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  1. You need to both have an internet connection and have a account on the R* Social Club to access BAWSAQ I'm pretty sure
  2. I had 2 saves in this game, 1 of which I only created recently. I installed a patch of some sort and went to load my saves and they're gone. It just says "New Game" when I go into Play on the main menu. Is there a way to get back my save? Edit: reloaded my Playstation a few times and got back onto my saves
  3. Some codex entries have to do with collecting all the field manuals in a mission but the rest of the codex entries are completely seperate from the field manuals. These codex entries are challenges specific to each mission. These could, for example, be to get through an area undetected or to destroy all the Anti Tank guns in another area. You can check these challenges on the pause menu if I can remember correctly. Hope this answers your question