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  1. Ratalaika 1000 gold trophy list coming to a PlayStation store near you!
  2. did all raids with randoms that carried me as I had no idea what i was doing (could fight and stay alive well enough but no idea what to do) i also didnt have my mic on at the time so i played a guessing game when i had to jump to my set platform for that particular raid and oddly enough i managed pretty well lol. Make sure your level is high enough though as most decent players will leave when matched with low levels tl;dr: doable with randoms, better without
  3. Assuming you don't have to be host to earn trophies I think this can definitely speed up the time to earn platinum. Hopefully there won't be any frame/lag issues with coop, as the raft rides got a little 🐿️ y at times.
  4. pyre witcher 3 little nightmares little nightmares 2 dragon age inquisition these are what come to mind without really sitting here and thinking about it!
  5. Not rage throw it at the couch or in general I suppose!
  6. Looks simple enough, collectibles suck as always though, and master ninja might be hardest one? But as far as I remember the s ranks were pretty lenient in the first one, though that can change here
  7. i have one website other than the ones already listed that you can stream anime with decent quality and a decent library size, but its free so hard to complain! i enjoy crunchyroll and funimation but sorry i wont pay to be a subscriber just to watch an episode a little earlier or something, way too expensive for what you get altogether imo
  8. Hello all, just finished me1 and want to start me2, but wanted to make some changes to my imported Sheppard which I've read in lots of places online it's possible. However once I select to import the character it just skips to next screen to confirm all my previous selections and then starts the game. Am I missing something? There's no edit import appearance selection or something like that edit: figured it out by just playing about 5-10 minutes into the story, i just didnt want to progress too far into the story if i was doing it the wrong way!
  9. Regarding the another ones bites the dust trophy (sry to Necro thread), I can't seem to find the third stash. That being said I didn't bother to pick up everything from previous containers because one had a compass and I'm going for never use the compass trophy. I might have chucked that container into the deep blue sea so I don't accidentally pick up the compass. Is it confirmed you need every item or just to loot some items from these containers?
  10. Hello everyone, thinking of starting this game soon with the free psplus version we got a while back but was wondering if it's worth picking up the deluxe edition? It's on sale for 10 bucks and was wondering if it'll make things easier or even necessary? Cheers
  11. no idea what this game is about but cats + trophies = win always
  12. yes
  13. Thanks for the replies everyone! Thanks for pointing this out, just noticed they made the individual packs unavailable and just grouped them together and made one individual dlc. Gets hard to keep track of lego DLC sometimes, cheers
  14. Hello everyone, just curious if anyone can confirm you get all DLC with purchase of the season pass? It seems that the shazam and aquaman packs are unavailable now and was just wondering if the season pass/deluxe version of the game bypasses the unavailability. Thanks
  15. i pretty much skipped majority of cut scenes as i think you have to be stoned to fully understand. Have no idea what the game was about to this day, but i enjoyed the gameplay a lot!