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  1. Right here, buddy.
  2. 11 new trophies added. From the description it seems we'll have some kind of horde or arena challenges. I might be wrong though. I hope i am. Edit: "Complete a run in Lost Between Worlds in 15 minutes". This is the description of one trophy. Guess now it's obvious what this DLC is gonna be like.
  3. I wonder if they gonna add some new trophies to conclude the whole storyline.
  4. Finally they removed trophies for "Only heart/Only brain" choices. In previous games, I couldn't figure out what the point of these trophies was in an interactive game.
  5. What choices you make for both Fran and Oc to die? From now on I'm not sure if endings really depends on scateboard ratings.
  6. Just completed final chapter in episode 5. Somehow got ending with Anu dies. My stats are : Scateboard - 82 Anu/Fran - 52 Anu/Oc - 47 Fran/Oc - 76. Does it mean scateboard scores is not important? What the hell going on with this game?
  7. Considering I tried everything except replaying the whole game - might be. I just really don't get how some people finish it with score 60 or lower. It was such a stupid idea not to use a simple notification bar for your choices and actions like in previous TT games. Especially when they decided to add such a garbage trophy.
  8. That's exactly what I am doing, my friend. As I wrote earlier, I even left the game play itself, which still gave me 82%. Nonsense. Failed all unnecessary QTE's except for ones which could cause death. In the final chapter it seems impossible to fail most of them because of the game over. My first ending was neutral. Then I replayed final chapter and got good one. And after that I couldn't reduce skateboard rating lower than 82% each playthrough, no matter how rude I am to my teammates or how many QTE's are failed. It's such a waste of time. Thing frustrate me the most - I get the same skateboard rating every time (82), when relationships are always different. It's like game registered the number and don't want to lower it dawn..
  9. Replayed the final episode third time in a row. Not from a specific chapter, but the whole episode. Each time I choosed different replics and choices. THIRD time in a row I get good ending (82%) All three times I managed to get required relationships, but that f**king scateboard score continues to increase, which prevent me from getting bad endings. Never felt so desperate in such games. How you people managed to get 50-60% in final chapter? I have no more clues what to do cause I mixed , as I think, all options I have. The author of this topic said he had 70% before starting this chapter. I start it with the same score. Still he managed to reduce it to 64 when in my case it's always 80+ no matter what I do.
  10. I'm in the same boat. Started episode 5 with 70% skateboard, lowered two relationship bars and raised the third one to get one of three bad endings. Also decided to let the game play itself, which I thought would definitely lower the skateboard rating. And guess, what? I finished the game with all of three protagonists alive and got 82% skateboard (+12 % to the previous 70%). And i barely touched the controller.
  11. Actually, they didn't add trophies to both River Raids and AC Odyssey crossover DLC's. Still I think they should add at least one for bringing Eivor's journey to an end.
  12. No new trophies included in Anniversary update. Confirmed by Ember Lab on Twitter.
  13. I really hope they won't add new trophies, though it seems inevitable that they will. Depending on how damn hard this game was on Master Difficulty for me, those mentions about adding trials already made me feel anxious about what to expect.
  14. So, basically if i prefer to explore game from scratch on my first run, now there's no need in that, because that's gonna be required for NG+ trophy? What a disappointment, if i understood it correctly.
  15. Didn't expect grind through mailing system, to be honest.