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  1. I’ve recently encountered what seems to be a bug with the Danny B soundtrack. Whenever I face Coral Riff I sometimes end up missing a beat as the music randomly goes out of sync. I doubt that this will be much of a problem when using the normal tempo characters, but it certainly can be a major issue when using Bolt or Coda. With that said, does anyone know of any other bugs similar to this one? I’d rather not use a soundtrack if it can cause random issues.
  2. Managed to find my first Green Bat, but since I was playing with Coda I ended up getting absolutely wrecked. Guess that’s just my luck...


    I’ve made some decent progress so far though. Managed to get my PB up to 2-4. Should’ve easily made it to Zone 3 as I had Deep Blues 2, but I happened to miss a beat.

  3. I finally managed to clear an All Characters run in Necrodancer. It was a pretty smooth run in the end, although I did have one huge scare during Melody's final boss. I got trapped by a bunch of skeletons and I didn't have any bombs. At that point I thought it was all over, but fortunately the Necrodancer decided to throw a bomb that killed all of the skeletons and set me free. 


    I'm looking forward to finally  working on Coda. Hopefully I can complete her at some point in the near future.

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    2. Arcesius


      Well, pretty tough actually. I've only played her for about 10 hours so far, but I have yet to make it to Z2 😂 Keeping up the beat is not even the problem, but you are just not allowed any mistakes... 

      How long did she take you?


      Other than her, I think Monk will require the most practice for me before I can attempt an All Chars run... I'll get there eventually 🙂 


      Good luck with Coda! 

    3. SlimSanta94


      @Smzthy thanks man, it’s getting there slowly.. I want to get to a point where I’m consistent enough to put Dove second and Monk first because he is easily the hardest character haha. If you need any help or tips with Coda just ask :) 

    4. Smzthy


      @Arcesius I’d say it took around 20 hours to finally get consistent with her. Once you manage to get out of Zone 4 you should find the rest of the Zones to be much less demanding. I’m sure you’ll get it done soon though. 

      @SlimSanta94 I will certainly let you know if I run into any issues. I’m also using a controller for Coda, but I’ve remapped my controls so that I move with the right side of the controller instead of the D-pad. I find that to be a much easier way to keep up with the beat. 

