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  1. ES6 is the only thing on here I’m excited about, and I’d be stunned if it was a day 1 release. Probably going to hold off and work on ps4 backlog.
  2. Far Cry as a free game confirmed =)
  3. There’s a big difference between a fulfilling grind and an unfulfilling one. Nobody wants to play a mediocre game for 200 hours. Now if it’s a good-great game with a long plat, bring it on
  4. Doom Eternal. Hopefully soon!!!
  5. There was a day when I thought it would be awesome if games included mechanics like eating or other mundane character maintenance. Then games actually started doing things like that and I realized I hated it with a passion.
  6. Ultra rare plats I have that can be done with no/bad internet Super Meat Boy Pros: one of the rarest and most respected plats out there Cons: this is firmly a 10/10 difficulty, 100-200 hour game Just Cause 3 Pros: medium difficulty, endgame more grindy than hard, really fun game, you blow lots of s*** up Cons: technically a couple trophies are online related to leaderboards (and glitched to boot!), these can be done with a weak connection-I had middle of nowhere net when I got the plat. Just do your research on the glitches before you start so you aren’t caught unaware Grid (2019) Pros: probably the easiest ultra rare on my list, as it’s almost entirely grind Cons: you will be spending 100+ hours postgame on one trophy, and that trophy is the only u-rare in the whole set Samurai Warriors 4 Pros: fun hack and slash with a preposterous amount of easily killable enemies, list is very modest in difficulty Cons: will take 100+ hours and there is quite a bit of monotonous grinding in the cleanup I Am Bread Pros: extremely rare plat, tough but probably not as tough as its rarity suggests. BushidoCypher’s youtube guide makes this a lot less painful than it otherwise would be Cons: controls are annoying and take a long time to get used to. This game is 80% figuring out how to efficiently move the various types of bread around and 20% actually beating the levels
  7. I like how God of War is in the top 10 when even a modest amount of research can give you dozens of games that are harder to plat. Must be putting the popular game in there for those clicks
  8. I’d rather carry all my progress over, even if it is at the expense of having a few duds and a solid but unspectacular completion percentage. Gives me incentive to finish games I’ve been putting off for ages. As for the unattainable plats, I have quite a few but oh well.
  9. Games that have a reputation as easy that I had problems with: 1. Ratchet and Clank Up Your Arsenal: final boss was a massive struggle for me. I spent weeks on it so the platinum got put on hold 2. Orc Slayer: not “hard” so much as “it’s so bad you’d rather gouge your eyes out than play it for two hours”. I gave up on this one for months because those broken hitboxes gave me nightmares 3. Energy Invasion: the last few levels of linear mode are decently tough. If you persevere, you will eventually get through it though. I shelved this one for a long while before coming back. All of the energy games are deceptive in their difficulty. 4. Shadow of Mordor: one I don’t have as of yet. I got stuck halfway through the game, then it got put on the backlog for years. I think the guide rates it as a 3 out of 10. It’s a good game and I want to plat it eventually
  10. Some fast ones that come to mind: Fortnite, Friday the 13th, Monster Hunter World, Elder Scrolls Online, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Dynasty/Samurai Warriors game
  11. Platinum 103: Ratchet Deadlocked


    Originally played this one on the PS2 and for the longest time I didn’t know there was a PS3 version with trophies! Only a few minor bumps in the road on this one-165 skill points sounds ridiculous at first but once you start earning them, you quickly realize none of them are terribly hard. 

  12. After the changes, it still requires effort but is nowhere near as difficult as it appears at first. You get enough dead eye items now in replay that you can practically spam it in every fight, and that trivializes all but the worst headshot and accuracy requirements. It also means you can avoid using your health items because you’ll take very little damage in most fights.
  13. Platinum 102: Until Dawn


    I want Samurai Warriors 4-II to be my next lengthy platinum, but first I’m knocking out a couple shorter games that I’ve been wanting to do for a while. 

  14. Based on the volume of recent responses, I’m going to go out on a limb and say this one’s probably not on you