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  1. I'd say a 9/10 for difficulty. The time to plat ultimately depends on how much Tetris experience you already have. I had some experience going into this, so my plat time will be somewhere between 75-100 hours. Fortunately you can AFK the 1,000,000 Tetriminos trophy if you have a turbo controller which will save you 100+ hours.
  2. Been nearly two years since my original post, so I decided to update my list. Hopefully this thread becomes a little active again after being completely dead for the last year. #1 - Action Henk #1 - Hustle Kings #1 - Joe Danger 2: The Movie #1 - Leo’s Fortune #1 - OlliOlli2 #1 - Schacht #1 - Super Rude Bear Resurrection #1 - VVVVVV (NA) #2 - Snooker Nation #2 - VVVVVV (EU) #3 - Velocibox #6 - Cosmophony (PS3) #6 - Downwell #7 - Pool Nation #8 - Cosmophony (Vita) #8 - International Snooker #11 - Dustforce #12 - HoPiKo #14 - Super Meat Boy #15 - Moto Racer 4 #19 - Cloudberry Kingdom #20 - Cosmophony (PS4) #20 - Inferno Pool #22 - The Fight #28 - H1Z1 #28 - Joe Danger #35 - Ninja Senki DX #36 - 10 Second Ninja X #36 - Blacklight: Retribution #40 - Invector
  3. Completed Game #2 Moto Racer 4 (1.48%) Quite an enjoyable game at the start, but it unfortunately got really repetitive after only an hour or so. If the online trophies didn't need 10 players then I honestly don't think that this would be an UR. I've also made one small update to my list. I've replaced Cubixx HD with Tetris Effect. I've been playing a fair amount of Tetris recently, and I finally managed to get the SS in Sprint. Since I can now pop the plat whenever I want, I might as well add it to the list.
  4. 100% - VVVVVV (NA Version)


    Finally done with both stacks of VVVVVV. I have now cleared No Death Mode three times, so I certainly won’t be touching this game ever again. My completion time is pretty decent this time around, although I did take a short 20 minute break halfway through. I highly doubt that someone can get a <1 hour completion time, but my one is definitely improvable if someone wanted to beat it.


    My No Death Run was quite bad in the end. I hadn’t touched this game in well over a year, which led to me being a little confused during the Final Level. My Super Gravitron was pretty flawless though, managed to earn those trophies in less than five minutes. But the Space Station 2 Time Trial absolutely killed my time. Wasted a solid 20 minutes on the Veni Vidi Vici trinket alone.


    Anyway, here is my run for anyone that’s interested.


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    2. ShonenCat


      Congratz! 🎂

      @DamagingRob Haha, I just watched that movie last night 😁

    3. ihadalifeb4this
    4. ee28max


      Well done! 💯 

  5. Action Henk - Easily my favourite platformer on the PS4. I have played this game on and off for the past three years since it is that enjoyable. Not an easy list, but far from being impossible. Comsophony - A very fast paced rhythm game with only 1000+ owners. Most of the trophies are pretty straightforward, but level 5 takes it to a whole new level. I’d put the difficulty at a solid 7/10 overall. Dustforce - This is another platformer, one that you will either really love or really hate. The first time I played this I absolutely hated it. I thought that the controls were absolutely terrible, but it turns out that I was wrong. The platforming is just incredibly tight and really punishing. It’s also the hardest platformer to 100% on PSN (unless you abuse the finesse glitch), so it is well worth playing if you are after a challenge. Leo’s Fortune - I played this pretty recently and it is incredible to see how much effort the developers poured into this game. You just have to take a look at the trailer to see what lengths they went to in order to make the game as unique as possible. The 100% is actually quite challenging as you have to beat the whole game without dying, but it is still worth playing casually. Super Rude Bear Resurrection - This game only has 152 players and that is a real shame. All I can say is, if you like Super Meat Boy, you will certainly like this game. You can also cheese the hardest trophy in the game which takes the difficulty from being a 10/10 to an 8/10.
  6. 28.01% I have a few easy AAA games to get through, so that number will almost certainly increase.
  7. Updated stats: 530 of 3072 (17.25%) Least achieved trophy has 3 achievers.
  8. Got back into Tetris Effect recently and I finally managed to obtain the SS rank in Sprint Mode. I genuinely can’t remember the last time a game has enraged me as much as this one did. I should’ve had this done a lot sooner but I kept getting screwed over by RNG towards the later stages of my attempts. Still, I am quite satisfied with getting it done in less than 50 hours of playtime.


    The rest of the modes should be much easier to SS. I’ve done most of the others anyway, so I’ll only have a few more to get through.


    Planning on leaving this for plat #50 though as it’ll be a nice milestone to have.



    1. PreLoki


      Well done dude! 

  9. According to the trophy guide, the trophies “Weekend Warrior” and “The Whole Event” are only obtainable during weekends when an actual F1 race is taking place. If that’s the case, those two trophies will be unobtainable from December 2nd 2019 - March 13th 2020, at the very least. I guess my question is, how likely is it that Codemasters will still be supporting the game by the time the next F1 season starts in March? I know that they have a pretty poor track record when it comes to similar event based trophies, which is why I am thinking that this plat might become unobtainable if you don’t have those two trophies by December 2nd.
  10. Completed Game #1 Cloudberry Kingdom (0.11%) Finally found the motivation to go back and finish this game off. As for my next game, I'll probably start working on Cubixx HD.
  11. 100% - Cloudberry Kingdom.


    Four months after clearing level 319 I finally decided to go back and finish this game off. I will say that this game got really boring towards the end, which is why I am now the slowest 100% achiever by quite some margin. In terms of actual playtime the 100% took me roughly 50 hours. 10 hours for the first 318 levels, 25 for 319, and 15 for 320.


    Out of the two main levels, I will agree with the other 100% achievers and say that 320 is the much easier level of the two. I managed to breeze through most of 320 in around five hours, but got really stuck on the final section where you need to pull off some really tight jumps. That section took me close to 10 hours alone. 

    Compared to other difficult platformers, I personally found VVVVVV to be slightly more difficult to 100%. Cloudberry is one of those games where you will eventually get the 100% if you have the patience to keep playing the same level over and over again. VVVVVV on the other hand is completely different. You could invest a lot of time in practicing the game and still fail a no death run at the end due to the difficulty of the Final Level.


    Anyway, I’m glad to finally get this done. It’s just a shame that the stats on this site are a complete clusterfuck right now, as Shenanigans should be a 0.09% by my calculations. Not a big deal for most people, but I find it quite frustrating that my efforts aren’t accurately displayed.

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      You're a minority of a minority Smzthy, half of what you've done is stuff I would never even consider.


      You sir, get my respect.

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      Well done! 💯

    4. zajac9999


      Awesome work! :D When I finally get round to finishing Cloudberry I'll be taking your spot as the slowest achiever though. :P

  12. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.
  13. Should be able to finish these by the end of next year. Cloudberry Kingdom (0.10%) (DONE) Driveclub VR (2.46%) Futuridium EP Deluxe (0.07%) Lumo (0.70%) Moto Racer 4 (1.46%) (DONE) Project Cars (1.96%) Pure Pool (0.25%) Tetris Effect (0.43%) VVVVVV (0.31%) (DONE) Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus (0.73%)
  14. Does the truth hurt? It’s a 6/10 in difficulty and only a 10-15 hour plat. That seems to perfectly fit the OP’s criteria of being “not too hard or long”.
  15. Downwell is pretty easy for a <2% plat.