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  1. Wow! I really consider myself lucky to have found a sealed US version for 40 € on eBay during the 2018 summer holidays which is always the best time to make deals right there as I was the only bidder for it. I also got a Lollipop Chainsaw sealed French version around the same time for 20 € if I remember correctly. As for the addition, there it is.
  2. I have been watching rugby since the early 90s but never owned a rugby game. Problem solved now! Funny to see that there is a picture of the commentators on the cover that I hadn't noticed immediatly, I don't recall such a thing for sports games I know.
  3. Same here, I think an intermediate sign meaning the platinum without the DLCs has been earned for a game would be nice. Also about the games ordering, I think either by release date or alphabetically would do just fine with stacks being bundled exactly like they are right now. The possibility to sort the games the way people like the more (release date, alphabet, chronology or canon/spin-off/reboot, etc.) might prevent a headache. Someone in this thread wrote about the stages being removed and I also agree with that. Anyway, nice addition for sure which will more than likely motivate a lot of people to get every trophy from their favorite game series.
  4. How about something like this? I quickly photoshopped this (well, GIMPed to be more precise). I didn't find the exact same font and the whole writings could be white but it looked way better after I applied the green and red colors to current and former parts. People having changed their ID several times would of course get more written stuff. I made as if the PSN name history icon was gone and that having your mouse over the ID displays its history in a gray frame exactly like how it is right now when your mouse is over the 'About me' part as you can see on top of the picture.
  5. I am not going to play the game anytime soon though still having around 50 or 60 sealed games but that is a nice addition that at least reduces my wanted games list.
  6. You raise a good point here as I didn't pay attention to So close probably because being a bronze trophy. The question now is to know whether it is possible to unlock the epilogues (endings) you get while getting So close trophy otherwise by finishing the game with other scenarios or not. With so close scenario almost every character is still alive in the end so that makes numerous epilogues. I have already tried to look for the answer and it takes me back a few years ago with the headache it has been to deal with the unlocking of all the endings. Still searching though... On a sidenote, is it possible to scan every Heavy Rain owner on the site to see if So close trophy popping after the endings trophy is frequent or not? EDIT: found out with this guide that you at least unlock two epilogues by getting So close trophy which are 'Ethan's grave' and 'Heroine #1'. The guide is a progressive one so we can be sure that no other epilogue from ending #4 to #7 from the guide can be unlocked with So close trophy but we don't know how many from endings #1 & #2 can also be unlocked at the same time. EDIT 2: funny too to note that Perfect crime in fact unlocks 4 epilogues even though it is the first scenario achieved in this guide. If Perfect crime can be skipped by finishing the game otherwise I would say that it should be the same with So close but this is more of a guess. Someone having freshly platinumed the game and dealt with the endings should be more prone to know about So close trophy.
  7. I actually have 1581 trophies on my profile but when I go to the stats section the 'trophies by time' just show 1580 trophies if you do the calculation. Don't worry, I have already searched for the missing one a little bit. The fugitive is 'FIFA for Life' from FIFA 12 which is the only trophy I earned at 9 am. As you can see too I earned 3 trophies at noon but there is no bar visible in the graph at that time maybe because it is extremely small compared to the biggest bars. So my question is: is my missing trophy just not being taken into account because one trophy at a given time becomes irrelevant at some point when other hours of the day show too much trophies for it to appear or is it just a bug? Thanks for your help. EDIT: I forgot to mention that this trophy was visible when I became a member as I had seen a trophy in the morning back in 2017 and that I remembered around 9 or 10 am. EDIT 2: no problem with the 'trophies by day' section as the number of trophies is correct there. Seems to me the irrelevance of a single trophy in the bar graph might be the explanation.
  8. So basically, the only way to get rid of this disturbing icon is to delete one's account, ask Sly to manually fix it to be able to restore it exactly as in this thread, right? I really hope it will disappear some day, that was the point of changing ID. Of course some people might have used that new function to cheat or else but they represent the minority.and that is unfair for all the other profiles. Name changing has been quite a tough journey to get implemented here so maybe not everything is 100% achieved as of now and once it would be done these icons would be gone. At least, I hope so...
