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    2. MidnightDragon


      You must not have read when I said I was putting it on hold for now.

    3. Froopy the Cowbear

      Froopy the Cowbear

      🎵 whooooa, here she comes...🎵

    4. XchocomanX


      Missed the memo. Pls don't hit me >_<

  2. Added you yesterday. Sorry.
  3. The code was kept together by bubble gum and duct tape on PS3/360. Doubt it’d work here. Still, I wouldn’t lie, I’d get it if it was real AND single player only.
  4. Looks like mostly the same list with a few new additions and all but one thing made bronze.
  5. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll make sure to delete the patch if it’s not fixed when I go for it.
  6. Just a heads up: from June 6-10, I will be unavailable. So if there are any signups during that time, I will add them on June 11.
  7. You may just have to simulate it.
  8. I don’t like the subtitle. Re-Reckoning just sounds stupid. What about Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Remastered?
  9. Added. Thanks for reminding me.
  10. $110 in the US if you’re curious. Looks neat, but I’ll pass.
  11. Considering getting Black Desert soon. Is it worth my money/time? Saw it’s part of the Days of Play sale.


    1. Froopy the Cowbear

      Froopy the Cowbear

      It's kinda a long grind and online based.  If you like the gameplay style, it's worth it, I suppose.

  12. Need to finish it on PS3, but might get it on PS4 as well.
  13. They said an issue arose with saves when testing the patch, so they have to work on it a bit more. Hopefully we'll still get it this week or early next week at the latest.
  14. Planning on starting this weekend. An update is planned for Maneater in the next few days and I want to give it a bit more time before I start. Also anxiously waiting for the Ghost of Tsushima list. May play some Dragon Age in the meantime since I'm a little sick of Bomberman right now.
  15. So fucking hot.