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  1. Not sure? I just followed the guide. I assume the guide was set up to have it download the 1.26 version? I just tried it all with the v3 Charles but now I get an error when I try to download, says can’t install, error CE-107981-1. Someone on the first page had a similar issue but it resolved itself, mine doesn’t seem to do that though lol. edit: I believe its mapping from the 1.30 path (A0130) to the 1.26 as per guide (A0126) edit 2: guess I should of mentioned I was on PS5, but I managed to work it out I believe. The 1.26 patch is currently downloading so I haven’t been able to test if it works but I’m sure at this point it will. For anyone else doing this in the future for PS5, I followed the OGs guide but also the steps on page 26 of this thread to copy and paste the query in the ppkgo folder for the .json file. I’m not going to try disabling the proxy to run it on my own IP as it took me a while to get this sorted out, even though its downloading at a snails pace. Be sure to check the FFXV icon on the hub once it shows it to make sure it says its downloading the 1.26 patch
  2. I assume it's Charles 4 as the download was labeled 4.6.2. Wasn't aware the software version would make a difference. I'll give this a shot with version 3 then! Thank you for the help, will update later if it worked out.
  3. Followed this method can't seem to get it to work using the digital FFXV royal edition. There were a few differences in the Charles software. There was a ppkgo, appkgo, and acpkgo folder, which I ignored the other two and used the ppkgo. After right clicking the .json file, there was no option titled edit mapping or whatever the guide says, just one called edit viewer mapping which when opened led me to a similar looking pop up as in the guide. The difference here also was there was only one section of host/port/pathway to edit, not two. All in all after making the changes as per the guide the best I could, and starting the game download once they've been made, the 1.30 version was downloaded again. Not sure what to do from here and it takes about an hour to download just the game via the Charles pathway so I'd rather not have to keep repeating the download. Any insight would be helpful, thanks!
  4. Anyone have issues with the Main Course dlc trophy on supersize? I’ve gotten all 81 stamps but no trophy, and I replayed one of the final missions (won in 1st with all 3 stamps again) to see if it’ll help but no luck. Not really sure what to do at this point? Lots of posts on this thread so I haven’t read them all but it doesn’t seem too many are mentioning this particular dlc edit: just unlocked after repeating the “semifinal” race, stampede foci di giovo, since I had a couple miles left to drive with the taycan figured id just do some more races. Doubt it has anything to do with this particular race, probably just delayed…
  5. Beats me then, I can't even start the game so can't get past step 1 of the exploit. Guess I'll just do two more playthroughs
  6. Just so I don’t start a new thread as my question is in regards to OGM coop, does the exploit still work? I’m no longer able to start the game to watch the cut scene after starting a new game? Might have been patched
  7. Keep getting network error when I try to join a friend or random lobby. It says a network error has occurred however I'm still online. Anyone have a fix? I read in the other thread it's a matter of just finishing chapter 1, can anyone confirm?
  8. I’m able to redo checkpoint Charlie repeatedly, but my percentage doesn’t go up, was really hoping to skip some of these tedious things!
  9. Still no fix to these trophies? My collectibles and some others have bugged out and I have digital version. Is the only possible work around to get physical copy and play unpatched?
  10. Didn't want to start a new topic to just say this but I wanted to add regarding getting A+ in these levels. Several times I've gotten just a few hundred more than double the score (say 84500/42000) and just get a plain ole A. I thought double the score was the threshold for A+ but I guess not. Super frustrating when this happens.
  11. Hello everyone, I'm playing as Winona and I've been trying to repair the eyebrella both with sewing kit and tape, but when I hover over the item and press sew/patch respectively, neither item does anything and does not increase the items durability. Is this a bug or is the item not meant to be repaired? Ive read numerously that it should work though so I'm at a loss. Any help appreciated.
  12. Ratalaika 1000 gold trophy list coming to a PlayStation store near you!
  13. did all raids with randoms that carried me as I had no idea what i was doing (could fight and stay alive well enough but no idea what to do) i also didnt have my mic on at the time so i played a guessing game when i had to jump to my set platform for that particular raid and oddly enough i managed pretty well lol. Make sure your level is high enough though as most decent players will leave when matched with low levels tl;dr: doable with randoms, better without
  14. Assuming you don't have to be host to earn trophies I think this can definitely speed up the time to earn platinum. Hopefully there won't be any frame/lag issues with coop, as the raft rides got a little 🐿️ y at times.
  15. pyre witcher 3 little nightmares little nightmares 2 dragon age inquisition these are what come to mind without really sitting here and thinking about it!