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  1. Yeah you're right, I don't know where I got the idea it was an additional game Probably misinterpreted something somewhere haha Playstation Access is actually a "licensed" Playstation channel! They upload a video about the lineup every month at the same time the official channels release it.
  2. There it is. I thought CoD was supposed to be an additional game to June's lineup?
  3. - (PS4) Nier Automata: 20€ - (Switch) Smash Bros Joker DLC: 7€ - (PS4) Minecraft: 19€ (+4€ for a texture pack) - (Switch) Animal Crossing: 60€ - (PS4) Persona 5 Royal: 40€ _______________________________________ 150€ Not too bad so far. Minecraft has kept me busy for quite a while, and apart from that I haven't played that much this year! Just started with Animal Crossing, and I haven't started Persona 5 yet, so I probably won't have to buy anything for a while I planned to buy the Phantom Thieves Edition of Persona 5, and my amazon "pre-order" is still up, but I doubt they'll come up with a copy at this point. If against all odds it does actually arrive, I can still sell my regular P5R copy!
  4. I've been eyeing that series for a while now! Recently finished Ys VIII too, which I really enjoyed. I know they're not the same series, but their style seems pretty similar I think I'll keep it in mind =) Not sure if I can afford starting another long series right now though haha.
  5. Amazon sent me a mail a couple of days ago that there were no copies of the Phantom Thieves Edition in stock anymore, and that my shipping "will be delayed". Let's be real though, they won't come up with a copy at this point haha. RIP. Well I preordered somewhat late, but it would have still been nice to get it! I'll probably wait for the price to drop further and just get the regular version some day. At least I can occupy myself with Animal Crossing for now! Any other JRPG recommendations that aren't too expensive? Either Ps3, Ps4 or Switch. Or should I continue playing Persona 3 Portable on my phone?
  6. @antonioaaf Do you intend to go back to Resident Evil 1 at some point? The remaining trophies sound tough, but I'm sure it'd be satisfying to finish it off Arkham Asylum might be worth a shot too!
  7. Skate 3 Platinum Trophy Earn all Skate 3 Trophies Holy Hell, I never thought I'd actually be able to get the Plat for one of my favourite games! When I started playing the game as a 12 year old in 2011, it seemed like too much of a task. When I got back to it, the Servers were shut down. Some time later the servers actually got reactivated, which made me jump back on it again! After noticing that one of the features (Teams) was not fully restored though, I kinda gave up on it another time. I almost accepted that I just won't get it, until I noticed that people were actually doing the online stuff just fine recently! Spent some weeks/months looking for an Online Team that still accepts new members, and after paying 2 bucks to what seems to be the last active Team Owner of the whole game, and finding some other nice people to do the trophies with, I can proudly call myself the owner of this thing =) Super glad!
  8. Dead Island! Would love to play it with a friend, but he's not interested at all lol. Wouldn't want to go for the plat all on my own, but it'd be sick to add it to my collection!
  9. Seems like you're quite dedicated, I wouldn't have been able to plat the a lot of these games
  10. Kind of an obvious choice, but Dark Souls! It may not be your most rare or hard plat, but I would love to be able to get into that series, which I wasn't able to yet!
  11. Definitely Conan Exiles... Did it with the Admin console, and as soon as I popped the platinum I felt pretty dirty lol
  12. I second the statement about the blue controller. Wish I could have gotten that, unfortunately it's quite expensive and not available everywhere here in Germany! Got a clear white one instead for 25€ That one is pretty sick too! At least I still have a clear blue PS2 Controller, that one is pretty sick too lol
  13. Maybe try going for Tales of Xillia. I'm not sure how much of a grind it'd be, but it looks like you got a lot of it out of the way already
  14. Milky-way Crossing Cleared “Milky-way Crossing”. I'm basically finished with the trophy list, but I want to make number 30 something special, so not popping it yet! #30 either gonna be Monster Hunter World or Borderlands 3. Both of these will probably take some more time though haha. I'll probably continue playing some Switch games after that, or buy a copy of Nier: Automata, since I've wanted to try that game out forever. I recently listened to it's soundtrack for a bit, and that just made me want to play it even more^^
  15. That Switch collection is honestly almost more impressive than the rest imo haha. I couldn't spot Xenoblade Chronicles 2 anywhere though, you might want to consider trying that game out It was actually one of my first JRPGs, and I loved it!