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  2. One of the score trophies didn't unlock for me, so I reinstalled and did it all again, which worked in the end. Very annoying though, this would have been my fastest platinum at about 7 minutes instead of 25.
  3. There’s also the trophy for reviving allies 50 times, which, unless you have a boosting partner to help you farm it, can take a long time. I’d recommend playing in co op as much as possible, at least until you have those two trophies.
  4. b
  5. what's funny about flying away is if the tower has already taken damage it miraculously heals as soon as the tanks despawn
  6. Ah, well that's a relief, would have been enough to put me off the game.
  7. the new mod card that reduces bioweapon cooldown is a joke, Nicholai in particular can basically use Nemesis every minute or so and it's not unsual to see bioweapons in the first area now, which was incredibly rare before the update. The game already favoured masterminds, it's getting OTT now. And I'm still seeing people cheating as Nicholai, which, like... why
  8. Just finished this and would probably count it as one of the most dreary grinds I've put myself through. The amount of times I had kills stolen at the last second, guys who would crash just as I was about to get the last hit in or just start going around in a circle so I would be chasing the same ship over and over only for the round to end just as I was catching them. Doesn't help that Hero Starfighters is one of the least active modes on the EU servers so it can take a while to get a game going to begin with, and then when you're dropped into a match where half the players kill themsleves in the first ten seconds (I get I'm part of the problem there but it doesn't make it any less infuriating) it feels interminable. I suppose it's still way quicker than doing it in the regular starfighter mode at least. My tip is when you're a hero play as the Naboo Fighter and when you're a villain play as the Vulture Droid, the Naboo ship especially seems to be way overpowered compared to other fighter ships. They're the only ones I managed to regularly kill more than one ship per game with.
  9. I'd say 5 sounds about right. There were definitely moments on hard mode and the combat simulator that were frustrating, but it never feels insurmountable. Playing souls-like games there are times where I'm playing the same boss a dozen times and wondering if I'm ever going to be able to do it, this is not one of those games. I got the limit break accesory at about chapter 11 (or whichever is the one with the ghost and eligor as bosses) because those two bosses are annoying as shit on hard and there was a definite spike in difficulty from Hell House onwards. It was pretty plain sailing once I had it though. Those final whispers in the last chapter were annoying cus it makes it feel impossible to get into the final boss with a lot of mp but still only took a couple of goes to get right. I didn't find any of mini games tough, got the squats and whack-a-boxes first time and darts and pull ups after two or three tries. With pull ups i found it best to quickly memorise the route of the arrow on screen and then focus on your input before the pattern faded, then it's about getting a sense of 'flow' and keeping half an eye on the screen to watch out for the button mashing prompts. All said, if you're going in blind there's a few things that can stump you in hard mode, but if you're using guides or looking up boss tutorials on youtube I can't imagine this will be a difficult platinum for most.
  10. Was reading Infinite Jest at the time lol
  11. Got the platinum yesterday, here's my advice to anyone out there still trying for it: First of all, the people who say to practice the run on nightmare aren't kidding. Do a full run on nightmare, try looking up some runs on youtube and experimenting with what works for you and what doesn't. Every time you die, practice that section until you can do it without a sweat. A lot of your insane run will be dependent on keeping calm. I used this guide as a general layout for my run, but I would advise several changes if you prefer to keep your run safe and reliable. Often this guy sacrifices comfort for speed, but generally speaking it's the best one i've come across and most of the strats are easy to emulate.You're gonna be playing this game over a lot if you want the trophy so you do have to find the right balance between speed and safety, you don't want to die after investing five hours in a run but you also want methods that will work at least nine times out of ten. Take the first Marta encounter near the beginning, after she appears I would just exit and re-enter the area to despawn her, I found about half the time running straight past her would end in her catching me. If you can do it consistently do it, but I couldn’t be bothered wasting playthroughs on a method that only worked half the time for me. My most common deaths were as follows, I'll note my suggested changes from the video guide: Marta cart section (36:25) - It's not as luck dependent as many say, but you do need to know exactly how her AI reacts to you. Push the cart until it hits her/she screams and slide through the hole in the fence (don't duck, it will give her enough time to catch you) at this point she'll immediately move to the left of the hole and despawn, exit out as soon as she passes and run to push the cart until she breaks down the fence on your right (I push for maybe a second or two after hearing the fence break for a small advantage), move back and wait until she screams and then slide through the hole again, if you go before she screams she just runs down the newly opened path straight to you. Crouch midway through the hole and wait for her to approach from your side of the fence. once you see her coming towards you from the far end exit to the other side, run towards the cart and push BUT ONLY FOR A MOMENT OR TWO. because she'll promptly be back, Ideally you want to stop pushing before she screams. Stand behind the cart and wait to see which side she approaches from, go round the other way and back to slide through the hole. As before wait for her to approach from the far end as you wait crouching midway through the hole, run to the cart once you see her coming. This time she won't come out straight away (you'll know you've done it right because her theme music will die down) so push until the cart hits the gate or she screams, at which point hop up and make the jump, you should be more than close enough to make it. I found once perfected this tactic