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  1. A lack of basic respect for the community you are in is the starting point. Toxicity can manifest itself in many different ways though. Context and tone matter too. Also if the behavior is repeated vs a one time thing. Just about all of my other thoughts have already been covered by the replies so I won’t repeat it.
  2. Super Meat Boy, eh?
  3. There’s an easy loophole here for devs, mainly just ending the game earlier than originally intended, and then you lose that extra content that you enjoyed. Agree with the problem, but the solution fixes nothing.
  4. It’s top 5, not top 3. Even so, as long as the last endurance takes, it’s pretty crappy of them to include an insta-lose mechanic.
  5. Plat number 79: Horizon Chase Turbo. Yayyy for free games. 

  6. Doom 3, since you basically have to beat 5 games and clear the original game on Nightmare.
  7. Imagine being in the gym at the track, trying to race your friend. But every few feet there are a group of inconsiderate walkers who let your friend right through then spread out to avoid letting you pass. That’s every race in this game.
  8. I’ve done 3 out of 12. The nano is strong. Just about all the advice I could give is already in this thread or the trophy guide already! You got this!
  9. Soul Calibur 6: I got the game at launch. When I earned the plat, it was at 1.5% and I thought it would stay ultra rare (but maybe go up to 3 or 4% as people had more time to finish it). It’s now over 9%. It was a massive nostalgia trip as I had played SC2 and SC3 on ps2 but hadn’t touched the franchise in some time.
  10. Plat #78: Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones. I had it sitting in my backlog for ages. On to Warrior Within as #79 most likely. Current goal is 80% completion. 

  11. Elder Scrolls Online and GTAV. Or anything with extensive online trophies really.
  12. Plat number 77: Just Cause 3. In the books. On to the dlc next

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  13. Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune Remastered. The plat was earned on my birthday this year
  14. I have done 1-3 remastered and 4 but don’t have the dlc for any of them.
  15. This. A game like Jak II or Conan Exiles is prob your best bet, but you’ll want to do your homework before you start.