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  1. Cool petition and all but forcing the studios to make a sequel to a game as opposed to what they actually want to do doesn't really yield good results. You want the studios to have ideas for a new title but just asking them for a sequel isn't gonna work. The other issue being that they probably wont remaster or make a sequel to something that they dont think will sell. Also remember that the petition will probably not get much traction just off this site, and the much better way to get one is to keep spamming it during EA events, streams and other things like that or on some forums they actually read to make it seem like there is actually hype for the game.
  2. Judging that the Profiles part is the best part of this site, more stats to support the profile would be most welcome.
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  4. I've noticed a lot of the dispute threads have been related to KH1 / KH2 trophies and their timing. Are we sure it is the same way of popping them and not an event that has a low chance of occurring?
  5. It's been a while... 😬

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  6. Hey do you have a discord, I'mma hit u up if u do, I hang out with luck and some other guys on my disc so if u get it tell me I'll pm you the invite

  7. Grats Dude
  8. *secret ninja poke*

  9. It's been a while, eh?

  10. I think asking a friend to share play a single trophy and begging people on forums to do lists of trophies for you are two ends of the spectrum, mainly because you can just avoid putting in any effort to get trophies from share play and if thats the way you want to play your games then it's your own fault but I just don't see how a person has any satisfaction from a platinum they achieved through use of Share Play. Like if you genuinely can't do something then maybe try adopt your strategy, and there is no rush in getting a trophy, no penalty, no "if I don't get the trophy I cannot get it again and I'm locked out of the platinum" sort of thing. In the end we are all different people, and I think if it is a feature then it should be allowed, just like any other type of boosting is allowed, but I think it's more to do with the way the person feels about it in the end. I don't use share play and I do not have any reasoning for it, as I get satisfaction from achieving it myself.
  11. Doesn't say anything :^) PSST CAUSE THERE ISNT ONE