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  1. This is what I ended up doing. As long as you are careful, it's still a good spot to farm the various kill trophies.
  2. I still used Devil's Pit for the misc combat trophies. Two things to keep in mind: 1. As long as you keep one enemy alive, you can run away, change zones, meditate, and come back. Enemies will respawn as long as you don't kill everyone 2. The gate glitch is patched. The gate into the area closes more reliably, and enemies don't get stuck on an invisible wall anymore
  3. I will add that if you do this, don't forget to unslot your mutagens
  4. Do enemies no longer respawn if you travel away and meditate? Or is it just the bug with the gate where enemies get stuck that's fixed?
  5. Unfortunately, they kept the exact same map format, and it's still easily the worst part of an otherwise amazing game
  6. I mean...it's a nice thought, but as others have said, the PS3 is two generations old at this point. Expecting Sony and game developers to continue to support it is unrealistic. Especially when you consider that a lot of trophy hunters going back to these old games are just getting the achievements and then bailing. What would be nice is if trophies could be marked as unattainable directly through the trophy list, just for people's awareness before they start a game.
  7. This is a tedious platinum, especially compared to what they've done since Madden 17. I will share some things from my personal experience-I haven't read all the replies so apologies if I'm being repetitive. Regarding avatars-you can do everything on rookie, 1 minute quarters. I did slightly longer quarters for offensive players to statpad. Hitting your goals and a few basic milestones is by far the fastest way to level. If your career ends before you hit rank 30, you can restart and keep your avatar progression. You can also level up in the yard, but I personally found this to be a little on the slow side. Another saving grace for those going for both versions is that the avatar trophies autopop going from PS5 to PS4. I haven't tested it going the other way, but based on the fastest achievers for both stacks, I don't imagine that they do. Clean the pile on the PS5 version is probably the hardest trophy. There are good videos on strats for how to do it, but the requirements are very particular and it can be frustrating. Basically this year's version of triple threat from the previous games hehe.
  8. As if this would actually be the last post in the forums about shovelware...we are going to get this topic daily for the rest of time.
  9. Honestly, it would be fine if you could use manual saves and could get collectibles in chapter select. Don't take quality of life features for granted in games that have them
  10. Looks a little tricky. Anybody know a good guide?
  11. Missables. I like going through the game without looking at a guide and then cleaning up after. A close second is a small multiplayer on a 95% single player game having MP trophies. Particularly PS3 games where server closures are a real fear.
  12. I'm a member of the Ebonheart Pact, and I approve this message.
  13. There is no hope left for trophy hunting
  14. For local co-op games where you can't find a second person, I don't see a problem with it. The trophy was designed for you to play with a second person, and you are playing with a second person. The Doom and Doom 2 co-op trophies are a great example of this. In other circumstances, it's legalized cheating. You didn't earn those trophies. Somebody else did, but your profile says you earned them. Other than it being harder to catch somebody in the act, how is it any different than hacking the trophies? PSNProfiles doesn't have the access to regulate most kinds of cheating: all they can see is your timestamps, which isn't enough information to tell you anything nefarious happened outside of obvious cases. If somebody shareplayed a game for you, it would just look like normal timestamps to the website. Any accusations of foul play would be he-said, she-said. This is the real reason most of this behavior isn't against the rules: enforcement would be a nightmare. How dare you shame me for not earning that plat myself? A plat is a plat