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  1. I know none of the DLC have trophies, but...is the Trunks DLC part of the season pass?
  2. Happy Friday, PSNP! I’m going to be busy today and tomorrow, so likely no gaming until Sunday. How about the rest of you? 

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    2. Yuna4353


      working on FF12, among other things. will be starting psychonauts because a discord group I'm in does a book club and it got picked, luckily in time for the sequel to come out later in the month. have a good weekend everyone 

    3. Asuka Takemi

      Asuka Takemi

      XIV!! Me and my waifu are making progress in Eureka for the elemental armour, we cleared the first area yesterday, on to Eureka Pagos! 

    4. MaximumOverdrive


      Watch season 4 of Castlevania on Netflix.

  3. No surprise. Both 3 and 4 had the same problem.
  4. The fact we can see PS5 trophies will be nice.
  5. Good luck in your new name and sorry that happened.
  6. Well, the next event is from September 1 to February 28, but decided that making the minimum 10 may be a bit much, but will revisit it next year.
  7. The Sexy Brutale
  8. There's still time for polish. They said early 2022 and it's July 2021.
  9. I did think of jacking up the minimum to 10 since the even it super sized, but if you had five super long games, it would still work, so keeping it as is, though I am raising the maximum a bit. This may be the first time I finish my list. I may or may not use my other swap, though.
  10. This damn heat is killing my motivation to do anything. Yes, I'm inside in a well air conditioned room, but you still feel it. I've been staring at my PS3 XMB for at least 20 minutes now. 

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    2. thepeaguy83


      I'm grateful that it's raining in my country right now.

    3. AJ_Radio


      We had a heat wave a month ago. Got to 115 degrees Fahrenheit. Now we're expected to reach 95 - 100 degrees tomorrow on Friday.


      It fucking sucks. Those consoles suffer from the hot weather, believe me.

    4. AK-1138


      You know it's bad when even a dragon can't stand it 😶

  11. Didn't realize it was coming to PS4 as well. Nice! Looks SO cute!
  12. Well, hopefully if they decide to take mine, they do so after I’m done with it.
  13. Super Bomberman R took 2 years and 11 months
  14. The Last of Us Remastered 'cause there's no other option.
  15. Seeing I got my white whale...