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  1. Hello everyone, thinking of starting this game soon with the free psplus version we got a while back but was wondering if it's worth picking up the deluxe edition? It's on sale for 10 bucks and was wondering if it'll make things easier or even necessary? Cheers
  2. no idea what this game is about but cats + trophies = win always
  3. yes
  4. Thanks for the replies everyone! Thanks for pointing this out, just noticed they made the individual packs unavailable and just grouped them together and made one individual dlc. Gets hard to keep track of lego DLC sometimes, cheers
  5. Hello everyone, just curious if anyone can confirm you get all DLC with purchase of the season pass? It seems that the shazam and aquaman packs are unavailable now and was just wondering if the season pass/deluxe version of the game bypasses the unavailability. Thanks
  6. i pretty much skipped majority of cut scenes as i think you have to be stoned to fully understand. Have no idea what the game was about to this day, but i enjoyed the gameplay a lot!
  7. not a terribly difficult game. definitely not a 7 like guide suggests. you can do an easy playthrough and breeze through majority of the game (some parts just requires certain skills to make it easier), and then do NG+ to get the rest of difficulty trophies while keeping all your unlocked skills. only had trouble with second/third to last boss fight but again made easy once you swap some skills around. you can change your skills around on the fly too, no commitment necessary!
  8. i was able to get this during NG+ so it definitely wasnt that. i believe you need to talk to her after each quest. so the first one you collect 3 cats, then 6, then 9 i believe. as the guide says the stashes dont need to be found. and honestly the game tracker showed that i missed one cat from the first quest and still gave me the trophy after i turned in the third one. it did show the first quest was completed when pressing L3 though so idk could be a bit buggy
  9. its a great list and i think ive actually played at least half of them. definitely fun games but not the easiest, so dont expect to breeze through all of these! I've seen gameplay of unit 13 and really was intrigued by how good it looked to play on the vita, but the online trophies have put me off from ever trying it. online vita games can be finicky at times, even more so for really old games
  10. pretty good start to the new year imo, i think most people will find something they enjoy out of that listing. Having already played Shadow of the tomb raider (and the previous ones) id have to say it was my favorite so far as it seems to focus moreso on exploration, puzzles, tombs, etc, than shoot outs, ton of dlc though. Greedfall seemed to have potential but fell just shy of being something great as per a bunch of reviewers on youtube. Mind you i'll still pick it up now since its free but i dont think i would have paid for it. it does have a dragon age style about it but it seems to be a lot more limited in the variety of character builds. last of all maneater, will be added to the ps5 plus collection that i cannot play.
  11. I completely agree with this. The only time I can even remotely see multiple season passes working are live service games that have a very long life span, but even then I'm certainly no fan and don't approve.
  12. man i bought the first season pass on sale as i only heard of 3 dlc being planned for the game. i rented it ahead of time when only 2 were released cuz i was actually looking forward to playing the game. then i rented it out a second time when the 3rd dlc dropped, no problem as its what i planned for! but MAN when did multiple season passes become a thing, i must be living under a rock or something lol. the only other game that comes to mind is ghost recon wildlands, im sure there are others much for getting all dlc with the OG season pass anymore.
  13. yes they are given to both players. have done the overwatch missions with random players to get the collectibles, and whatever the other role picked up / shot at (statues) appeared on my screen as well.
  14. i feel like i saw the original trailer ages ago, and was excited for it to come out on PS4 as shadow of the colossus was one of my favorite games, and this obviously has "some" resemblance.....then this thing fell off the face of the earth and havent heard anything about it for quite a while. nice to see it will be on PS5, will wait to play it on next gen then. should be fun, hopefully.
  15. really wish theyd stop adding DLC to this game haha, everytime i think i'm out, they pull me back in