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  1. Wow, what a cup final. Apparently Liverpool are looking for a new keeper. I reckon that random fan at the end could've done a better job tonight...

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    2. Smzthy


      Definitely shocking. Nothing could've been done about Bale's wonder goal, but the other two...especially that first one, huge mistakes. I wonder if Salah will be ruled out of the World Cup. 

    3. Zolkovo


      Karius lost it for Liverpool imo, but that 2nd Bale goal was sublime. Salah picking up that shoulder injury early on didn't really help either, especially considering they were the better team in the first 30 minutes or so. Real's squad depth really showed there when you look at the two benches.

      Also Bale's post-match interview lol. Basically just sent out a come-and-get-me plea.

    4. Smzthy


      I don't understand why Bale hasn't been playing more frequently, when he's fit of course. Would be great to see him back in the PL. Watching that first goal back and I still can't believe it. How did Karius expect Benzema to react? 

  2. 1.Rocket League - One of the few games that I continue to play just for the multiplayer. The community can be extremely toxic at times, but the game is still exceptionally fun to play. 2.Action Henk - A very enjoyable momentum based game. Definitely one I'd recommend for those who enjoy games such as Trials Fusion. 3.Rogue Legacy - One of the better platformers on the PS4. I liked the idea of having different traits that can significantly influence the gameplay. 4.Hotline Miami - A fast paced top-down shooter that is miles better than the sequel, in my opinion. 5.Velocibox - A neat little game that will really test your reflexes. Definitely a unique game.
  3. It's best to start the game as soon as possible. With it being free on plus, the leaderboards are filled with players. With at least 50,000 players on each daily leaderboard, Diamond Cups are much more doable.
  4. Great news, thanks for posting. I honestly didn't expect this to ever get patched. Also congrats on being the first platinum achiever.
  5. The last event starts on November 10th 2018. The cutoff dates to start on the Community Events are, 24th June 2018 (no DLC), 1st July (with DLC).
  6. Project Cars is obtainable again, since they added 28 new Community Events. Not a server shutdown, but I assume that this is the correct place to post?
  7. Is there any way to earn Community Ambassador as your first trophy in the game? I'd hate for the trophy to glitch on me, making the platinum unobtainable. Also, any confirmation about the need to be in the top 3000 on the leaderboards? Some are saying it's required, others say it isn't.
  8. Enjoying Rayman Legends so far. Fortunately, the increased playerbase will make the diamond cups much easier to obtain. There's already 13,000 players on the leaderboards. Definitely a good time to start it up if you were interested in the platinum.

    1. Roster60


      Yeah. There will be a lot of people playing the game for 30mins-1h and then dropping it to never get back on it again. All plus games are the same

