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  1. Ty and sorry, sometimes the loading time of psvita fucked up 🤣
  2. Ok i will try I did it, can I get back to the leaderboard
  3. I swear to God that I didn't used no savewizard, it only was the loading of the psvita, I did the game 3 time. BTW I hided on the ps4 and psvita, but the site is showing the game, you can't hide admin for me?
  4. mobpsy101-0 Energy Cycle Sorry, can i hide the game?
  5. Sorry my gtm changed yesterday, is gtm+1 🙄
  6. My timezone here is cet gmt+0, but if i was finish to plat a game, that i started on march it count for the challange or it doesn't count?
  7. I did it, need only border for platinum, ty for the help
  8. I have over 150 card premium, but still the trophy doesn't pop, but you know if need shiny or normal?
  9. Someone know if the trophy for premium cards pop only when transform a card with dust?
  10. I have the platinum of yomawari midnight shadow