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  1. Just cleared level 319 in Cloudberry Kingdom. Spent maybe 3-4 hours on it each day for the past 6 days, so somewhere in the region of 20-25 hours on this level alone. Unfortunately there's no replay feature on level 319, so I couldn't record it. I'll probably go back to it in a couple of days and record a successful run in free play. 


    Level 320 is supposedly a lot easier than 319, so that should be fun. The only issue is that I can't use a DualShock 4 on 320 as it is impossible to crouch jump with the D-pad. I'll have to get used to the PS3 controller again. Anyway, I'll start working on 320 in a few days time.

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    2. Smzthy


      @Danny_Johansen Whenever I press down to crouch jump I lose all forward momentum and end up jumping in a straight line. It seems like the issue comes from the D-pad design, as all four buttons are separated. Pressing down to crouch appears to completely override holding left or right. I'm not too sure if this same issue applies to the regular DualShock 3 though as I don't own one. I'm only able to crouch jump with a cheap PS3 controller where all four of the buttons are joint together. Of course, I could just use the analog stick, but I am 100x more comfortable with the D-pad.

    3. Danny_Johansen


      That is very strange and the first time I have read it. I used a DS4 for CK myself without issues. Do you have this issue on ps4 games?

    4. Smzthy


      @Danny_Johansen Never had this issue before but I just found out why it wasn't working. I played the first 319 levels without using a USB cable, connecting my controller via Bluetooth each time. I just tried it with the USB cable connected and crouch jumping works perfectly. Thankfully I won't have to use that awful controller after all.