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  1. Cabins 6-9 were updated last night. Next update will likely be Monday as Im cuttin' work early today to go camping in the mountains this weekend with my kid and his scout group. I'll be back late Sunday if I haven't been eaten by a bear or got lost in the woods... Weather looks iffy so could be a looooong wet weekend.
  2. @Leon Castle - Lego The Incredibles plat updated!
  3. @willythom88 Some of them only show up at dusk. Not sure which any more as its been awhile since I completed it.
  4. @Howling-Lady Bloodborne plat updated and removed Mass Effect 2 from list. Great job on getting Bloodborne done!!
  5. Any replacement game you want or just take ME2 off your list?
  6. @Warpedsavior - Sonic Unleashed plat updated! ☑️ Congrats on your first completed game.
  7. Awesome @xMissFantasy... Congrats! @Br1ste - Fixed the link to Pic-a-Pix Color to the VITA version. 50/50 when setting it up and I guessed wrong.
  8. @igs63 - Inpatient plat updated!
  9. ☑️ Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands (PS4) Sunk many hours into the Wildlands and probably half of them was playing co-op with @Toogie53. I had forgotten how much fun playing co-op could be as I hadn't done so in years. If Id have to guess the last time was Left 4 Dead back on my x360. We played all the story missions together and the rest of the collectibles and yes there were a ton of them (Thx Ubisoft) were mostly collected solo. We did have a few glitches show up were missions weren't being added to map when they should but nothing too serious. Though Im not sure I got credited for all the resources found as I was left with a 15+ hour grind just to finish my maxing out end game. Plenty of hilarious deaths too. Grenades tossed at each other, running each other over with trucks and helicopters. Funniest was he fast travelled while he was flying the chopper with me on the side passenger. That chopper dropped like a stone and I died in a fiery explosion. There was good teamwork too as after failing many times trying to use lures and flash bangs we figured out the easiest way to pop the " A Better Mousetrap " trophy was just to just grab 7 guys and load them in cars and drop a mine between them. This game is definitely worth a play and will come back to it and play the DLC for sure. Just let me know when you pick it up Toogs.
  10. @BlazzingWind - Last Rebellion plat updated! @Howling-Lady - Life is Strange: Before the Storm plat updated!
  11. Best of Luck @xMissFantasy!! Im sure we will see you put more up before the summer is over though.
  12. @ProfBambam55 - Added Bulletstorm to your list @NetEntity - Prey plat updated @Yen-Pop - Borderlands plat updated @coolsnowvil - Updated Guitar Hero @Willreaper41 - Added/swapped games Should be up to date on changes now. Hopefully I didn't miss anyone. 😁 @Sardavanua WRC5 plat added. Now Im up to date!
  13. @cabin#9 - Give me an hour and I'll get the changes you guys all want posted up. Just have to clear a few things at work..
  14. Nope. Your plat counts for a completion. I’ll get it updated on the main page in the morning. 👍