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  1. since i started trophy hunting back with the initial release of the ps3, ive jumped several accounts over getting burned out periodically and just wanting a fresh start (silly i know). this would be my third "main" account with nearly 100 platinums on it, though this time around i actually managed to break that threshold. everytime i got burned out i would play MMOs on pc for months at a time and just forget the consoles altogether. id eventually get bored of the PC and come back to consoles, start fresh, say things will be different, with a new burning passion to get trophies, but down the line it would happen again and id stop hunting. the second time around i just started playing MP games for the heck of it not worrying about trophies and just messing around with friends/people. all i can say is for most of us im sure, trophy hunting is just a habit you cant shake and eventually draws you back in whether its in a few weeks, months, years. the time away each of us needs will differ, but the end result will be the same. from someone whos been burned out multiple times, and transitioned between PC and playstation multiple times i can relate where you're coming from. though i disagree with you trying to have games recommended for you as its the opposite of what you need to get the passion back. what i can recommend is just looking through the more recent popular games or maybe finding games with great ratings and trying those from genres you enjoy. theres nothing wrong with playing easy games, but dont fall into the trap of playing just for trophies as thats how the burn creeps in much quicker. I fell into that hole several times before and its not pleasant. you end up spending money on games youd usually not play, on games you probably wont enjoy, what a waste of time and money. thats how i managed to break the 100 plat threshold FINALLY after all my account refreshes (i think id be around 250-300 if i never changed). play what you like, as the others have suggested. its that simple. i generally play 2 or 3 games at once to swap between, one on the vita as i commute to work, a relatively fun/easy/short game on console, and a more involved longer plat on console as well, but all 3 would be games that i find entertaining.
  2. which one is VII? I only see ys origin / celceta / lacrimosa on the game list for this website, maybe its not actually numbered as VII? I feel like i need to play this before playing the upcoming game, for my own sake lol
  3. =) thats a good plan, but i suppose i meant specifically after you had finished a game. there are plenty of people that just like to keep it installed on the system. i feel overwhelmed if there are too many games on the XMB so i usually limit it to 3 or 4 games that i'm playing or will play next
  4. been rocking a 1tb sshd on my ps4 since i initially bought it and never once had storage issues. if you dont care for trophy screenshots i highly recommend turning that feature off as itll save you a ton of space for worthless loading screen trophy shots, and itll save you time as you dont need to go through all the folders deleting screenshots you dont want. that being said i also delete games (not save files) that i will no longer play, whats the point of having them on your that you MIGHT play it again in 3 years?
  5. for sure, well worth the price. so long as you dont mind somewhat outdated graphics. still a lot of fun to play lots of good picks on that list; i could of sworn i bought the bioshock bundle a while back on a different profile.......but its no longer in my library so i guess i'll just get it again
  6. hello everyone, it seems that the military vehicle: urga szturm 63a bugged out and i wasnt awarded the blueprint for this vehicle after completing the base. ive already finished the game and collected everything else as well sadly. my progress even states 100% completed for the game, and i havent been able to earn the winner takes all again trophy either, assuming because of the car glitch.....anyone know a workaround for this? would hate to have to do this game entirely a second time just for something so dumb. ive tried to re-oppress the base and see if it helps but it doesnt. edit1: tried to reopress the base several times no luck. so missing out on 2 trophies sadly as winner takes all or whatever its called didnt unlock (even though game stat pages says i have 100%), guessing because the rebel drop list isnt "complete" because of the military based locked vehicle. i'm using a save i have in the cloud from before i completed that base originally. its unfortunate as i have to do a bunch of the challenges/missions/collectibles again for the 100%, but i guess its better than starting from scratch......will update if this helps the bug sort itself out edit2: so loading an earlier save did in fact fix the issue and let me earn the trophies in the end. i recommend keeping an eye out for this base specific vehicles because i wasted a lot of time redoing challenges and collectibles for the 100%.
  7. i feel like the capcom games go on sale every other month 🤔
  8. never been a fan of the PES series as i always played always felt like a waterdowned version of a simple soccer (football) game so idk. After checking some gameplay of horizon turbo it doesnt really seem that entertaining but i guess it would appeal to those that like that type of arcade racing. another month to pass up on the free games and work on backlog i guess!
  9. regardless how many times its been suggested, i think its a great idea! even though i check forums for old games pertaining to unobtainables or really glitchy trophies (the crew). i just like colorful stuff anyway =)
  10. i might have to buy several copies if that ever happened.....for no reason at all
  11. It's easy to get carried away for most to just start playing games for the sake of earning trophies, earning another platinum particularly. I've fallen prey to this in the past with older accounts, and have since started over telling myself I'll only play games I either know i'll like (some are a given from certain developers) or after checking some gameplay on youtube, a game that I at least think i'd really enjoy playing. There's only one game on my list as of yet that i thought would be more interesting than it was. I don't earn plats for others to congratulate me for, or to show off to the community. For me it's all about just playing the games you love to the fullest. I don't find finishing the story once a done deal, and then moving on. In a case like the last of us, you'd be doing the game a huge injustice by just doing one playthrough. Platinums let you experience all of the best parts of a game (some you might have never found/tried/experienced), but unfortunately the worst as well (looking at you unwanted MP trophies).
  12. decided to just necro this thread instead of making a new one for same reason. im having a hard time getting this trophy and was hoping for some more insight. i played the first mission on veteran 6 or 7 times yesterday, never used the shop to resupply or something, got mostly headshots with a sniper, and yet my rank goes from a #5 to a #9. its reallllllllly boring doing the same mission over and over in just one day, i really dont want to do it like 15 times or something for this.... edit: ended up popping the trophy two days after going hard on the first mission, strange but thankfully
  13. it was pretty active when i last played it a few months back. enough to the point where you can actually grind some MP trophies by yourself using randoms
  14. only thing i have for my vita is a case; no joystick covers or grip placed over it. el naturelle. case i use: dont have many physical games but it holds enough. little storage pocket for a cable or somethin. i generally just have my headphones in there. the inside is felt lined and the exterior is pretty durable while being able to slightly compress towards the center (so its not a very tough rigid plastic).
  15. lego games work, i know trine and trine 2 support local coop not sure about the third its been a while, guns gore and cannoli (maybe 1 and 2)