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  1. If others help you, return the favour.

  2. You can achieve anything!

    1. Cobby


      Except Mein Leben.

    2. UltraDog177


      Not if you're good

  3. Stay Hydrated Friends

  4. Remember to feed your Magikarp

  5. Hey Buk you can do it! Get that Completion rate 👆
  6. Good how about yourself?
  7. 2010 World Cup never dies former RT neospoon, the man, the myth, the legend
  8. If anyone here still plays, feel free to give me an add. Oskar (NA) or TheUltraTitan (EUW) TFT is out and its quite a fun mode anyone tried it out?
  9. Hey Neospoon. Hows it going?
  10. Not a Numerical goal, but I have 25 games in my backlog that I want to Platinum so I guess 125, assuming I dont buy other games etc.
  11. Don't worry about it dude. I'm glad someone new is posting on the forums. Some people just want to find reasons to complain for or call for change without looking at the real issues, these threads happen often but they're never made by the same people, and if it gets someone new to post and get involved its a good thing. At the end of the day we answered your question, just ignore the posts that add 0 value to the thread like his ones. Hope you have a good day!
  12. I mean its not like they add these trophies for the sake of it. Majority of the time they add trophies because new content has been added to the game. My point is that whining that games that are constantly updated SHOULDN'T get trophies is like whining when you buy a 12 months subscription to a monthly journal or magazine only for the first months issue and then complain you were getting the other 11.
  13. To be fair, its a constantly updating game, I don't know why you expected it not to keep getting trophies. I honestly think free trophy updates are a good thing, gets you to go back to games for a bit and separates the dedicated from the ones that thing games are just "100% and move on" attitude