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  1. The 1% trophy will continue to get more difficult as each leaderboard only displays the top 10,000 players per level. This means that you will need to make it into the top 100 in order to earn the trophy. The game fails to register any player with a time that is outside of the top 10,000, which is why this trophy will only get more difficult as time goes on. Of course, if a level hasn't had 10,000 players yet, which is the case for a lot of the later levels, then you will need to place substantially higher than the top 100. The good thing is that there aren't too many hardcore Action Henk players on console. Fortunately for you, the best players are all on PC. In the games current state, the challenges are definitely the best levels to attempt this trophy in. More specifically, the first four challenges. The other challenges aren't as doable for a newcomer.
  2. I haven't seen this method mentioned on any trophy sites for this game, so I might as well mention it here. In normal circumstances, this trophy would require you to make a 147 break. 15 reds with 15 blacks for 120 points, followed by all six colours for a further 27. This trophy would require absolute perfection in terms of keeping the cue ball under control. I'd even argue that this is by far the hardest Snooker game to make a maximum in due to the lack of alternative camera angles. But with that said, there's a way to make it easier. You will need to take advantage of the freeball rule. For those that don't know, a freeball is given when a player becomes snookered as the result of a foul committed by the opponent. In this case, Player 2 will be the one that commits the foul. In order for this to work, Player 2 must also be the one that breaks. Player 2 will need to place the cue ball just behind the brown and gently hit it up towards the blue ball. If done correctly, Player 1 (your account) will be snookered behind the brown ball. Since a freeball is given, you will be allowed to nominate and pot one coloured ball in order to earn one point. You should be able to comfortably pot the brown into one of the corner pockets, leaving yourself with a nice position on the black in order to split open the pack of reds. From this point, the highest possible break that can be made is a 155. Meaning that you will have eight points to spare and you won't have to pot the black after every red. You will still want to go for the high value colours, but you are given a little room to recover if you aren't able to make position for the black. You will still have to clear the table in one visit, but it is a lot easier than trying to land on the black after every red. Here's a video demonstration:
  3. It takes a while for your stats to fully update. It generally takes around 30 minutes for the game to fully register my kills, but it eventually does display the correct number. As for glitched trophies, I haven't encountered any thus far. I started playing shortly after the patch was released and every trophy has popped when it should have.
  4. The guy that recently obtained the trophy has been caught editing timestamps before. I think it's safe to assume that he has, once again, failed miserably.
  5. The events have been updated again, so Community Ambassador is still obtainable.
  6. Rocket League - 176 hours Driveclub - 101 hours Rayman Legends - 80 hours
  7. For the huge delay between Bronze Run/Silver Run, and Gold Run/Platinum Run. Those trophies should've popped together without any delay, as both requirements were met in a single playthrough. Also OP, it's nice to see that you hid that incredibly botched Downwell list. Keep it up.
  8. Yeah, you're right. @Kagerismaru, please teach us. Teach us how to edit timestamps as poorly as you do. I know that you've fucked up on multiple occasions after completing only 18 games, but please, you can improve. I hope to see you get this plat in less than five hours, I'm sure you can do it!
  9. I send you a free psn code as a present, cause that is how nice i am. Check your PM ^^!

  10. Don't know if you've managed to solve the issue, but the achievement guide mentions a possible solution. I'll directly copy what was posted in the guide... When the main menu first loads, the game prompts you to connect with Uplay, which I had initially dismissed. I relaunched the game and went through the process to connect to Uplay, which required downloading the Ubisoft app and creating a Uplay account. After doing this, I claimed a free reward (a Tetris wallpaper), then returned to Tetris and the Challenge Feed had updated to show challenges from my main profile. Once challenges start to show up, you can select them from either the bottom of the main menu or from within the Challenge Feed section. If that doesn't work, try out this method... - Firstly, delete your friends that also play Tetris Ultimate, until you only have 2-3 left. - If you have different accounts on your PS4, renew the license for Tetris Ultimate.- The remaining friends on your friends list have to play the game, at which point the challenges should appear.
  11. Guide is published <3

    1. ddracarys


      Yes, and it was a very enjoyable read guys, great job! I had a lot of fun reviewing it. :dance:

  12. So I was casually playing through VVVVVV as I'm planning to do the US version in the coming weeks, and I ended up beating No Death Mode again. On one hand, I'm pretty pissed, as I'll now have to do it for a third time. But at the same time, pretty pleased, as I am pretty damn consistent at that Gravitron. Hopefully it doesn't magically get delisted by the time I actually decide to buy it.


  13. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work. I tried it well over twenty times, and the same trophies keep popping up. It might have something to do with the fact that League Play is unplayable in split screen. I also had another account that only has two trophies on it, which are Welcome to the Club and Big Leagues. I was going to see if not having Trained Up and Party Animal made a difference, but PlayStation Support are absolutely shocking, so I'm unable to regain access to the account at the moment. I'll eventually give it a go when/if I manage to regain access to the account. Although I'm not too confident that it'll work.
  14. I just tried this with an old account of mine that has Big Leagues, and the only trophies that popped were Welcome to the Club, Trained Up and Party Animal. So Big Leagues and Welcome to the Penthouse were the only multiplayer trophies that didn't unlock. I'll try it with a few more accounts to see if it'll unlock Big Leagues, and I'll let you know if it's successful.
  15. Finally managed to SS every level in Dustforce.


    Without the finesse glitch, it would probably be the hardest platformer on psn. The level of precision that is required to SS some of the later levels is pretty ridiculous. Definitely an enjoyable game though, especially when you finally get used to the controls.


    Just have to clean up a few miscellaneous trophies and I'll be done.

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    2. Darkette


      @SunnyCrappyYT They’re incredibly overrated. Doesn’t take much skill to do 319/320 in my honest opinion. Just a lot of muscle memory. 

    3. SunnyCrappyYT


      Ah, interesting. The game seems fun, so I wanted to try it out at some point, but I gotta finish VVVVVV first. 🙃

    4. Smzthy


      @SunnyCrappyYT yeah, I pretty much agree with what @Dark said. Dustforce would be much harder without the glitch. Cloudberry is 30-40 seconds worth of precision, whereas the hardest level in Dustforce (Yotta) is 3-4 minutes worth of frame perfect jumps.