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  1. Cheers. Turning on the sense controllers after being in game seems to have fixed most of the issues though for how long /shrug. Thankfully no dead pixels or anything so i guess i can tolerate it for now. Horizon is the only vr game i have atm so I don’t know how it’s going to affect others if at all. I guess time will tell
  2. Hello everyone! Just recently bought the ps vr 2 and have been trying to get acquainted with actually playing a VR and all the controls. Let me first start off by saying the I’ve run into the common issue of the game not recognizing the right controller during calibration (which happens every time I start the game). Resetting the right controller while in game via the pin hole helps but temporarily as it has to be done again if I shut down the system. Other than that, I noticed that during climbing sections I’m able to reach over the shoulder to use the left pickaxe just fine but the right never works. I have to go into the inventory to select it and then start climbing. Lastly! The right index finger (virtually) tends to get stuck in the outward position regardless if my finger is resting on the button or not. The thumb and middle finger are recognized fine but not the index. Any actions requiring that button work fine when pressed but the touch sensitivity is almost non existent. Sorry long post but just wanted to find out if I’m missing something about these issues or should I return the hardware during the return period and try my luck with another. Thanks.
  3. Did you require a new playthrough when it didn’t let you read the diary the first time? I was just playing blindly and i came across the same thing.
  4. Definitely. It’s been a minute so I don’t remember the categories, but when i started i was under the impression id have to do most of the events to gain percentage to verse the bosses. I remember starting with street i believe it was, and there are a LOT of events under that category. It seems that the categories that have more events (like street) versus something like aerial will give you a much lower percentage towards the boss. So what i did was do all the categories that didn’t have too many, aerial stunts/races, hovercraft, etc. It built up much quicker than doing something like the street section.
  5. As title states, just curious if doing races/skills/photos earn different amount of percentages toward the bosses, as i feel i do at least 10 races before i get a measly 1% change
  6. Hello everyone, been stuck on this one for a while and was hoping someone had tips or something….or a way to reset so i can pick a different operative lol. The one i have is fine has an ak47 and a grenade launcher with the missile drone gadget, but these infinite waves of enemies are beating the crap out of me. I try to kill some and push up a bit but if its not the damn invisible shot gunners its just being overwhelmed in general. Playing this on resistance difficulty, stuck in this damn bunker edit: and of course after writing this i finally got out of the bunker through some dumb luck
  7. Yes just two modes as u mentioned but there are multiple levels within each mode
  8. Trophy is a bit confusing; the video guide in the forum says you just have to do two levels, whereas the trophy description says do ALL the local coop with 3 stars? that being said, I’ve 3 starred some of the levels solo and they don’t show that I’ve earned any stars on them whatsoever….so kinda confused how the game is exactly tracking what’s been done and what hasnt
  9. Wish I saw this earlier as I just ran into the movie night issue, doh. Does anyone know or have seen a thread on how to revert to pre patch on PS5 to get the trophy?
  10. To anyone who's platinumed this I wanted to ask a question regarding the b stages. I've been playing them from first level on 12th floor (currently at 4th or 5th) entirely in coop with a friend who has always hosted. So far we've earned the beat 10 and 20 b stage trophies. The thing is that my friends trophies have unlocked at exactly 10/20 while mine unlocked at 11/21 completed. I'm worried this will cause an issue when all levels are completed. Has anyone experienced this? Any fixes or perhaps won't be an issue at all? Clearly I'm jumping the gun as I haven't finished them all yet, I just don't want to go through all these levels just to be blocked out from earning the trophy lol.
  11. Anyone know what the requirements for own it all is? Just wondering if this bugged on me or not. I earned all the other trophies for owning/purchasing everything in career (gear/vehicles/liveries) so I don't know what else there is to buy? Do I need to purchase every upgrade for each vehicle? Any help appreciated Edit: nevermind just realized that yes I do have to buy everything. Not sure how I missed the trophy that says buy all upgrades.
  12. Anyone know anything about the online matches/state of this game? How many are required to start a match? Joined a random lobby and waited for someone to join but as you can imagine its pretty dead. Had one other join but a match never started, and the stats and race results the game lobby shows you of previous race are all 0’s and w’s (i.e. player name: wwwwwwwwww). Does the online still work?
  13. Agreed, coop was a hot mess and near unplayable. Main issue was constant disconnections, about every 5-15 minutes as it would vary. Second most common issue was just the game locking up typically when you accessed a vendor. All issues went away when playing solo though 🤷.
  14. I had finished every other comrade trophy and he still didn’t show up; tried to do it with no ingredients by letting ai die (super tedious and time consuming) but no luck, tried some specifically mentioned missions with no luck, continuously made a new low level avatar and spammed different missions, no luck. I decided screw it and used my normal avatar high lvl avatar, and just kept repeating the first mission. Ai had ingredients but I did not, Kenny eventually popped up spamming the first mission after an hour or so.