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  1. Thanks. Hmm, that'd be better than setting it everyday, thanks!
  2. Hello, I'm posting a session per day to get Eagle Flight online trophies, problem is I've been posting already 5 days and more and more finished sessions come to my Boosting page, as nobody joins, I continue to post sessions everyday until I can get enough people to finish the trophies, but, there's a max limit of finished sessions there or there's a way to do something like: Ok it finished, dissapear from here. ? Thanks, Crinlorite.
  3. I always thought this trophy was about ending a enemy attack mission killing all birds with less attacks than birds.
  4. If you are still finding people for the trophy, add me to Crinlorite, I am setting boosting session on this site boosting section every day I can.
  5. So, from what you say, this month it'd be easier to platinum since it's free on plus. I will give it a try.
  6. Hello, I've seen some 0,1% PSN trophies, are they so hard, or the game's boring?
  7. Free just today, easy platinum
  8. I would like to see some replies about this, simply build a floor or a wall counts as building? Today someone got it it's on 0,1%
  9. Hello, since this game will be available in PS Plus January 2018 I'd like to know if the platinum and 100% is easy, normal or hard to get. Thanks.
  10. Just what the title says, does it works for trophies or I need to buy starter edition at least? Thanks!
  11. I decided to leave this game for the future in case I buy another PS4 for my girlfriend. So thanks for the advices,
  12. Hello, I've checked the online trophies, but the Win x matches is boostable with 2 controllers I guess, so hard time will be getting the XP trophies?
  13. So, from what I've read, all trophies are offline? There aren't online trophies for PS4 version? I mean, it's free on PS+, considering if going to play it for the platinum.