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  1. You ready for this WC? ⚽️⚽️⚽️

    1. UltraDog177



      It's coming home

  2. Just wanted to say it's good to see you progress through all these games and write your journey about it, even if I disagree with your take on the games or not Hope you get your completion down one day but at the same time it's good to see you experience games that 5 months ago you would never even consider playing.
  3. I'm down to participate! Haven't been part of it before.
  4. Let's go Shogun! Let the best one win 😉
  5. @Lucas Sign me up I'll win this time
  6. Sign me Up Lucas needs to quit FIFA its a bad addiction
  7. please sign me up
  8. Signature: Eevee one, Horizontal, "UltraDog177" If you're also free for more stuff, not exactly a signature but if you want to do 960x540 Banner - Eevee but maybe with a Spring-like Theme and "The Ultra Friends" on it, that'll be great. I will be happy with only the Signature if this is too much If anyone else wants to do this let me know
  9. You need 100k without premium. The premium stat only includes Premium bonus you get by buying Premium Days, not the premium modifier from the Premium Tank. That is calculated into the without premium silver score. The only things that count towards this are base silver earned (which is higher if you use a premium with a +101% silver earn rate) Premium Account Status, OPS and any other extra silver stats dont count and are added on afterwards. The new stat screen doesn't show it well. Can you show us a screenshot of you getting 100k without premium?
  10. If others help you, return the favour.

  11. You can achieve anything!

    1. Cobby


      Except Mein Leben.

    2. UltraDog177


      Not if you're good

    3. Yukiko Amagi

      Yukiko Amagi

      Mein Leben. Don't worry you'll see mine soon.

  12. Stay Hydrated Friends

  13. Remember to feed your Magikarp

  14. Hey Buk you can do it! Get that Completion rate 👆