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  1. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work. I tried it well over twenty times, and the same trophies keep popping up. It might have something to do with the fact that League Play is unplayable in split screen. I also had another account that only has two trophies on it, which are Welcome to the Club and Big Leagues. I was going to see if not having Trained Up and Party Animal made a difference, but PlayStation Support are absolutely shocking, so I'm unable to regain access to the account at the moment. I'll eventually give it a go when/if I manage to regain access to the account. Although I'm not too confident that it'll work.
  2. I just tried this with an old account of mine that has Big Leagues, and the only trophies that popped were Welcome to the Club, Trained Up and Party Animal. So Big Leagues and Welcome to the Penthouse were the only multiplayer trophies that didn't unlock. I'll try it with a few more accounts to see if it'll unlock Big Leagues, and I'll let you know if it's successful.
  3. Finally managed to SS every level in Dustforce.


    Without the finesse glitch, it would probably be the hardest platformer on psn. The level of precision that is required to SS some of the later levels is pretty ridiculous. Definitely an enjoyable game though, especially when you finally get used to the controls.


    Just have to clean up a few miscellaneous trophies and I'll be done.

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    2. Dark


      @SunnyCrappyYT They’re incredibly overrated. Doesn’t take much skill to do 319/320 in my honest opinion. Just a lot of muscle memory. 

    3. SunnyCrappyYT


      Ah, interesting. The game seems fun, so I wanted to try it out at some point, but I gotta finish VVVVVV first. 🙃

    4. Smzthy


      @SunnyCrappyYT yeah, I pretty much agree with what @Dark said. Dustforce would be much harder without the glitch. Cloudberry is 30-40 seconds worth of precision, whereas the hardest level in Dustforce (Yotta) is 3-4 minutes worth of frame perfect jumps. 


  4. Thank you for hosting the event @Beyondthegrave07 I finished with 3 trophies.
  5. Yeah, I've played it for about an hour. I didn't know about those changes regarding item drops, but that does seem to be the likely cause.
  6. So I just updated the game to version 1.51 and signed into an alt account. As soon as I opened Rocket League, the trophies "Stocked", "Drops in the Bucket" and "Battle-Car Collector" popped up. Of course this isn't possible, since one trophy is for collecting 50 items, and another is for getting 150. Unfortunately trophies autosync on the PS4, so there's no way to prevent your trophies from looking a little bit suspicious. I also tested this on a friends account, and the exact same thing happened, even though he hasn't fulfilled the requirements for any of the trophies. Just for proof, this is the account...
  7. Looks like it'll be fixed in today's update... Hopefully you won't need to get the 25 kills again for it to pop.
  8. I was having a decent GW until Aubameyang (the guy I foolishly picked over Aguero) missed a bunch of open goals. To make things worse, I even captained Sane since I thought he might of had a chance at starting. Of course with my luck he played for 14 minutes.
  9. For the M40 Trophy, I usually store a bunch of smoke grenades and wait for the gold crates to drop. As soon as one lands I instantly throw the smoke grenades, grab the M40 and drive away to the edge of the circle.
  10. Mirror's Edge Catalyst. Looks like you only need to clean up the collectibles.
  11. So there's now a 100% achiever. I messaged him and he said that the trophy unlocked normally. He did specify that he always aimed for headshots. I'm not sure if this could have any impact on the trophy, since the description doesn't mention headshots at all.
  12. To be fair, I've only managed to find the sniper once. I ended up with a couple of hitmarkers, even when it was clearly a headshot. Edit: Yeah, you're right. According to the patch notes it's one shot to the head, regardless of the helmet.
  13. To make things worse, the sniper is garbage. It's not even a one shot kill to the head (which is ridiculous imo).
  14. No, that's laughable.
  15. Yes, we need a Legendary rarity. We need to separate the men from the boys. The disgraceful act of compiling easy UR trophies has taken place for far too long. We need to expose the fraudsters that intentionally pile up a high UR count filled with easy games. This can end the epidemic. Marvellous suggestion.