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  1. super excited to see what/how games will play on the future system. just thinking of the ps5 makes me giddy as a schoolgirl. is it just games being showcased during the event?
  2. gotchya thanks guys, it seems path home / mother protector isnt available at all unless you get the definitive edition as there just isnt a season pass to buy itself (got the physical copy from gamefly so wasnt in need of buying the entire game digitally)
  3. hello everyone! i may be blind but checking out the PS store and i dont see a season pass available for this game to buy? is it only possible to obtain all the DLCs through the definitive edition? since 'the path home' dlc or whatever it is is not available for standalone purchase. just wanted to check with some others in case im missing something, thanks in advance!
  4. I believe profiles with stacked plats are silly imo. i get someone might like a game SO MUCH that they want to complete it over and over again, but i see it as ok congrats you completed a challenge/plat you already completed? or even worse if they just auto pop based off the first plat, though i guess fluff matters a lot to some. i dont have any overly difficult games on my profile, and yes i have some rata games but tbh ive actually enjoyed them. i always screen the games i want to play before i do (if they are odd indie games or something i havent heard of) just to see if its a type of gameplay id enjoy, regardless of who made the game. As far as 100% profiles go, they rarely stay at that percentage since you actually have to start a game to get trophies and when you sync there goes your perfect percentage lol; so is there technically such a thing?? TLDR - to me any profile that has no stacks is great regardless if they are all common games with 95% average completion or ultra rares with 2% average completion
  5. With school doing its 'distance learning' thing, clinicals on hold for the time being, and still having to get to work as an 'essential person', there's more than enough time to get some plats in! I'm working on two vita games (doctor who and sly cooper), and diablo 3/metro exodus on ps4. More to come!
  6. yes thanks i eventually found the poster somewhere, after what i could swear was doing laps around the map to find it (via fast travel of course). thanks for your input!
  7. hitman go, because i thought it would be entertaining like lara croft go was, but alas i found it quite dull when comparing the two (they can both actually be engaging and difficult if you arent looking up the solutions for each puzzle btw) side note: lols to those posting several games when OP asked for just one 🙃
  8. Interesting, I'll have to go take a look there.I suppose i was thrown off a bit by what the guide says, quoting "The first one is accessed at any train station after completing the stranger mission "The Ties That Bind" (parts 1 and 2)." I presumed it was referring to The Ties that Bind Us stranger mission you get for collecting the bounty posters. Thanks for the advice I will check there shortly.
  9. hello everyone! was following the guide for the "its art" trophy, and i have perhaps run into a bug regarding the bounty posters, and was hoping if anyone had a solution. im already done with both epilogues, and i have 5/5 bounty posters in my satchel from doing this quest earlier in the game. i received what seems to be the exact same quest in the epilogue to collect the posters around rhodes, but my satchel is full now and cant be emptied of the previous ones. what exactly needs to happen for me to start the pelt collecting quests? dont see what the two escapees you help out have to do with this the quest? thanks in advance
  10. this, many many times, this. i can just picture these games in HD (future titles, not just remakes)
  11. glad to see a fourth coming out, but more glad itll be 2d. the first two were great, and while i didnt hate the 3rd i did feel it lost some of its charm (and any remote sense of difficulty). looking forward to it!
  12. I can agree on magika 2, havent played the others on the above list. Just to add a few, Little Nightmares (no plat but amazing), Pyre, Shadow of the Beast, and Chasm, are a few I can certainly recommend. To be fair I dont know if any of these are AAA or not, just not the most popular titles I suppose.
  13. i'll be that guy and say i'm not really sure why you need others to tell you what to play..... =), but for the sake of answering the OP id play them in order of estimated "time to plat" so you can finish the easy ones first. metro and primal are probably the shortest of what you listed there, id start with one of those.
  14. Sekiro 👆 . Nice