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  2. I listened to about half of this yesterday and thought it was well done too. A couple times I felt @ChernobylNinja could be a little clearer but the content itself was good. Not trying to find things to pick on, and i would consider it very minor but if my feedback helps... P.S. I prefer to listen with volume on the lower side so maybe at higher volume it wouldn't be as noticeable.
  3. Im still kicking myself for not picking this up when it was on sale last. Then again I have too much to play as is... 😂
  4. Wow @Lucas.. just wow.
  5. Hey everyone. Sorry to inform you all that Camp Wannalottaplat was shut down early this year due to a disagreement with the land owners the camp resides on. Camp director Toogie locked the doors to the camp when he left but camp now seems to have disappeared from PSNProfiles county. Not sure if it was an alien ship with a gigantic incineration ray or the landowner carpet bombed the entire camp.... your guess is as good as mine. Fact is it somehow ceased to exist. Personally Im sorry to see this happen and will miss camp and other future events as camp director Toogie has decided to retire. I appreciate the past events I was fortunate to be a part of and the entire community that participated but doubt I will join many other events in the future for my own reasons. -donut
  6. Im updating at the moment and will do the swap @willythom88 since you are in cab9. @willythom88 - Swaps complete @Sardavanua - Swaps complete EDIT: Done and Have fun camping @Toogie53!
  7. Will be doing updates and swaps soon. Slammed at work this week. Thanks for the patience peeps! P.S. @Toogie53... can you recount the Cab1 completions. I come up with a different total. Maybe its just me...
  8. Ill make a new account to play through Wildlands again Toogs!! Gonna start one tomorrow..... Friday the 13th.
  9. Dooooooood Nooooo
  10. @Aze - Updated your list. Let me know if anything is broke.
  11. 100% sure a link will be posted in this thread when the next event goes open for sign ups. If you are subscribed to this thread you will get a notice.
  12. You bet. I added it now and should have everything up to date. 👍
  13. @DocHolliday25 - A Way Out added. Do you have a bonus game pick?
  14. @DocHolliday25 sure I’ll add it in the morning.
  15. I did the same. Pressing slowly for hours and switching to TV. Every 15-20mins or so Id flip back to check on things. @SunnyCrappyYT also helped me with the Dragon trophy.