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  1. Didn't expect grind through mailing system, to be honest.
  2. As long as they titled them "Pack 2" i bet we'll have 15 more challenges to complete.
  3. I just checked my trophy list for Valhalla. One new trophy added - get all gold medals.
  4. Well, it was kind of obvious they would release second pack of challenges sometime in nearest future. Especially according to that woman (sorry, don't remember her name) didn't take a part in Dawn of Ragnarok DLC. I just really hope none of them would be as bad as some in season one. Well balanced and free of glitches. Challenge must be fair. Are we glad about that kind of addition to Valhalla?
  5. Hello, everyone! Are there any plans for future DLC expansions? Not just characters packs, which is season pass all about (as far as i know), but something more value, with trophy stacks. Like DLC's in DC Villians.
  6. I doubt most people on this site might be upset by the lack of additional free trophies, especially considering the fact that almost all trophies of this kind are the ones for high difficulty. Some players gonna like it, some won't. It's totally OK to add anything like this, also there's nothing bad in complaining or exulting about it either.
  7. Wonderful expansion. It was extremely necessary to add the special ops trophies at the highest difficulty.
  8. Hello everyone! As long as i can see here, on PSNProfiles, none of PS4 players managed to obtain platinum because of that single trophy can't be unlocked despite following each step to earn it, right? Looks like only PS4 version suffer from it.
  9. Need to finish game first to unlock Master difficulty. Minimum two playthroughs
  10. Rivals mode won't arrive until September 3rd, right?
  11. According to this thread, people complaining about that glitch since end of July, but the issue is still "under investigation". Not even a single hot fix before the launch of second story expansion. What a shame.. Ubisoft at their best, as always.
  12. Hello everyone! The thing is, in Ulster there's a trial on the East which doesn't want to register as "completed" for unknown reason. Once i finished with 2 druids and 2 werewolfs the fog just disappeares and trial icon becomes active again, like i haven't even started it. Has anyone else faced the same issue?
  13. Got it with 51st document on my first try. Decided to walk around London from the beginning, before doing missions. Collected everything but one by Aiden himself. One document picked up with spider-bot.
  14. As I finally understood, the Iki island DLC won't be selling as separate expansion. That's so called "DC content", which will be available only for DC versions of the game, both PS4 and PS5. In that case, I suppose, original game will definitely get new expansion trophy set too. And the only way to gain 100% again - upgrade your game
  15. In that case, I hope they won't add Iki island DLC trophies in a base game trophy list. I guess, that would be fair enough.