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  1. Yes, I even tried choosing 'listen to', then turned off the radio and selected the next station using 'listen to'. Still nothing. At this point I have no idea what I'm doing wrong.
  2. I can't get this trophy to pop. I tried it already with different Sims and still nothing is happening. Doesn't matter how long they are listening/watching. Below a list of my stations/channels: Stations: Alternative, Blues, Classical, Electronica, Kids Radio, Lullabies Radio, Pop, Retro, Romance, Spooky, Winter Holiday For radio I use the Listen to... option, wait some seconds, turn off the radio and select the next station. Channels: Action, Comedy, Cooking Channel, Fireplace Channel, Kids Network, Music TV, News, Romance, Sports Same as with the radio, I use Watch Channel..., wait some seconds, turn off the TV and select the next station. I tried it with different Sims from the same household and also with Sims in a different household and still nothing.
  3. Why doesn't it make sense? Some people (like me) just prefer the original voices. You specifically mentioned anime and video games so I somehow get your point, but when it comes to real actors I just hate dubbing. Regarding the dialogues it's a little bit less cheesy than the first one but still has this strange Japanese style I somehow dislike like for example that girl on the ship that always calls Claude a maggot and he is just ok with it.
  4. This is the last trophy for me needed for 100% and I want to get it out of my way before the servers shut down. It's quite difficult to get it as the counter always reset to 0 if a player leaves. I created a session for Sunday to go for it: