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  1. MGS4 probably! Also it's never too late to go for Borderlands, the game hasn't aged that well imo but it's still quite enjoyable =) Especially in case you're able to find a partner to play with!
  2. Not as impressive as most of the lists here, but still: 1. NFS: Rivals - 9th February 2. Grim Fandango Remastered - 13th February 3. Everybody's Gone to the Rapture - 24th February 4. Batman Telltale Series - 24th March 5. Game of Thrones Telltale Series - 25th May 6. Day of the Tentacle Remastered - 28th May 7. Motorstorm Apocalypse - 20th September 8. Borderlands - 17th October 9. Dirt 3 - 2nd December Really happy about a few of them! Especially Motorstorm Apocalypse and Dirt 3 hold a special place in my heart since I started playing those 7-8 years ago, and going for the plat was kind of a nostalgic experience I probably won't be able to crack the 10th one this year though haha.
  3. Steep King of the mountainUnlock all Trophies 5.06% Still kind of proud about the trophy itself haha
  4. @I need more BIOSHOCK Dirt 3! You have the worst part behind you, which is online. The singleplayer can be a bit tough at times, but it's such a solid Rally game! I just got the plat for it though, so I might be a bit biased haha. In case you need some help with the online DLC trophies hit me up!
  5. @StiffTripple_X Fallout 3! =)
  6. Dirt 3 Platinum Trophy Achieve all the trophies Really happy about getting this one! It was another one of those games I got really early into my time of owning a Ps3 and I connect a lot of good memories with it =) It feel so awesome to finish it up after almost 7 years! Also my 20th Platinum and rarest Trophy to date Although I hope to change that in the next few months/next year with GTA V!
  7. @mmetz1991 You're really close to getting the BL2 plat, go for it! EDIT: Whoops, was a tad late. @Neeterrr Maybe Life is Strange? It's quite the lovely game imo and can be done relatively quickly! Or go for Dark Souls, given that you already platinumed Bloodborne
  8. The Big One Obtain every other trophy in the game. 5.94%VERY RARE Not too special compared to some others here, but I am still proud of it My first game on the Ps3 back in 2011 and I finally went back to it due to the server closures! Got the online stuff only a few days before it's complete shutdown. The game was way easier than I remembered it to be haha
  9. Hey, wanted to let you know that the German version of Skate 2 is also Cut! The X-Ray vision when bailing and two brands containing an "S" looking similar to the sig-rune were removed and to top it off it got completely locked out of international online play. Therefore it can only be played with other German copies. Not too relevant, since a few trophies are unobtainable anyways, but it's still playable online so I wanted to let you know! This: is the only english article I could find about it
  10. Ayy same haha. It's weird that the trophy is this rare!
  11. @syslick Stardew Valley Played the game for around 60 hours on the Switch and also bought it on Ps4 in anticipation for the Multiplayer update, but I am 99% sure that I will never get that trophy to pop! You have an awesome collection of really hard platinums in general, I am jelly haha
  12. Probably Batman Arkham Origins. No idea why 13 year old me decided to buy this game on release without having played the other two games! It was the worst out of the trilogy aswell and I quickly put it down. Another one would be NFS Shift 2. I had a bit of fun with it, but the cars handled just so terribly and it felt like the input lag was close to a second lol. Other than that I can't think of a lot. I usually don't pay a lot for games (Unless I am 100% sure I'll really enjoy the game for 100+ hours, I sometimes buy games shortly after release in that case aswell!), so even if I don't really enjoy it, it's only a few bucks I didn't spend perfectly.
  13. My 2000th Trophy! So glad I didn't fuck it up and managed to make it Borderlands 1's Platinum =) I just love the franchise and I was close to getting the Plat, so it was a logical thing to do! Also love the Platinum Artwork Borderland Defender You have defeated all bosses and are a powerful force to be reckoned with
  14. I usually have a little chat with those poor little bots. They are not too good at conversations though unfortunately and don't really get what I am trying to tell them