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  1. This has been very helpful so far! Thank you, and good luck on your plat journey!
  2. Grand Theft Auto III (my 129th overall)
  3. Platinum 129 (and first of the new year): Grand Theft Auto III


    While the game definitely shows its age in a lot of ways, it was fun to go back and revisit a PS2 classic that I hadn't played in forever. 

  4. Ghost of Tsushima and Doom Eternal both lived up to the expectations, so it's not all bad.
  5. You can periodically upload your save and/or play on the easiest difficulty if you think you might have problems.
  6. last night finished the GOTY edition of Witcher 3, so now done with all three stacks and all DLC. Feeling pretty happy about that! 


    Not up to anything too serious trophy wise probably for a week or two. Going to do some dlc and some lighter stuff

    1. IntroPhenom


      A gaming goal of mine as well.

    2. PermaFox


      I am almost finished with The Witcher 3, but reading this makes me want to get back and finish it.  Need to finish my Gwent deck and a few horse races.  Unfortunately, I didn't bring everyone to the battle, so I'm suspecting I'll have to replay the game.:facepalm:

    3. ihadalifeb4this
  7. Not my type of game, I’d probably feel like a fish out of water playing it.
  8. It’s such BS that Rockstar made the trophy unobtainable. I really wanted to go back and plat the PS3 version, but it’s not worth risking a flag to me personally.
  9. I’ve recently been trending towards the elitist side for my own list, but this game is such a meme that I had to do it. No sense in getting triggered by what other people platinum, but these threads still trigger so many people 😂
  10. 29, jumping up a rank next year lul
  11. I have dozens of PS4 games I still need to play and trophy hunt. Lol. I am avoiding this minefield until you can actually buy them for retail. If that’s 6 months, a year, or more, so be it. The scam works precisely because some are able and willing to pay 1000s for a brand new console. The more people that play the long game and wait it out, the faster this is over.
  12. In before “My Name is Mayo 2” posts
  13. That’s a pretty low bar to clear
  14. I’m over here praying for 3 more stacks of Witcher 3 on ps5 so I can platinum a 100+ hour game 6 times lol
  15. Platinum 125 (plus all dlc done): The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Edition


    Couldn’t ask for a much better milestone game tbh