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  1. Fortunately, the list looks pretty straightforward. Just have to do extra lives mode again then get all collectibles
  2. Platinum 124: Madden NFL 21


    Planning something special for the upcoming milestone! Hopefully all goes well :)

  3. The game is more or less the same, but at least there’s no MUT trophies and they cut the utterly pointless legacy trophies. Complaints about the gameplay will persist as long as EA has a monopoly on NFL games. However, with 2K’s microtransaction system, I’m not sure how much more attractive the alternative would actually be.
  4. With lots of players on this site being lvl 500+, that whole interface is going to be wonky for everyone tbh
  5. If you look at Hakoom on psn now (pre update), his level is 100. PSNProfiles extends the leveling system PSN uses to allow for levels over 100
  6. Looks like clickbait and I clicked anyway...stupid me
  7. It was just on sale
  8. All depends on Face of the Franchise tbh. If those trophies end up being straightforward, the plat will be a cakewalk.
  9. Aside from somebody who makes guides like powerpyx, is anybody a professional trophy hunter?
  10. Make 100 new profiles, all with My Name is Mayo as the only game. Let’s gooooo!
  11. The idea is to use a custom roster with all 99 overall players, making a created coach, and simming through with the settings rigged up a certain way. Minimal luck involved, just a cheesy trick that never got fixed. Kudos to you for doing it the legit way.
  12. Rockstar-their games are always among the best of the best in a given year, but they’ve decided they want to milk GTA online for microtransactions instead of making a new GTA game. It’s been 7 years since GTAV and we still don’t even have an announcement for a new game. Games like SW Battlefront 2 and Middle Earth Shadow of War made major improvements after being roasted for the cash grabs that they were, but the cash grab/P2W in GTA online goes on.
  13. A1 advice right here
  14. I got 2 today. Block, report, and move on. They’ll get banned, and in a couple months we’ll get hit by a new wave
  15. Platinum 122: Madden NFL 11


    Probably the easiest ultra rare platinum I’ve ever earned

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    2. CountOfTuscany1


      @Spaz I know the PS3 servers for Madden 17 were down and have been for a while, but I thought the PS4 servers were still up? I have the plats for Madden 17-20 

    3. Spaz


      You can’t do 17 anymore. 

      I hear the MUT trophies are rather easy.

    4. CountOfTuscany1


      I did all the online trophies for 17 last November and it worked fine, hence my confusion. I hadn’t heard anything about a server shutdown that affects the trophies. I suppose I could fire up the game and check it out myself at some point. MUT in the newer ones is easy-it’s not like other sports games where you have to grind the team building for thousands of hours and collect rare players(stares angrily at NBA 2K). You just have to do the intro basically then get a few players to get the two chemistries. In 18 and 19 the game practically hands you those trophies. Tbh the worst trophies are the longshot trophies in 18 and 19, because all the cutscenes in the narrative are unskippable and there is no chapter select to clean up what you missed.