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  1. Also, keep in mind that if a family plays on a console, the games downloaded and online work for everyone but the cloud is exclusive to the person with plus. So if someone other than the primary needs USB if they want to back up a save file for one of the games that are released with bugs and can have their save files corrupted (we’ve all played one). Aiming to change features because of nefarious people usually negatively impacts a much larger group of honest consumers.
  2. There is a session posted for tomorrow for taxi service, FYI.
  3. Watch M-Easy’s video on YouTube. It explains what you need to do.
  4. No. You need the others as well. I had I to VI unlocked but didn’t get the trophy until the others were unlocked.
  5. No issues on my account or my wife’s. If you are playing two player, make sure that player 1 does it. I noticed the washing dishes trophy and others like it to not count unless player 1 does it.
  6. Isn’t this on PS Now currently? Would this be the first game they remove or have there been others?
  7. Exactly. People are saying Telltale is protected by bankruptcy, but the company on the hook for refunds, etc is the provider (Sony in our case). They accepted the risk with Telltale, not us.