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  1. He is pretty much done with the game I fear, the chances of him getting back to it are relatively low Already played around 60-80 hours or so alone now though and it's fine I must say! Especially just joining into random SOS quests and trying out new weapons has been a lot of fun. Played around 100 quests with the GL and started playing CB recently (Around 40 hunts in on that one), and it's really enjoyable! Just waiting for some crown event quests since I don't feel that hunting a tzitzi ya ku for 50 times is that effective haha. And I don't feel like hunting Black Diablos/Nergi/etc. etc. with a weapon I am not used to is effective either^^
  2. @daftprophet Skate 3 Missed the online trophies since I just didn't care about them before. Did everything the singleplayer had to offer, including killing 80 challenges, but just never played online. Now it will forever be stuck at 90%. Well, at least I will be able to plat Skate 2 instead That one will probably be my 20th plat! I just hope I'll be able to find somebody to play with, since the servers are 99% dead haha.
  3. I probably have quite a few but Skate 3 I am the most bitter about. It was my first game on Ps3 and I spent around 65 hours on it just fooling around in singleplayer. Did every singleplayer related trophy, but didn't bother to check out the multiplayer. The servers were actually up for a few months this year, but I missed it! At least I already have the unobtainable trophies of Skate 2, so I will make that my 20th plat instead And I will probably be one of the, if not THE last person to achieve the platinum! Last one to get it was in 2015.
  4. Also some Jake Hill, XXXTentacion, Lil Peep, Dat Adam, etc. etc.!
  5. @Nimera You probably heard this countless times already, but... I think you have a Gwent problem! Maybe seek some help On another note, you seem to be all over the place in terms of your taste in games. Quite the nice selection!
  6. @Johnathan994 Borderlands 2, I enjoyed that game so much =) Would plat a second time if I could do it on Ps4 again haha
  7. Decided to go for Skate 2! Bought the game back in 2012 I think and played through the story. Didn't really bother for Multiplayer though. Servers are still up, but two of the trophies became unobtainable in 2013 or 2014! Luckily I did exactly those trophies back in the day =) The last time somebody got this platinum was in 2015, so I am pretty hyped to be one of the last persons to actually achieve it lol. Also really close to get Borderlands 1. It's Plat will be my 2000th trophy. Currently at 1995 trophies, and I only need to reach level 50 in the game (Almost Level 49 atm!). I just hope everything goes as planned and I don't fuck it up...
  8. Nope, never did and probably never will! I have countless games in my backlog, and I haven't played many of great games of the past 20 years, so I'll try to finish up some of them before buying new games Also I am really stingy, so I can't justify spending 60 bucks on a single game, and I don't feel the urge to play new games on their release anyways haha.
  9. Nope, never will. Even though it's nothing special at all, and I even had to add numbers because my initial choice was already taken, I just connect so many great memories with it. Same with my profile picture. I have been using Professor Genki since I had the account and never changed it once It just... belongs to my account somehow. Same with the name.
  10. I do go for platinums here and there, but I don't really care for my completion rate! If I try out a game and don't get hooked immediately or after a few hours, I have no problem letting it sit in my backlog haha. Your suggestion is definitely valid though, I don't have a lot of hobbies. Especially sports come relatively short in my daily routine. I am in no means overwheight, but not having the least bit of muscles isn't the most satisfying thing either^^ Not too interested in any kind of sports though, and not really willing to go to gym either. But that's a different topic! EDIT: I actually found one "hobby" me and my buddy also have in common: Getting completely shitfaced on the weekends! Basically every weekend we meet with some friends and get wasted af. Two years or so ago basically the only social interaction we had was through online gaming, so I am not too bummed about that development. It's not the cheapest of hobbies though! Unfortunately my friend already mentioned that he isn't really interested in the Soulsborne series, since it's too stressful for him and he isn't willing to commit to any of them! I personally would love to play through some of them with him, but I can't force him. He's also not a huge fan of first person shooters since he can't aim for shit And I am not too fond on them either since I tend to get tilted A LOT when playing them. Tried it out countless times with different games but I feel like they are just not the perfect type of game for me. Thanks for the suggestions though!
  11. Thank you for the suggestions! Some of these sound quite interesting, I'll go through them with my buddy tomorrow
  12. I'd really like to finish up Monster Hunter Worlds trophies before going into a similar game! That's also part of the reason I held out on Generations Ultimate, it would feel like I am replacing MHW, if you get what I mean^^ Don't get me started on Overwatch... I played that game for around 100 hours or so and I hated at least 80% of it. The most time I ever wasted in my life and also the only game which made me destroy a periphery. I am quite happy about it being uninstalled since quite some time! Obviously you couldn't know about that though haha. Unfortunately my friend already mentioned that the Soulsborne series is too stressful for him :/ I tried getting him into it (Since I want someone to play through them actually, I am a huge pussy aswell and having someone to play through with would be great), but after failing to the uchigatana guy in DS3 a few times he noticed that it just isn't for him haha. I played DS3 for around 20 hours or so, and bloodborne for around 8 and I would really like to get more into it, but currently the stress factor is also what holds me back from really diving deeper into them. I literally feel like dieing of a heart attack when fighting against bosses. I am not particularly bad (killed the blood starved beast after 3 tries), but most of the time I am physically unable to keep playing after one try. That actually sounds promising! And I just noticed it's out on Ps4 and quite cheap aswell. I'll definitely try to convince him playing that!
  13. We already struggled at the easiest difficulty at some points haha. Haven't played it a lot since it didn't quite catch us. We did play Terraria for some time! Unfortunately the Update 1.3 (I think?) broke everything lol. I wasn't able to start the game for a few months, our savegame just dissapeared, and the console controls, we just got used to, got changed to be more (or exactly) like the PC ones. Not too keen to get back into it again at this point. Borderlands 2 we did play through 2 times already! He says though that he isn't too interested in playing either the first one or TPS unfortunately. I might be able to bring him to play it if another friend of us starts playing it though (We only played through it with 2 people, 3 people would be at least a bi of a different experience). Dead Island unfortunately isn't available here in germany And I don't really want to buy ps plus on another account again, I don't think that would be worth it for me. Especially since the trophies would be for another account then (It wouldn't make sense to buy ps plus and the game twice, so we'd need to share it). Far Cry 5 might be something for us though! I'd be waiting for a pricedrop on that first though^^ Uncharted's Multiplayer is more like a competitive game mode if I am not mistaken? Might be something to look into, but not too keen on it, at least not right now!
  14. Nice, you mentioned some games I haven't heard of yet! I'll check them out with my friend
  15. Alienation I have never tried, but I own it because of PS plus! Resident Evil sounds pretty intriguing, especiall now around halloween lol. Afaik my buddy sin't too keen on horrorgames, but I'll ask him anyways! We used to play Payday for some time, but the 30fps cap was kind of a let down. It felt kind of slow and sluggish. Also we were only 2 people, I am sure with a squad of 4 people it would be more fun I'll talk about the other tips with my friend aswell!