worked 100% of the time for me and once I had a consistent method for it chapter 1 become a whole lot less stressful to go through over and over. Difficult to explain through text alone though. Will upload a vid if anyone wants it. Edit: here it is. the Nick and Laird chapter - all of it is filled with cheap deaths basically. this is the only part of the game where I'd say it's impossible to get every part down reliably every time, Laird's arrows are just too unpredictable, sometimes he has a perfect shot sometimes he doesn't, sometimes they kill you in one hit sometimes they don't. However it is consistently doable if you follow certain strats: The first encounter (53:35) - Instead of crouching in the grass to the left like the video shows (this only worked for me about half the time) use the tent on the right as you entered the area (go round behind and crawl into it after triggering Nick and Laird). Wait just before the sick/blood splotch on the ground inside the tent and Nick will pass in front of the opening at which point crawl out the front and book it for the trees they came from -- don't start moving out until Nick has fully passed the front of the tent or else he sees you and pulls you out, once done you should have enough advantage on them to avoid all arrows, from the woods keep to the left to avoid the random scalled and find the exit in the side of the building. Second encounter (1:04:35) - Use the method in the video guide, just make sure to exit the house AS SOON AS NICK BREAKS THE DOOR DOWN and run around the wire and straight for the cliff/exit. Also there's one barbed wire trap just before you reach the house with the two lockable doors that got me a couple of times. Keep an eye out for that. This is the most stressful part of the game. I hated it. Fortunately it is rather quick if done right. Dodging arrows on the cliffs (1:06:05) - At this point in the video the guy runs straight for the cliff on the right side. I found about 1 in 3 times Laird would get me with an arrow here doing it that way, instead I run straight forward to the boulder for cover and then run for the cliff ledge. That worked for me everytime. Also if any of you are having problems with crossing the log just before this bit, remember to always press the sprint button before crossing the log and the second arrow will never hit you. Escaping Nick and Laird for good (1:09:50) - Do as the video does BUT make sure to wait until the guy has passed the house you slide behind before crawling forward to the small hut, jumping the gun here and moving forward too quickly alerts the guy running away from you which completely fucks up the strat. Find the right timing and it's a very easy section. Also after you've dropped the hanged man you can simply walk down the hill to the rope without alerting anyone, just keep to the left hand side of the screen. Obviously run once you've collected the rope though. Monster in the library (1:36:00) - Not hard per se, but this can easily induce panic given how late it is in the run and how easily you can get lost trying to preserve battery. Practice several times in nightmare even if you get it right the first time. Memorise the path and get used to flicking the night vision on and off without losing your sense of direction. This isn't an ideal moment for your nerves to fuck you over. Flooded cave/the Val boss 'fight' (1:51:10) - I slightly altered the strat in the video, after flicking the final switch I ran straight to the exit instead of waiting for Val to pass the board in the middle. occasionally using the strat in the video can lead to Val grabbing you early. Just run for the exit and you should be fine even if she spots you. However do be careful for the metal wires hanging over the exit tunnel, it's easy to get stuck on the those if you rush so just move to the right slightly as you leave to get your head between them. Otherwise the method in the vid is the best I've found though. The chase out of the caves (2:04:15) - Not a hard bit by any means but I'm noting this as it's the latest point I died in an insane run and that was annoying as fuck. Just make sure to memorise the route and use whatever night vision you have left - you won't need it for the final Marta chase if you have brightness/'gamma' at full. I died at the first intersection because I rushed and didn't see the tunnel branching off so ran straight into the dead end, make sure to have a clear line of sight on each intersection and generally go where the flames lead you. Sorry if any of this is obvious, but I wanted to give the tips I would have found useful the first time round.This is one of the most brutal trophies I've ever gone for but if you keep at it you will find a rhythm to a lot of the game and feel yourself getting better at it. Btw I really feel for the one poor guy on here who has the insane trophy but not the messiah trophy.
  12. Managed it in three. First attempt: died embarrassingly early flicking the generators on in the flooded basement. Forgot where I was going on the way out, panicked, ran straight into the variant, got hit, went past him toward the crack in the wall but forgot what side of the room it was on, he caught up. Dead. Really stupid, played the section plenty of times before and should have known, would have been fine with calm nerves, first sign a level head is what you need for the run above all else. Second attempt: made it all the way to Trager in what was till then a perfect run. Thought I'd lost him in the corridors trying to provoke him into the room with the vent (was using the tactic where you lure him in, jump in the vent, rush down and shut the door behind him, then run to move the shelf) went back to find him and he was right behind the corner ffs. Dead. Third attempt: Knew the first half very well at this point and since that is (for me) the harder half, I was flying for most of the run. Took a break halfway through after the Trager section just to keep the nerves getting to me again. Had a close call or two, the guy roaming the area when you're collecting fuses is a nightmare and I was almost caught by Chris in one of the administration halls towards the end, I swear the vent there is a dodgy climb, had to jump three times to get it. Overall pleased with the run though. Great trophy, tests your ability without feeling overly frustrating or luck dependent like many trophies of this kind can be, neither death I had felt unfair. Most of all it's a matter of knowing the game and keeping calm. I hear the Outlast 2 insane run is the exact opposite, will have to give it a try now though.