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  1. this, many many times, this. i can just picture these games in HD (future titles, not just remakes)
  2. glad to see a fourth coming out, but more glad itll be 2d. the first two were great, and while i didnt hate the 3rd i did feel it lost some of its charm (and any remote sense of difficulty). looking forward to it!
  3. I can agree on magika 2, havent played the others on the above list. Just to add a few, Little Nightmares (no plat but amazing), Pyre, Shadow of the Beast, and Chasm, are a few I can certainly recommend. To be fair I dont know if any of these are AAA or not, just not the most popular titles I suppose.
  4. i'll be that guy and say i'm not really sure why you need others to tell you what to play..... =), but for the sake of answering the OP id play them in order of estimated "time to plat" so you can finish the easy ones first. metro and primal are probably the shortest of what you listed there, id start with one of those.
  5. Sekiro 👆 . Nice
  6. cheers man, ive played jurassic world / lego city undercover as well, and i enjoyed the harry potter ones more, bugs and all. i guess the theme and all was a bit more interesting for me, plus magic is awesome. thanks for the heads up on the map i'll take a look into that. thanks its also shorter! i think, well at least the trophy list seems to revolve a lot more around actual missions than just random acts / collectibles
  7. i apologize to everyone, it only took me a week to notice i was posting in the ps3 section for the ps4 equivalent of this game, a week and two threads! greatness is my specialty. also to update the percentage issue status, it turns out buying the red bricks and not just unlocking is exactly what i needed to reach that 100%. so now that that is out of the way, i can proceed to the remaining years of this collection, yay
  8. anyone know if the deluxe edition has every dlc? it says season pass and names pretty much all dlc in the description except the ant-man dlc, so i wasn't too sure and was hoping to get some insight from those who have bought it or played the game w/ dlc.
  9. hah thanks, as i told my wife as she apologized it glitched out and i had to redo the game, i dont HAVE to redo it, its just the life i chose as a trophy hunter, lols. silver lining, at least its a relatively short lego game.....could be a lot worse
  10. yea the final city level was just running around as voldemort destroying stuff, and yes the 10 bonus levels as well. i realized on my way to work that i might have overlooked actually purchasing all the red bricks that i unlocked. I'm 100% certain i collected them all (even the ones with in game cheats used) since it says 20/20 and i couldnt find any red arrow indicator anywhere, but i dont believe i actually went and purchased them all on my second run since i wasnt as curious to check them out as i was on my first. im hoping this is the percentage thats missing. i was very careful everytime i earned a brick / character token / peril student to try and avoid any bugs, so i'll have to check later today and report back with an update then
  11. Yea when I pause it shows I have everything. All gold bricks so didn't miss anything, even bought voldemort which is what glitches last time. I have a save from a little while before but might be too late for it to make a difference. Do the tutorial levels count towards the percentage? There's 4 of them teaching you about level creation. Only other thing I can think of is that I used some red brick cheats early on for the detectors to speed up my second run, however I still collected those red bricks out in the world agai (as they don't disappear nor do they count the second time though) so I'm not sure, quite irritating
  12. not having much luck with this game at all, second playthrough after the first glitched at 99%, ive now done everything the guide says and that i can think of, but this second file is stuck at 98.3% . I've double checked that i bought all characters, i have all crests/ red and gold bricks / done all 10 bonus levels including voldemorts, all story missions and students in peril are all accounted for. am i missing something? any advice would help.....i dont want to do this damn game a third time. makes no sense at all
  13. Hello everyone! First time i'm posting here, though been on the website for a while. I'm down to find some people that might want to send occasional messages, and maybe be useful to each other for future boosting =). It's fun falling into clique's with routine people to play/talk with. You can check my profile out and see if play similar games if you'd like, though I play a variety of games, basically whatever might interest me. If I'm playing a game you needs help on I don't mind lending a hand (gamefly rentals so they tend to fly back soon as theyre done). PSN : Atom1cMoose - EST -5 - just add psnp buds in the message or something, I ignore blanks as spam friend requests has become a thing!
  14. i tried that unfortunately no luck, still blue screens no matter what i do. didnt want to resort to initializing the ps4. i decided to just start the game from scratch and hope it doesnt happen again, not sure what else to try that i havent already lol
  15. im watching the equivalent PS4 video on youtube regarding this, do you mean running the rebuild database function? i dont see anything about restoring a file system