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  1. How long does it take to reach level 20 on a single map?
  2. Just imagine, if one of those early popped trophies would be "Completionist All the Way!"
  3. I'm not fan of using collectibles guides, but damn, that was so stupid idea to leave markers on a map after you painted the wall. I mean, what's the point to leave active icon on a map, when you already done the requirement? They should at least add some kind of check marks on completed areas like in later AC games.
  4. I had the same nervous guy in a random team once i launched Raid for the first time. Arrogant, pretentious and disrespectful teenager. But because i was the organiser of a group i decided to finish at least first chapter and then quit. At some point that dude started to loose patience because some of us where doing not as well as he desired. As long as we couldn't enjoy the game because of him, the teamwork became much worse and other two guys just made a rage quit. I wasn't even upset about it. Thankfully, the other day i was lucky enough to join two different awesome groups, with whom i had a lot of fun and few memorable moments during our trip. So, yeah, it's really important to have an adequate team. Not just for completion, but also for good experience.
  5. That decision could prevent a lot of players even to try to play those raids. I agree, raids must me played well organized, but can you imagine how much more complicated this is gonna be to find 3 different players who would be able play at the same time? They should really kept matchmaking. At least, as an option.
  6. You're right, my bad. Actually they said "higher" difficulties, which could also mean silver and gold.
  7. Sucker Punch announced Raid to be available from October 30. No matchmaking. Minimum gear level - 100. And they adviced to play some co-op and survival on Nightmare before starting Raid. Looks like no difficulty options as well.
  8. Why does someone hack trophies? I mean, what's the point in that?))
  9. Why so many people claims about raids gonna be tough as hell? Wouldn't there be difficulty levels like in co-op and survival?
  10. I wonder how long it will take to reach level 20.
  11. Wow, sounds really grindy..
  12. I'd prefer they let us delete trophy lists with 1% completion. Sure, i know we should accept our mistakes, but still I would be really glad to delete game from my list, which is impossible to get 100% because of servers shutted down. (Hello, Driveclub!)
  13. Excellent news! I'm totally cool with NG+ trophies, this game deserve several playthroughs. I just hope Legend's trophy set won't be too bad and frustrating, cause we all know, that multiplayer trophies can be annoying as hell.
  14. I believe it won't have any more trophies. Naughty Dog clearly said, that they're working on multiplayer, but it definitely won't be a part of TLoU2. Which means, they gonna release a standalone multiplayer game, i suppose. Also, I'm sure they will be more interested in selling it apart from TLOU2, than just launch it for free a year or so after the release of single campaign.
  15. To speak about Permadeth, I suppose there gonna be a few settings, like start from the beginning/Ellie Seattle Day 1/Abby Seattle Day 1/ Santa Barbara (not sure about the last one though). This game is way to big to restart it entirely from the beginning in case of sudden failure. Btw, do you think they gonna disable checkpoints in both modes? Doesn't seems like we're gonna be forced to play it in one sit.