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  1. I'd also say April 16, 2020. But for some reason I'm sure the game definitely will be delayed.
  2. 80 quest on hard difficulty with S rating? So, basically, it means the game has trophy for difficulty, right?
  3. Story is about 50-60 hours. I suppose, its delivery grind. Like 20 deliveries with legendary rank, etc.
  4. Why should somebody skip games like this because of trophy list? If it's indeed grindy, completionists could simply play it on a different account which isn't a big deal, i guess. Not going to platinum it doesn't mean not playing it at all.
  5. My Lord. According to many reviews, the game is almost a routine. Even though I'm interested in it, not sure at all I'll go for a plat if it really takes about 200 hours. If Hakoom isn't joking, that's really very sad news. This game doesn't look interesting enough to invest so much time in it
  6. There's nothing to understand. Not all players goes for everything on gold, which doesn't mean they shouldn't be allowed to buy rings updates and skins. If some just achieve silver or bronze, they won't have as much currency, as all the others with fully gold medal list. But with Bend to add extra money, even players with only bronze scores would be able to buy whatever they want. It's simply a respectful attitude to all kind of players.
  7. Also got gold on my 3rd or 4th attempt. Without doubt, the easiest endless horde of three. I found stamina ring the best for this challenge, because equipping that you can play it for hours. Wonder, what the highest score will be in nearest future. Congratulations to all who got everything on gold! Indeed, that was a hot ride, fellas. Also, big thanks to everyone who shared tips and guides for each challenge during 2,5 months. Again i was convinced, that this platform has one of the best and responsive community i ever seen on internet, which is cool.
  8. I wouldn't recommend anyone doing that before their final blog-update for October. Anyway, I assume, there won't be any more trophies for Odyssey. The journey ended well with Socrates quest, have no idea what else they can add to fullfil such a huge game
  9. Correct. But does this mean we'll automatically receive trophy for Hard 2 as well after beating game on Survival 2? That's the main question. Logically, that's how it would (should) be. Guess, we'll find out some info after the launch. Dev's are not very communicative on both FB and Twitter, so we need to wait anyway Edit: managed to get some kind of an answer from Bend Studio. That's what they said: " Only one trophy is tied to beating the game on Hard 2 and Survival 2 "
  10. It's not confirmed yet that we'll need 2 playtrhroughs. For now it's just a rumors. I think that would be extremely stupid as both difficulties would be available from the start, according to the PS blog, which means you don't need to unlock them. Which also means, why do we need to complete game on easier difficulty if we already managed to finish it on hardest one, right?
  11. The only thing that should worry us on this moment - do we need to make two separate playthroughts to get Hard 2 and Survival 2 trophies. I really don't get, what the differences between both difficulties.
  12. My bad, not everyone, of course. But if you follow Bend Studio on Twitter or Facebook, almost every second request they got in every tweet/post was about NG+. Also, it was obvious they would add NG because of patches you can receive in Challenge mode.
  13. Really hope we could get both trophies for difficulty in one run. Even though I'm playing it on Survival, it's not as challenging as i expected it would be. Now it's likely be death from a single bullet or so. Cool. No one should complaint about this, because everyone asked for NG+.
  14. Why you so sure about Ubisoft not adding trophies for Discovery tour like they did with Origins two years ago? It's better to wait till they announce it officially, because they can add them in a release day, it's not a big deal for them.
  15. Actually, i can understand you very well. Sometimes, its not about trophies, but the result, competition etc. To be honest, I'm doing this just for trophies. Otherwise, not sure at all i would even touch that DLC. Still, i believe a lot of gamers enjoy it without thinking of trophies and for those it's ok to complaint about difficulty, because that is the main thing about challenges, right?