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  1. Trophy doesn t pop for me and Mission doesn t appearvin the map
  2. can you help me i m flagged again

  3. hallo i was flagged for fifa09, i hidden trophy and i take 1 more trophy for arkham city but i am flagged to. can you  help me plz

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    2. DaivRules


      It's up to the Cheater Removers to deal with your situation. Did you hide both flagged games?

    3. Cloud-Strife__83


      i have just one game flagged fifa09 and i hide it

      can i talk with somene undestead my situation? it s a bug of website becouse i hide a flagged game and i take one more trophy and i m flagged again .

    4. DaivRules


      You can Private Message any of the Cheater Removers:

  4. hallo i hidden my fifa09 platinum pls can you unflagged me

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    2. Cloud-Strife__83


      i hide the flagged game and i take a new trophy but accuont is flagged again

    3. Cloud-Strife__83


      plc can you unflagged me?

    4. MMDE
  5. i got platinum now in 430 h
  6. i need help with vaal hazak giant. i do that 300 times. if someone farm it pls add me to try: Blackout1283