  4. I didn’t say that hidden trophies automatically makes you a cheater. It’s based on the fact that they’ve either been caught cheating in the past, or they still have trophies on their list that clearly aren’t legitimate. Also, when you change your PSN ID your dispute will still show your old PSN name. Some of the newest “achievers” have recently changed their ID, but you can still view their disputes by visiting their forum profiles.
  5. You honestly shouldn’t waste your time messaging the last few “achievers”. I am pretty sure that they all obtained the trophy through illegitimate means. Out of the last ten “achievers”, six of them are definite cheaters. I’m inclined to believe that the other four also aren’t legit until proven otherwise. Regardless, best of luck with the testing. Hopefully you can come up with a solution.
  6. 1. Yes. 2. Yes, as long as you or your boosting partner make use of an alt account or second console. If not, then you will need 3 people to boost the ranking stuff. I also believe that “Highroller” can be done by betting on yourself, which would mean that you’d only need 2 people to boost it. Not certain on that though. 3. The only requirement is that you are within 300 points of each other. 4. Roughly 5-10 hours. 5. Didn’t encounter any server issues. Absolutely no randoms whatsoever. You might run into other boosters, but that is highly unlikely. 6. I believe that you can just quit to the XMB after seeing who your opponent is. Not that you asked, but here is a bit more info since the guide on hasn’t been updated in a while. - The fastest method for the “Money” trophy is actually in career mode. When you finish the career, keep losing to the first fighter until your rank goes back to 0. Then fight the last boss and bet on a precision win or a flawless win, whichever you're more comfortable with. This will easily net you over $100,000 per fight. - “Dynamo” is glitchy and may not unlock once you reach round 21 in endurance sparring. If that happens, just fulfil the requirements again and it should unlock. - “Legend” is a single player trophy. The guide says that it can be unlocked in either career or online, but it will not unlock while playing online. - If you don’t mind spending some extra money in order to reduce the grind, I would recommend purchasing the Time Saver Pack from the PS Store. - This appears to be a good method to boost with only two players:
  7. Yeah that’s true. RNG will always be a major factor in this game, but the good thing is that it can at least be reduced in some instances. 7/10 is very solid progress though. All it takes is good RNG for 3 more levels and then it’s done. About the crashing. I recently saw a post on Reddit where some guy had the game crash on him when he was one level away from earning Hogglike. In the end he ended up destroying his TV. Sadly I don’t think there’s any fix for it. Also, I just added you to the guide. Feel free to share your strategies whenever you’re able to. Hopefully this game can be completed at some point in the future.
  8. I started working on this a couple of weeks ago and I am pretty sure that Hogglike is legitimately possible in Nidhogg 2. Unlike Nidhogg 1, the AI in this game can be manipulated on a fairly consistent basis. By that, I mean in terms of where they spawn and how they attack. So far I’ve spent roughly 5-10 hours in Arcade Mode, and I’ve managed to clear the first 5/10 levels in a row without dying. At the moment I have some pretty solid strategies for the first five levels. The later levels seem a bit tougher though, mainly due to the introduction of the crossbow. I will need to invest more time into the game in order to come up with strategies on how to deal with that weapon. If anyone else plans on seriously attempting this at some point, let me know. I will be making a “guide” that includes the most reliable strategies in order to earn Hogglike. I will add you as a contributor if you are interested in viewing the strategies and sharing your own.
  9. Yeah, it’s pretty easy to obtain at the moment. Only took me a couple of days. One thing I did notice though is that you can now quit the race and you won’t lose any points. So if you’re about to end the race and you aren’t going to finish within the top 50%, just quit. Otherwise you’ll lose a few points. I also had a much easier time when my safety rating was pretty bad (B/C). I’d just wait at the back of the grid going into the first corner, and sure enough, half of the lobby would get wiped out by a few morons that always seemed to brake too late. Happened almost every race in my case.
  10. @shary96 looks like someone has obtained both of those trophies this weekend, so it seems like @ValeNort46 is correct in saying that they’ll still take place even in the off season.
  11. Completed Game #3 VVVVVV (0.31%) Somehow I'm actually completing games from my backlog. Hopefully a few more guys from this event will manage to complete this game in the near future. I made one final change to my list by swapping Driveclub VR with Splasher. I very rarely use the VR, and I honestly can't see myself using it anytime soon. On the plus side, Splasher has been pretty damn enjoyable so far. I also have a feeling that it will prove to be the hardest platformer with a platinum trophy.
  12. I'd say a 9/10 for difficulty. The time to plat ultimately depends on how much Tetris experience you already have. I had some experience going into this, so my plat time will be somewhere between 75-100 hours. Fortunately you can AFK the 1,000,000 Tetriminos trophy if you have a turbo controller which will save you 100+ hours.
  13. Been nearly two years since my original post, so I decided to update my list. Hopefully this thread becomes a little active again after being completely dead for the last year. #1 - Action Henk #1 - Hustle Kings #1 - Joe Danger 2: The Movie #1 - Leo’s Fortune #1 - OlliOlli2 #1 - Schacht #1 - Super Rude Bear Resurrection #1 - VVVVVV (NA) #2 - Snooker Nation #2 - VVVVVV (EU) #3 - Velocibox #6 - Cosmophony (PS3) #6 - Downwell #7 - Pool Nation #8 - Cosmophony (Vita) #8 - International Snooker #11 - Dustforce #12 - HoPiKo #14 - Super Meat Boy #15 - Moto Racer 4 #19 - Cloudberry Kingdom #20 - Cosmophony (PS4) #20 - Inferno Pool #22 - The Fight #28 - H1Z1 #28 - Joe Danger #35 - Ninja Senki DX #36 - 10 Second Ninja X #36 - Blacklight: Retribution #40 - Invector
  14. Completed Game #2 Moto Racer 4 (1.48%) Quite an enjoyable game at the start, but it unfortunately got really repetitive after only an hour or so. If the online trophies didn't need 10 players then I honestly don't think that this would be an UR. I've also made one small update to my list. I've replaced Cubixx HD with Tetris Effect. I've been playing a fair amount of Tetris recently, and I finally managed to get the SS in Sprint. Since I can now pop the plat whenever I want, I might as well add it to the list.
  15. 100% - VVVVVV (NA Version)


    Finally done with both stacks of VVVVVV. I have now cleared No Death Mode three times, so I certainly won’t be touching this game ever again. My completion time is pretty decent this time around, although I did take a short 20 minute break halfway through. I highly doubt that someone can get a <1 hour completion time, but my one is definitely improvable if someone wanted to beat it.


    My No Death Run was quite bad in the end. I hadn’t touched this game in well over a year, which led to me being a little confused during the Final Level. My Super Gravitron was pretty flawless though, managed to earn those trophies in less than five minutes. But the Space Station 2 Time Trial absolutely killed my time. Wasted a solid 20 minutes on the Veni Vidi Vici trinket alone.


    Anyway, here is my run for anyone that’s interested.


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    2. ShonenCat


      Congratz! 🎂

      @DamagingRob Haha, I just watched that movie last night 😁

    3. ihadalifeb4this
    4. MaximumOverdrive


      Well done! 💯