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  1. Hopefully Chiefs don’t get hit with the curse! http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001027907/article/chiefs-qb-patrick-mahomes-on-cover-of-madden-20
  2. All you guys going for rounds 4/5 are crazy! I don't even think I'll finish round 1! Anyway, here's my newest additions. Declaring RPG as my favorite genre for future challenges. 1. Get a trophy from a game that starts with the 'A' Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Employee of the Month 24. Get a trophy which has the word 'hero' in the trophy name Assassin's Creed III Heroes are Born 29. Get a trophy that's awarded for finishing a game Sparkle 2 Quest Complete 33. Get a trophy from a game that is part of a series that has at least 4 different games Sonic Mania Boat Enthusiast 34. Get a trophy from a game in your favorite genre (RPG) Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning It Didn't Explode! Total: 25/40
  3. My plan is to get a Switch by my birthday (October 23). Money's kind of tight, so that's why I'm giving myself so long. PS4 will still be my main gaming console, though.
  4. Added a new game to the list. Plan on starting it later today. Dragon Quest Builders- March 9 Meow Motors-0-100% April 2 All-Star Fruit Racing-67% Marvel's Spider-Man-16% LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars (NEW) Dragon Sinker Dungeons II Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom My plan is to platinum it on May 4. Yes, it's cheesy. Shut up! Last year, did Super Star Wars for May 4.
  5. If I said never, I'd be a liar. Usually not, though.
  6. Am I the only one who thinks a Persona 5 musou sounds hilarious?
  7. Well, in fairness, probably had to get the OK from Sony to do so, but who knows?
  8. So much salt here. You all need to ease up...salt’s bad for your blood pressure. 😋
  9. I had a feeling this might be the case when GameStop announced they'd be the first game in the 48 hour promo. Still, at least the people who get it there have nothing to lose.
  10. Looks mostly straightforward from what I can tell.
  11. Sly posted elsewhere a few days ago he'll keep it off until the update is complete.
  12. People who did so will likely end up reported, but it'll take time to zap them all.
  13. Yeah. When KH3 didn't get a worldwide release, the leaks bothered Square Enix so much that they said they will be doing worldwide releases in the future. Fair enough.
  14. One thing, though...why no worldwide release? Seems kind of silly these days.
  15. This event is just for fun. Not like I'll bar you from future events or anything for not finishing. I mean, I'm probably not gonna finish.