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  1. I will look extra hard at a game if it has an ultra rare plat, especially if it doesn’t have online trophies. My current perspective on rarity is my 50 rarest platinums-I want my top 50 to be all at least uncommon plats, then down the road rare, with a Vrare/Urare game sprinkled in there every so often. I also have plat number 100 coming up soon so I have to think about what I’m going to do for that.
  2. Every time I visit a thread like this, the person above me has a crazy high completion percentage. GTA Vice City. Most of the list is pretty benign, but Take the Cannoli is a ridiculous pain. Either you have to start a new save file, glitch into the closed off part of the map and get all hidden packages before rubber banding your controller with a really specific setup, or you have to type in the same cheat code for 4+ hours. It’s one of the most annoying trophies I’ve ever done.
  3. Crypt of the Necrodancer is a quick indie title but not as quick as Slyde. Slyde will take you about 45 seconds (mostly because of system limitations on trophies popping). Crypt is a 10-15 minute game but the plus side is that it’s rarer than most of the other quick plats.
  4. I procrastinated on my ESO plat, but it can definitely be done in about 45 seconds if you know what you’re doing.
  5. I got my Chains of Olympus plat tonight, so I have all 7. Sign me up pretty please. Edit: list God of War (2005) God of War 2 God of War 3 (both ps3 and remastered) God of War Chains of Olympus God of War Ghost of Sparta God of War Ascension God of War (2018)
  6. Platinum #86: God of War Chains of Olympus


    Now 7-for-7 on the God of War series. 

  7. Ugh only 10. This is going to be tough as hell. Here we go, not in order: Games from series with more than one deserving entry, awkwardly narrowed down to 1 apiece: -Breath of the Wild -God of War 3 -Grand Theft Auto Vice City -Uncharted 3 -007 Everything or Nothing -Doom (1993): I was really tempted to put the PS4 reboot instead but it’s hard to argue against the classic Other games (some are part of series too but I haven’t played enough of those series): -Skyrim (never played Oblivion or Morrowind so pass judgement accordingly) -Witcher 3: Wild Hunt -I-Ninja (I really wanted this game to be more popular because I had a blast with it) -Need for Speed Most Wanted PS2 (yes it’s in a series but IMO it’s the only game that deserves a top 10 spot) If Hyrule Warriors is considered not a part of the Zelda series (since it’s not part of the Zelda canon), I would bump off NFS for it. Now I will leave this place before I realize that I forgot something I totally love and feel the need to constantly edit my list. (Edit: forgot all about RDR )
  8. I was like 6 when I played it lol. It will probably be just a tad easier now.
  9. Platinum #85: God of War Ghost of Sparta


    The only game in the series I haven’t platinumed is Chains of Olympus, so I’m getting that done next. 

  10. 75th plat was the only thing that was planned for me. I was thinking about trying to make my 3000th trophy be the platinum of one of the Uncharted games, but then just said **** it.
  11. I’ve heard EU servers have it a lot worse than NA. No doubt there’s a lot wrong with the game—the engine it’s built on is not optimized for an MMO to begin with. Then you throw in the fact that they overhaul the skills every three months and that introduces weird bugs that don’t get fixed until the next big update three months down the road. I was trying not to crap on the game too hard since that’s not what this forum is about , but there are reasons I don’t play anymore.
  12. Platinum #84: Just Cause 4

    Next up: the DLC 


    I had some fun with this game, but I would have to say that after JC3, this was a bit of a drag in comparison (I did not read the reviews prior to starting and went in mostly blind). 


    The positives: Rico still had his funny lines (a plan is a list of things that can go wrong. I like to keep my lists short). Some of the stunts required quite a bit of imagination to pull off. 

  13. When you clear all the challenges near a location, the location itself gets a green checkmark. That might be a useful alternative, or not. The map is not the most useful out there.
  14. This thread has made me realize: I haven’t played a single AAA game that was released this year. Old games on sale Ftw
  15. It was most helpful! Thank you