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  1. Do you know for how long it will be available? I dont have the game yet. But am ready to start it whenever... + can I knock this trophy out of the way right at the beginning or do I have to have a specific progress? Thx in advance.
  2. Hello, I would like to know if both of these trophies are still optainable as of now. I saw that the last person who earnd the trophy "Featured Racer" was on March 2nd. I know those trophies are date specific, but will they still be optainable in the near future. Was looking into getting this game and going for the plat. Thx in advance.
  3. Hey Guys, I just completet the first real TT event in my career and it is a freaking pain in the a**. You dont have to win sportsbikes or superbike to count towards your 3 wins you need for the trophy but you need to do both! First I had 1 quali lap with sportsbike then the race with 4 laps. Right after that you have to swich to superbikes. You will have to drive 3 quali laps again and then the race with a painfull lengh of 6 laps 💀 (took me around 104 minutes) At the moment I have ~10500 fans but the number increases slowly... The trophy for 500k will be a big grind if later events wont give more fans. 😁 Unfortunately could not get the first TT win within the 3 years for the trophy although I won all the races. Still need to figure out what you have to do to unlock the TT event.
  4. Just got it.
  5. Where can I find the "Futuridium Ship"? Can anyone help me out? Thx in advance! I just finished the story but this is my last trophie missing for the plat. I made a safe file before the ending so hopefully I dont have to restart all over again for getting that last trophy... :/
  6. Ok, thx. Hopefully it will work Did you follow a guid?
  7. Thx for the answer guys. BB-BakkerJ, yeah already read that post and will most likely try to get the compass... Hopefully I can still get it because I am sure while I followed along the 100% run he collected some of the tetris symbols already but I assume he would do it in the right order anyways for the 100% run. Is there anything specific I need to do in the room you mentioned? Or will I get it automatically? Thx for the help again
  8. Hey psnprofiles community, I have a question. Yesterday I started playing Forma 8 and I am trying to go for the platinum trophy. Unfortunately I could not relly find any helpful guids besides this one ( which is more likely a speed run of the game to 100%. What I noticed is that the person in the video does not show how to get the 3 trophies which I mentioned in the title. He mostly focused on going for the collectables... So my question now is first of all: Are those trophies missable? And how can I get them? Or is there in general only the "You're not alone" trophie which is missable? I hopeing for some usefull posts, thanks in advance