. You shoot them until they're on their knee - - - > downed Kill them with your weapons after they've been downed - - - > execution Get close to a downed enemy and trigger the killing animation - - - > special execution.
  15. Yes, you can. The only real threat that will get you to restart your journey is falling the 100% threat challange. So juat save up the easy challanges for the 100% ones. Like giving packages and the such. I got the platinum twice. Alone. On the PS3 I did it normally. 168 matches with the easy challanges for the 100% threat. On the PS4 I used The Ultimate Multiplayer Shortcut in the MP guide here. It reduces the matches needed by two thirds BUT it's a risky one if you don't know what you're doing.