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  1. Is it possible only one of the boats counts towards the 100%? I only needed to do it once with the Squalo, do you remember which one you used first?
  2. No. Only rounds that have the heading 'Race' on the loading screen before the match starts count. This means that finals don't count either, even if it is a race style event like Fall Mountain.
  3. I'm pretty sure over the last three weeks I've had three different legendary face plates (which the guide says are supposed to be the rarest?) appear on the daily store but no colours and no patterns. Gah. Thankfully there's still a while to go before the switch over, but this has high potential to drive me insane.
  4. Remember you don't need to wait for the animation play out, so long as you know it's started you can start moving again straight away and it will still count, so you really only need around a 2 second window.
  5. you have to go up to it and physically touch it, the portal lasts for about five to ten seconds after killing the pylioid
  6. the same but bright white instead of yellow
  7. to get keys you have to look out for the white tentacle creatures that sometimes appear at the start of a room, kill it quickly and jump into the orb it produces to get to a side room with a key. Sometimes keys will also appear in those bonus areas between enemy rooms, but this is pretty rare. There are three ways to get disgorgers: behind locked doors (always) dropped by stronger/malformed enemies (occasionally) and in those between rooms, usually the ones where you have to quickly choose between three options. (rare)
  8. the switches appear after you've progressed past a certain point (I think after you've beaten Algos' third form for the first time, can't remember exactly). After that the switch will always appear directly above. The item is always a shield consumable, I think it's just to make subsequent playthroughs a bit easier.
  9. After you go back through the tower and beat the third boss again Selene should say something like "I have to go back to the hospital" and when you go there the door is open and then you just interact with the bed. Not sure what has gone wrong for you tbh, did you exit the game before the credits came up or anything like that?
  10. Honestly, you would be surprised at how quickly you adapt to the game if you commit to it and get to know the enemy spawns. I went back to the vanilla maps after getting the platinum and was very easily able to get the SSS rank on all of them after struggling to even get A ranks on some of them when I started. Factory II is the only map I would say is legit hard and even that one you can achieve an S rank by just getting the first area right. I respect they are annoying trophies but, guys, I believe in you.
  11. it's unlocked from the start, switch to your grenade and hold down left on the d-pad and you can change it to the proximity charge and trip mine
  12. m
  13. One of the score trophies didn't unlock for me, so I reinstalled and did it all again, which worked in the end. Very annoying though, this would have been my fastest platinum at about 7 minutes instead of 25.
  14. There’s also the trophy for reviving allies 50 times, which, unless you have a boosting partner to help you farm it, can take a long time. I’d recommend playing in co op as much as possible, at least until you have those two trophies.
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