  9. Heavy Rain I don't understand why I am flagged because of Heavy Rain since I got the trophies normally without cheating. I have platinum trophies for this game on both PS3 and PS4. Just in case, even though we're from the same country I don't know this guy but I earned Perfect crime after the trophy for all the endings exactly like him. I had even left this trophy as my very last to unlock for several years because I wanted to play this game again in one playthrough without saving and so keeping all the epilogues I had already unlocked. So getting these trophies in this order is clearly possible if that is the reason why he has been flagged. By endings, it means epilogues, you can get this trophy before getting Perfect crime because this is a scenario. Some different scenarios (X characters dead / Y characters alive) unlock the very same epilogue and the epilogue for Perfect crime can be unlocked with a different scenario (as I think there is only one for this scenario while some scenarios have two or three). I read disputes a lot and this is the very first time I comment in them because I know the guy can't be accused of cheating just because of these two trophies plus it would prevent being falsely flagged about it for me and also for others in the future.
  10. Thanks! I intended to go for the 4 trophies from the base game only at first but I am now ready to go for all of them. I will first try to do that without boosting since I do not really like to do so when a game's community is still alive. I will then probably join a boosting group in the final days if I do not succeed in getting the 8 of them that require no death matches.
  11. My problem is solved since I have just completed my first online matches. Got a new reply from Sony assistance but it was a dumb one; just saying that both my account and my disc needed to be from the same region even though I had already told them that they were. Anyway, I just installed everything again and a network pass file suddenly popped up on top of my download list. I am not talking about the unlock factions file which was there from the beginning but about a new one which has been 'bought' today and which by its thumbnail looks like the one that used to be on sale before being delisted. Going to check later on if it is still there thus downloading every other file than the only 16 ones that are being installed through the bundle as some perks and weapons might help me as I really sucked at these first matches. I usually do not play online at first, that is probably why and also not knowing anything about the maps does not help. EDIT: the file is still in my download list. I also added a picture. Good to see it is finally working and that I am getting better at it. It will still be tough to get 3 downs without dying on some maps though but there is still time to go.
  12. Well, I just noticed about the BCES 01585 after having first replied to the email telling them I had already downloaded the add-on bundle and calling them right after. I sent another email afterwards explaining that and the fact that my copy was a BCES 01584. I do not use the PS Store website on PC so I could not have figured that out without them sending me the written URL. I just noticed that while reading the email again. About the code, it is still about the one from my game's booklet. They did not do anything else than just extending its expiration date which makes it now active and unused... It would have worked if typed before the servers shutdown announcement, I am now pretty sure about it. I just think they have disabled everything non-related to BCES 01585 since the add-on bundle (01585 located) is mandatory to launch the multiplayer. All previous multiplayer DLCs do not even work when installed instead of the add-on bundle ones. You had no trouble with the online mode because you had already typed a working pass in the past. I am pretty sure your code would not work now with an account from somewhere else than the UK. And yes, of course I have installed every of the 139 files from the bundle. I have at least done that a dozen times with the unlock file without any success. EDIT: by the way, here is the URL for the bundle on the French store. It might not work since there is a great chance you will be redirected depending on your region but you can read BCES 01585 in it. EDIT 2: just to try, I have just replaced the last 5 number by a 4 in the URL to see where it would get me and I got this.
  13. Three phone calls later, no improvement. The last I heard from them was a mail I received today telling me to download the add-on bundle which is the last transaction on my account and the one I have already given them every detail as a secret question to check who I was... Anyway, I am not posting just to tell that but in the mail I received there was a link to the add-on bundle on the French PS store for PC and in the URL there was "BCES 01585." I own the BCES 01584 French version. After a quick search, it apparently is the UK version with russian and polish languages in addition to english. It might actually be where the issue lies. People with a BCES 01585 copy from the UK might be the only ones not facing this issue in Europe. Thanks for all the other ones I guess... I deleted saved data for the game and chose english as the in-game language: not working. I set english as my system default language: not working. I do not see what else I could try. EDIT : still about my search BCES 01585 apparently requires an account from the UK for the network pass to work...
  14. Yep, you misread it, like others. It could be what he meant but he was not precise about it so we do not know for sure but it could also be possible to get the error message the way I did. In the first case it would be a region incompatibility like SnowxSakura said while in the second one, happyman778 does not have the add-on bundle installed but the now delisted map packs.
  15. OP never talked about having tried that with the add-on bundle maps, nor anybody replying afterwards named that very precise bundle and assumed he was talking about it... But OP could be in the same situation I was after installing the game data; that is trying to launch the multiplayer with the free map packs that were available before the add-on bundle popped on the store and made these free map packs be delisted at the same time. I first did that way and it resulted in the same error message the OP got.