  9. No worries, glad to help. I'll edit my original response shortly with the rest of the levels. Shard One is definitely one of the trickier ones to three star, mainly because of the jump at 0:27. I would keep restarting until you manage to land that jump, as it saves a good amount of time.
  10. Just to note, there are many faster routes that can be used, but I will list the easiest ones for the purpose of this post. These runs won't require any complex strats (kickglitch, out of bounds etc...) since they aren't required in order to get 3 stars. Also, I'm going to assume that you know about the "Side Jump Boost". If you've never heard of it, take a look at the video. It essentially allows you to instantly build momentum from a stationary position. Playground One Very easy to three star if you're able to execute the jump at the very end. The three star time is extremely lenient, enough for you to beat it by quite some margin. Definitely the easiest one to do in my opinion. Office Again, the three star time is pretty lenient. You will need to do an initial run through in order to break the glass for your final wallrun-turn-jump, then after that it shouldn't take too long. The hardest part is at the end, as the wall is pretty thin. Stormdrains One Not as lenient as the others, but there's nothing too difficult to pull off. At 0:29 you can jump straight over to the other platform. Another key part is to position yourself correctly at 0:33 in order to get a speedvault onto the platform. You really don't want to hit the ladder at that section. Stormdrains Two Easier than Stormdrains One, but not by much. Crucial part is at 0:40. Don't stay on the wallrun for too long, or you'll die upon landing. Jump out of the wallrun straight away and you should land on the pads. Stormdrains Three Make sure you get the speedvault at 0:26. Completely avoid that ladder and you should be good for three stars. Cranes One Big skip here is right at the beginning. If you can get that jump at 0:19, you should be able to push through the normal route in order to get three stars. Cranes Two The last jump is pretty tight. You can either attempt to coil jump at the end, which would guarantee three stars if you did everything else pretty well. Or you could attempt a normal jump. The normal jump will cost you a few seconds, as you'll be hanging off the edge temporarily. You can still earn the three stars with the normal jump, granted everything else in your run went smoothly. Edge At 0:33 you could go to the left a little and coil jump onto one of those platforms. Just make sure you hit the checkpoint. Flight Make sure to land on the vent at the start. If you don't, you'll take fall damage. At 0:36, try to land on the vent again. It will save you time as you won't need to roll. Razzmatazz Big short cut is at the end. Make sure you time your jump properly in order to grab hold of the pole. Convoy One Make sure you jump early enough in order to get the speedvault at the start. The ending is a bit dodgy aswell, so that may take a few attempts to nail. Chase The shortcut at the end makes this one of the easier trials to earn three stars on. At 1:07, head to the platform on the left and wallrun over the fence. Convoy Two Slightly harder than Convoy One. Atrium Two This can be quite a difficult one, but thankfully it's not as bad as Atrium One. Synesthesia At 0:46 it would be easier to springboard onto the wall on your left. From there you can just do a turn jump onto the platform. Playground Two Much harder than Playground One. Worth getting all three stars on this one though. Arland Difficult part is at 0:38. If you can get that down then you should be able to get three stars.
  11. They aren't the only ones. You earn "Grave Robber" and "Aquire Waffle Weaopns!" within seven seconds, when one is unlocked in the campaign and the other is for zombies. You also earn "The Professional" and "Gunslinger" within eight seconds. Yes, they're both done in the fourth level Vendetta, but one is done at the very start of the level, and the other is done at the end. You must be a speedrunner, I'm quite impressed.
  12. I agree. By no means is it easy, but it is nowhere near as difficult as it's perceived to be. With the Exit to Map exploit, you can order you run based on your ability to use the exploit. All of the levels that can safely be paused, save them for the end. That way, if you do 13,14,15.. levels straight, you can play it safe with the ones you have left. I did this for my Girl Boy run, where I had to pause on 7-14 about 10 times. And no, I've got nothing to prove. I still share the same opinion that I had of SMB from the first time I earned the platinum. Challenging, but not what I'd expect from a "10/10" game. If the exploit didn't exist, then it would undeniably be a lot harder. I don't go around posting about doing it X number of times because I couldn't care less. I'm far from being "good at platformers", I just happen to put the time in to learn the game and practice the levels, which is ultimately what it comes down to. It's silly to plat a game multiple times? What makes you say that? You certainly didn't have any issues doing Sound Shapes six times or Mayo twice, or doing Uncharted again. What's the difference? We clearly did them again for the fun, nothing wrong with that. Are you trying to prove that you're the greatest My Name is Mayo player of all time?
  13. Honestly, this has to be the most overrated platinum of all time. I feel as though a lot of people are quick to jump on the 10/10 bandwagon because it initially looks intimidating, which discourages them from putting in the time to learn the levels. This is why I rarely take difficulty ratings seriously, as a lot of people don't even make an attempt to learn the mechanics of a game before they submit their rating. The big game changer with SMB is the "exit to map" exploit. About to die? No problem. Just spam the pause button and you can continue your run as if nothing happened. Of course, it's an in game exploit, nothing wrong with taking advantage of that. I just don't see how the game can be considered as difficult as it's made out to be when there's an exploit as useful as that. Just my opinion though. I'm certain that anyone could plat the game if they were persistent enough.
  14. Only on PSNProfiles can you find people complaining about a giveaway... Can't say I'm surprised considering how cancerous most of the people on this site can be.
  15. You currently can't access this page through any menu. And there's no completionist leaderboard. It has previously been requested by a few users, so it could be something that's being developed behind the scenes.