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  1. @DJ_AdruA Top 10 % isn't a problem, neither is getting golds constantly. It's the 1 % that bugs me. I normally end up in the top 2-3 % spheres, but that's still nowhere near a diamond. It just seems that the right "mindset" won't help me master the mechanics necessary to compete with these guys.
  2. Congratulations on the platinum! I'm 1 month in an at 19 diamond cups, 8 through multiplayer. But there are just some mechanics in the game I don't seem to be physically and mentally capable of pulling off. For example, I see people ground-pounding onto the vines and being catapulted somehow. Others can pull off rolling techniques like they've come from a family of stones. But I love the Dojo challenges, they are the only ones I've constantly gotten diamonds for. Nevertheless, 1 % for a diamond feels really unbalanced depending on the mode you're playing. Some challenges attract way more people and make it much easier to achieve a diamond compared to others.
  3. Ubisoft could solve the problem of high skilled people slowing down others on their way to awesomeness level 11 by either changing the percentages for cups from 1 % for diamond to 2-3 %, or by excluding them from the ranking with the following scenario: If 100 people participate, only the 1st person gets a diamond. But if s/he already was lvl 11, s/he could still receive his diamond, but the next person in line without lvl 11 would receive one too too. Thereby the best 1 % who aren't lvl 11 already could gain up on diamond cups much easier and you wouldn't be punished by having to compete with people, that are 3-4 years of skills ahead of you. But I assume the game has been out for too long and they won't introduce changes anymore. But what would they achieve from this, if they are already lvl 11 awesomeness? I don't see a point in gaming the system with glitches if there is literally nothing you can gain from it. A high percentage of the people achieving these crazy lengths are already way past 6000 points, so I don't see any reasons apart from doing it legit and for one's own self esteem, but I don't know.
  4. There are constantly people with insanely high scores in the daily and weekly challenges. I'm not necessarily talking about the "being fast" or "getting the Lums as quickly as possible", but when it comes to running as far as possible there are people with more than a thousand (!) kilometers, which just seems insane to me. I'm not saying these records aren't legit, but I keep wondering how one would come to grind this out within a single day. It often takes me more than 3-4 minutes to get 1 km in these challenges, only after practicing the run repeatedly for 15-20 mins. OR are these records just a glitch on the leaderboard? Any thoughts?
  5. Hey guys/girls, you can easily get this trophy by (1) creating an alt-account, (2) adding the alt as a friend, (3) performing poorly in a challenge with your alt and (4) beating this score over and over with your main account. It doesn't have to be 30 different people's scores you beat or 30 different scores in 30 different challenges or something. It shouldn't take you longer than 30 minutes! Just in case you don't seem to find a buddy to do it otherwise. Best wishes and take care!
  6. I just watched "Kimi no na wa" (Your Name) and was blown away by how beautifully animated it was. On top of that, the story is very touching and reminded me of how I felt when I watched anime for the first time. It has great motifs and the storyline will keep you on the edge of your seats. You should definitely watch it, highly recommended!