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  1. Looks like a decent amount of things to do. Some of it looks grindy, but long plats aren't bad.
  2. Mission 100%: Spring 2019 Backlog Challenge Special thanks to @damon8r351 @colinmazzini and @ShadowStar83x for their parts in hosting the challenge! Changes to the rules are in bold red. If you're like me, you've got an insanely large backlog and have no good reason you keep putting it off and watching it grow. Why not do something about it? Like previous backlog challenges, this event is a challenge to the community to select between 5 and 25 games from your backlog and complete them to 100% starting 00:01 AM EST March 1 and ending at 23:59 US EST on May 31. If you complete the maximum of 20 before the end of the challenge, you can add up to 5 more games for a total of 25. Now, here are the details and rules. Event Philosophy: This is a firm commitment to complete the games you say you will within the time limit, so choose games you know you can finish, and select a manageable number. The minimum for the event is 5 games, and the maximum is 25. If you finish 20 games, you can add up to five more. Otherwise, you're limited to 20. You can change your games as much as you want until 23:59 EST on February 28. After the event begins, you can make a one-time swap of one game as long as you haven't worked on it during the challenge. I will check if you change it to make sure you follow the rules. If you want to add more games to your list or want to continue after finishing your list, you can add games to your list up to a maximum of 15. The object is not to just earn the platinum as applicable, but to reach 100% trophy completion for it. DLC is included and you will have to complete any new DLC that's released during the challenge. If you don't like DLC, don't put a game with it on your list. Eligible Games: Any game with trophies are eligible for the event, with a few exceptions. One game can have a completion percentage of up to 30%, but the rest must be 25% or under. Unplayed games and 0% games are fine as long as they're part of your backlog. Standalone DLC (like Uncharted: The Lost Legacy) is acceptable as long as it's not part of another trophy list. If it is (Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare for example), you have to also complete the other trophies. You can also do a game where 100% is unobtainable if you feel strongly about it, but you must complete all obtainable trophies. Individual episodes of a game that has separate trophy lists, such as in early Telltale games or Broken Sword on the Vita, count as a single game; therefore, Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse counts as 1 game, not 5. For this event, you may complete a game you have previously done for a different platform or region before the start of this event, but you may not do the same game multiple times during this event. Cross-saving a game for an easy completion will also be ineligible. Eligible Participants: Anyone is eligible to participate, provided you are serious about completing the games you say will. However, if you have flagged games on your PSNProfile, you are banned from participating unless you hide the games, get unflagged, or use a different profile. No cheating! Participation list
  3. Dragon Quest Builders- March 9 Marvel's Spider-Man-6=>10% All-Star Fruit Racing-59% Assassin's Creed II Dragon Sinker Dungeons II Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom Did some more unlockables in Spider-Man. This game's gonna be hard to put on hold, but I will.
  4. Marvel's Spider-Man Overdrive Complete 10 Vehicle Takedowns
  5. According to what I've heard, Japan is pretty harsh when it comes to drug related crimes.
  6. My guess is they'll have it on their Twitch channel, too.
  7. What the hell is going on today? Not getting a package I've been anticipating due to an error by the USPS, the PSNP chat is broken, and everything I do seems to trigger my cat's murder button! :(



      Itll be ok, itll be ok..



    2. DrakeHellsing


      I've had an error once with a package.  I remember I had bought something (over here it's just the couriers, they're not called UPS) and the error was the wrong courier, as in, it had handed it off to the wrong courier, so it had to go back to the depot and get fixed, taking I believe, an extra day to get said package.

      It happened a while ago though, and only the one time x.x

    3. Midnightwards666


      Sounds like you're having one of those days. 

  8. Time for another update. Dragon Quest Builders- March 9 All-Star Fruit Racing-58=>59% Marvel's Spider-Man-0=>6% Assassin's Creed II Dragon Sinker Dungeons II Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom I took a little break to do some cleaning up on my list. Also finally started Spidey and love it so far. However, it's part of KYC, so I won't play it again until at least the end of March. I plan to start AC2 either Saturday or Sunday.
  9. Marvel's Spider-Man Trophies earned: 7/74 Time played: Roughly 6-7 hours Current completion: 77.76% (-0.37 , -2.58 total) Right out of the gate, I will admit I didn't start this game until pretty much the last minute because of real life issues. So I didn't get to spend quite as much time with it as I'd hoped. Which is a shame because I'm really enjoying the game. Haven't done much as far as the story goes yet, but still having fun web slinging, getting collectibles, and seeing the sights. Love the detail of the city. That being said, some of the controls take a little getting used to. I know Peter/Spidey being sarcastic is part of his character, but sometimes I found it a little annoying. Looking forward to playing more of this once this event has been completed. I also have the DLC, so will dive into that as well. Next (and final) game: Assassin's Creed II
  10. Marvel's Spider-Man King of Swing Complete a level 1 Traversal Benchmark
  11. Try rebuilding your database. That usually helps hiccups like that.
  12. It changed. And that plat would be good for someone retiring from trophies. Might make that mine when I give it up...but doubt that’ll be anytime soon.
  13. A decent amount of trophies with no achievers. Probably glitched.
  14. Most likely. It usually doesn’t take long.
  15. This site pulls trophy data from PSN.
  16. It's possible the first list is for a different region. If so, your trophies won't show until they add it for Europe.
  17. OK, I get my day started two hours early...yet somehow I finished everything I wanted to do an hour later than planned. How the hell does that work?! xD

    1. Terra


      Interesting. I can only guess that you managed to finish what you had to so fast you didn't even realize it! Hey, more free time now!

  18. I’d be lying if I said it never does, but usually not.
  19. Nice. Hoping PS4 ends up getting it, too.
  20. Can't the same be said about Rodgers? This season's gonna be interesting.
  21. Maybe Asian?
  22. I occasionally have trouble starting a new game. Once I boot it up, usually isn’t a problem anymore. Not sure why. No need to be.