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  1. I believe it won't have any more trophies. Naughty Dog clearly said, that they're working on multiplayer, but it definitely won't be a part of TLoU2. Which means, they gonna release a standalone multiplayer game, i suppose. Also, I'm sure they will be more interested in selling it apart from TLOU2, than just launch it for free a year or so after the release of single campaign.
  2. To speak about Permadeth, I suppose there gonna be a few settings, like start from the beginning/Ellie Seattle Day 1/Abby Seattle Day 1/ Santa Barbara (not sure about the last one though). This game is way to big to restart it entirely from the beginning in case of sudden failure. Btw, do you think they gonna disable checkpoints in both modes? Doesn't seems like we're gonna be forced to play it in one sit.
  3. 100% sure they're gonna disable all combat accessibilities on Grounded. On the other hand, what if people with health conditions also want to get those trophies? Guess, they also should have such an opportunity, right? However, we'll find out everything soon.
  4. Actually, it was a bug caused by someone placed a pointer sign right on that memory chip, that's why it glitched in my session. I could see the pointer, but the chip itself wasn't there. The solution was quite simple - restarting the game. It connected me to a different server, without any signs near the flash drive, so i was able to see it and pick up. Just like that)
  5. Hello everyone! Strange thing happened to me. I've been on my way to do stuff in chapter 9, where at start you should pick up memory chip #40. The thing is, for some reason it doesn't appear where it should be. Found no info about it anywhere. Also in all guides I've seen it lays where it should be, but i can't see it in my game. Do i need to do something specific for it to appear? Already spent 115 hours into a game, a little bit worried about potential second playthrough just for chips. Would appreciate all your answers!
  6. Hello everyone! My question is simple: would timefall destroy my roads, bridges, ziplines, while I'm not playing the game for about 3 days or so? Don't want to be back and see everything corrupted. But also, i can't afford to play it day by day. Would appreciate your answers!
  7. Good for you! Another argument in favor of buying a physical version of the game.
  8. The solution for disc holders from Reddit: "If you have the disc, you can fix this is a roundabout way: 1) Go Offline 2) Go the Meditation spot outside the Albino's spawn to save, then close the game 3) Delete the game's app, and then redownload it (it should preserve your save) 4) After you do this, open the game and continue 5) Enter the cave and fight the big spider! I tried this on my PS4 and it worked! Apparently version 1.00 doesn't have this glitch, which is why you need to redownload it while offline. After I beat it, I exited the game, went online, updated to the latest version, and my achievements for killing it popped up after a few minutes" Can't confirm though it really works, because i own digital copy.
  9. Looks like it's time to give it a break until Respawn gonna respond on that issue and release a next patch. What a shame..
  10. That's exactly what i figured searching for a bug fix. Why they just don't give an option to fight those bosses without getting xp again and again? Fight just for fun, not for leveling. At least, that would definitely prevent players from glitches like the one, that happened with us.
  11. I'd play it anyway. Just extract your safe file somewhere before entering the cave in case you'll die or smth. I wish i knew about this glitch earlier. Now, after i tried to find a solution for this it seems a lot of gamers got that bug. Also, that's so stupid, that you can ressurect every enemy in the game except for those objective mini-bosses. I really like to complete games in one run, but after getting this glitch I'm not very interested in continuing the playthrough right now. Very upset
  12. First of all, it's rediculios, that the game still has so many glitches with collecting stuff, scanning, etc. Every second topic here are about glitches. What happened to me is not very rare, as I thought it could be. The problem is, one of the mini-bosses are not respawning for me. Not a big deal, honestly, if it wasn't tied for a trophy. The boss is some kind of Albino Spider on the Kashyyyk planet. Not hard at all. The thing is, it killed me once, then i decided to return for the revenge and found there is no more any bosses in the cave. Then, i found info about that creature in my codex, which 100% means it won't appear any more, cause the game decided that i defeated him (which I didn't), which means I'm locked of achieving "Legendary Beasts" trophy. I know about disc version fix for that issue, but, unfortunately, i own a digital copy. I used to a different kind of bugs, except the ones that requires to re-complete the game for a single trophy. Gosh, that's so annoying. Left the game for my day off, started on that new planet, but right know pissed off so much about that issue. It's already 3 months passed from the release date, why is this game still have so many issues with trophies?
  13. I'd also say April 16, 2020. But for some reason I'm sure the game definitely will be delayed.
  14. 80 quest on hard difficulty with S rating? So, basically, it means the game has trophy for difficulty, right?
  15. Story is about 50-60 hours. I suppose, its delivery grind. Like 20 deliveries with legendary rank, etc.