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  1. yes they are given to both players. have done the overwatch missions with random players to get the collectibles, and whatever the other role picked up / shot at (statues) appeared on my screen as well.
  2. i feel like i saw the original trailer ages ago, and was excited for it to come out on PS4 as shadow of the colossus was one of my favorite games, and this obviously has "some" resemblance.....then this thing fell off the face of the earth and havent heard anything about it for quite a while. nice to see it will be on PS5, will wait to play it on next gen then. should be fun, hopefully.
  3. really wish theyd stop adding DLC to this game haha, everytime i think i'm out, they pull me back in
  4. Its nice to see there's a platinum for this, but there's already DLC? On a game that isn't out yet? On a system that isn't out yet??? Now THAT'S next gen stuff right there.
  5. And I clearly wasnt quoting you in my post =) but thank you for clarifying you weren't concluding anything. As for the OP, clearly his question was him assuming, based on the title, it was either adult themed or just awkward, which is a conclusion. Cheers.
  6. Honestly, I dont see how you came to either of your conclusions. Nothing jumped out at me as neither awkward or adult themed.
  7. i followed a collectible guide for the scav mags / cola recipe books as i went through each area opening the park up (i really didnt feel like going back to collect them). I definitely recommend keeping track of what you may pick up as some of the recipe books are known to glitch (not appear), and one in particular is well known for falling through the map (but thankfully you can bug yourself out of the map to get it). Other than that, lookup a quick way to earn tickets by stacking the hoop machines on top of each other in a commonwealth settlement. I think theres a video of that on this website already. I also recommend grinding tickets everytime you had back to the wasteland to setup a raider camp so that it doesnt get the extreme tedious feeling, maybe 10-20k each time.
  8. thanks this is definitely helpful to get a good view of whats available! i wish ps now had some more recent games though, would love to use it as a replacement for gamefly....
  9. No, I would not!
  10. Considering thats probably around the time most people will have to wait until to actually get their systems, id say it could be worth waiting to play it on next gen!
  11. this game is great, dont pass it up because its slightly randomized (wont affect you much); the seeds are in an a sense "worlds" where in one the boss room might be in upper right side of map, and another the lower left. the overall design of key rooms remain the same, just their locations differ. when you start a new game, your world is generated a seed number that can be used to replay the same world in different playthroughs if you dont want to play a different world and play something you're familiar with. as far as death is concerned i believe you revert back to your last save point so any items/exp/exploration is lost between your last save and your death
  12. i'm no fan of multi stacking any type of game, ratalaika or any other (sound shapes, VN's, etc), but i just wanted to say that not all ratalaika games are that bad honestly lol, are they long double digit plats? usually not, but theyre perfect vita commuting plats where i just dont have the patience to do a 100 hr plat that requires collectible guides and watching out for missable trophies etc etc. I just like simple games that you can jump in and out of with little investment. I quite enjoyed 36 fragments, i and me, some others too. Access denied i believe is one (im not entirely sure of every game made by them) that i tried without a guide to tell me the puzzle answers and i wont lie towards the end i definitely got stumped by a few of them. I had just played the witness and was in the mood for something similar and that fit the bill
  13. are you referring to the energy kits that stay in your inventory and give you higher max energy? its completely random through RNG if you get those or not (assuming thats what your talking about). i forgot what the packs are called but you're most likely to get them in the ones that cost 60k ingame currency to buy, something like that, i think it was the last choice if you scroll to the right or something when looking at booster packs.
  14. its really not that bad at all.....maybe the the ones that reverse the controls but other than that, i think the hardest part about it is trying not to fall asleep doing 60 ish rounds of this, considering how boring it gets
  15. id say about 10-15 if you use the glitch to get near infinite energy (for both breach DLCs), and 15-30 if you dont as some of the servers can indeed be challenging with limited energy. You should be fine as far as mechanics go, i dont feel its a steep learning curve, especially since you are basically starting with a "fresh" character