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  1. Can't believe this is actually a thing. Most look easy enough. Like the plat name, though.
  2. Link?
  3. I've made one more game purchase today. Now my game buying will be frozen for at least the next three months aside from what I've previously preordered. At least that's my plan. Of course, we'll see how well that goes. xD

    1. Elvick_


      I want Tales of Vesperia and Onimusha but I already spent waaaaaay too much this month. :( 

    2. Lorajet


      Until the next flash sale.....:giggle:

    3. MidnightDragon


      @Elvick_ Funny, those two were among my last purchases.


      @Lorajet Oh, ye of so little faith. xD Since the holiday sale just ended and it was massive, doubt we'll have one this month...but could be wrong.

  4. Online, have two: Midnight-Black Chestnut male Boxer-Arabian male (bonus points if you know where the name came from) Offline: Haven't done it yet
  5. You can use gold if you have enough. Remember 1 bar=$25.
  6. That happens if you earn a trophy before logging onto PSN for the first time. After you log into PSN at least once, your console(s) keep track of times on an internal timer, so say you need to earn a trophy at noon. You can set your clock to noon and earn the trophy, but the timestamp will show the actual time you got it.
  7. I know this has been the case for the Tales games on PS4 so far, but are recordings/screenshots blocked and, if so, is there anywhere they aren't?
  8. And it never showed up as far as you know?
  9. Wasn't implying you were stupid. Some people would do that!
  10. Well, still possible that's what it is. Database stuff can be a pain in the ass. I'm sure he hasn't forgotten. Just busy.
  11. They could, but they wouldn't.
  12. So many games, so many trophies, so little time...and not real sure where to start.

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    2. ee28max


      Same problem too! 😅

      I bought some new games from their respective sales on each their own region (US Holiday Sale & UK January Sale). Don't know what to start with, don't what plans for the upcoming milestones are. 

    3. Spaz


      My first suggestion is to stop buying from Playstation Flash Sales. They're a great way to significantly increase your backlog.


      Pick one of the games you sent me a picture of. I would start with Dragon Quest Builders since that game looks interesting.

    4. AlchemistWer


      Sometimes is simply impossible not buy games in flash sales when the price drop even until 80% off! 😥

  13. I have to say no to that for obvious reasons. Would like the Rams to win the NFC. Brady doesn't like playing at Arrowhead. A friend of mine was at the game and he said it was crazy even for Arrowhead. Bet it'll only be crazier Sunday. Took a while for the Saints to wake up, but they did, so 4/4 this weekend. Also, am I the only one who felt bad for Philip Rivers?
  14. My understanding is he's also doing stuff to get ready for the name changes. @BlindMango asked Sly about it about a week and a half ago and he said it's still gonna happen.
  15. Slim PS4. Days of Play 2018 edition.
  16. LMAO! Maybe that’s why he did it?
  17. Got my guesses correct so far...and my dad owes me $100 now since he thought the Cowboys would win.
  18. What seemed impossible now seems possible. If the Chiefs even make it to the Super Bowl, KC will go nuts. If they win...wow...
  19. Go Chiefs!!! ❤️💛

    1. kidson2004


      By far the superior team today. Rematch with either Chargers or Pats will be a good one. 

    2. MidnightDragon


      And they have to go through Arrowhead. Chiefs there aren’t completely unstoppable, but pretty close! 

    3. Beyondthegrave07


      As a Colt's fan. That was tough to watch, but I'd rather see them in the Superbowl than the Pats (sorry pats fans). It's not that I'm a Pats hater, I just like to see teams who haven't won it in a while win instead of the same teams if the colts are out. As to chargers or chiefs, take your pick. Couldn't care less between the two.

  20. Best Buy dropped the ball. Luckily, Target had it.
  21. Best Buy messed up again. I preordered Tales of Vesperia for pickup today, but the part saying I could pick it up today disappeared last night. They sent me an e-mail this morning saying it’d be late. Don’t say release day pickup if you don’t mean it! :( However, Target had it available, so canceled my Best Buy order and picked it up there, so happy ending. :) 


    That being said, this isn’t the first time this has happened. No more preordering at Best Buy and I won’t buy from them again once my Gamers Club Unlocked expires June 1.

  22. As @DoctorBaofu mentioned in the trophy thoughts thread, Recipe Collector and Ingredient Collector haven't been earned yet. Are they glitched or has it simply not been done yet?
  23. Same one where Kanye West is actually God.