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  1. Mission 100%: Summer 2020 Backlog Challenge Special thanks to @damon8r351 @colinmazzini and @ShadowStar83x for their parts in hosting the challenge! If you're like me, you've got an insanely large backlog and have no good reason you keep putting it off and watching it grow. Why not do something about it? Like previous backlog challenges, this event is a challenge to the community to select between 5 and 25 games from your backlog and complete them to 100% starting 00:01 AM EST June 1 and ending at 23:59 US EST on August 31. If you complete the maximum of 25 before the end of the challenge, you can add up to 10 more games for a total of 35. Now, here are the details and rules. Event Philosophy: This is a firm commitment to complete the games you say you will within the time limit, so choose games you know you can finish, and select a manageable number. The minimum for the event is 5 games, and the maximum is 25. If you finish 25 games, you can add up to five more. You can change your games as much as you want until 23:59 EST on May 31st. After the event begins, you can make up to two swaps. If you think there's a good reason to drop a game entirely without swapping (like your console broke or the game got damaged beyond repair), message me. If you want to add more games to your list or want to continue after finishing your list, you can add games to your list up to the maximum. The object is not to just earn the platinum as applicable, but to reach 100% trophy completion for it. DLC is included and you will have to complete any new DLC that's released during the challenge. If you don't like DLC, don't put a game with it on your list. Eligible Games: Any game with trophies are eligible for the event, with a few exceptions. One game can have a completion percentage of up to 30%, but the rest must be 25% or under. Unreleased games are fine as long as they're released and you buy them within the challenge's timeframe. If it gets delayed outside the challenge window, you can swap it and it not count against the two swaps. Standalone DLC (like Uncharted: The Lost Legacy) is acceptable as long as it's not part of another trophy list. If it is (Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare for example), you have to also complete the other trophies. You can also do a game where 100% is unobtainable if you feel strongly about it, but you must complete all obtainable trophies. Individual episodes of a game that has separate trophy lists, such as in early Telltale games or Broken Sword on the Vita, count as a single game; therefore, Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse counts as 1 game, not 5. For this event, you may complete a game you have previously done for a different platform or region before the start of this event, but you may not do the same game multiple times during this event. Cross-saving a game for an easy completion will also be ineligible. Eligible Participants: Anyone is eligible to participate, provided you are serious about completing the games you say will. However, if you have flagged games on your PSNProfile, you are banned from participating unless you hide the games, get unflagged, or use a different profile. No cheating! Also, if you change your PSN ID, please let me know so I can update you on the list. And if it's been a few days and I still haven't added you, either message me or @ me and I'll be sure to add you. Participation list
  2. Tourist Found all landmarks
  3. Update time Maneater-39=>54% Dungeons II Ghost of Tsushima Reel Fishing: Road Trip Adventure Oxenfree Shakedown Hawaii Swaps: 1/2 Getting close to the end of the story of Maneater (or what passes for story). I have all but two regions at 100%. I found all the landmarks in the game. None of the apex predators have given me much trouble until I faced Shamu's twin brother. Took a few tries to figure out the exact pattern and didn't help the fight was in a Sea World-like tank. I've fully upgraded my shark's chosen evolutions. Now just a few more things to do before I can put this game to bed.
  4. Probably just a misunderstanding. I'd get them both day 1 even if they were releasing on the same day.
  5. It's released two days before Cyberpunk. Not real sure how I got that idea. Should've done it October 23...that's my birthday. And then I could probably have it done before Cyberpunk in that case.
  6. So two days before Cyberpunk. I was mistaken. Not sure where I got that idea...
  7. Nope, was mentioned on the physical editions as well. Not 100% how it works.
  8. Just a note I saw from Ubi's site: if you get AC Valhalla for PS4, you get the PS5 version at no additional charge.
  9. Yea, first one was kinda shit. Second one I liked.
  10. Well, my guess is it won't be mandatory and you can fully play as a male or female if you wish to do so.
  11. CE for those who are interested
  12. Can November get here already?
  13. My thoughts on the Ubisoft showcase: Watch_Dogs Legion looks pretty cool. Like how you can play as anybody...including a killer grandma! Assassin's Creed Valhalla is looking good, too. Interesting choice to release it the same day as Cyberpunk. It could always change and I'm getting both games day 1 regardless. The rest I didn't really care about, though nice trailer for Far Cry 6. 

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    2. MidnightDragon


      Well, it wouldn't be the first time I bought a game and it sit on my shelf for a while. Far from it. xD 

    3. ResoluteRock


      I like how London looks in Watch_Dogs Legion. I’m just worried that the game will not have much outside of this “play as everyone” feature. It seems like that’s their main selling point and the strategy they’ve put the most effort behind. I personally like the idea of having a singular protagonist that you can root for and develop with. Playing as tons of NPCs instead sounds like it would be quite gimmicky, but I’ll hold off judgement until the game releases. I hope it does really well because I’ve enjoyed the concept of the Watch_Dogs games and I’d like to see more installments in the future.

    4. MidnightDragon


      And when I said same day, I meant same week. Still doesn't change my purchase plans.

  14. Same here. Will be hard to decide which one to do first, though.
  15. Looking good. I definitely want a killer grandma on my team.
  16. If you thought it was gonna go fine, you’re an idiot. Not sorry. Doesn’t help most in the White House are pretending it doesn’t exist and things are back to normal. Maybe if they all get it, that’d change their tune. My local school district is allowing distance learning. That’s a relief. My sister will do that for my niece. Was worried about that. I don’t go out for much besides work anymore. I don’t mind staying home, so all good. Think my cat prefers me being home.
  17. It sucks what a mockery of the series Natsume has made it. At least the real Harvest Moon is still getting released, even if not under this name. Bought some treats for my kitty.
  18. Ocean Terror Reached Mega Growth
  19. Update time Maneater-11=>39% Dungeons II Ghost of Tsushima Reel Fishing: Road Trip Adventure Oxenfree Shakedown Hawaii Swaps: 1/2 Made more progress into the story. The apex alligator wasn't as bad as I expected. The hammerhead was a bit annoying, but if you're upgrading your evolutions, shouldn't be too bad. Got to the mega shark form. I did have some weirdness that made me nervous, so reloaded from my backup. Luckily, I didn't lose too much. After I got back to where I was, I 100% all previous regions before calling it a night. Hoping to finish tomorrow or Monday. Been enjoying this game immensely. It's become more fun the longer I've played it.
  20. Any pets? What’s your favorite breakfast food? How are you surviving the pandemic?
  21. On Your Own Reached Adult Growth
  22. Update time Maneater-5=>11% Dungeons II Ghost of Tsushima Reel Fishing: Road Trip Adventure Oxenfree Shakedown Hawaii Swaps: 1/2 Well, I finally killed some of those damned alligators. I wonder how I'll do against the apex alligator. Not really looking forward to that. Gotten off to a slower start than I would've liked, but the plan is to do a bunch this weekend.I killed my first apex predator (wasn't too bad) and gotten some evolutions as well as my shark growing to adulthood. Having more fun the more I play.
  23. Can't believe it's already Friday again. Anyway, going to be working on Maneater this weekend. If I finish, probably will do Oxenfree next. Next Friday is Ghost of Tsushima! :yay: What are you all doing?

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    2. MidnightDragon


      @Masamune Oh, that's right. xD Sorry, sometimes my memory isn't much better than a goldfish's.

    3. DamagingRob


      @Masamune Lol. Well, at least I got a disc. And yeah, I have heard of GameStop's definition of "New..." 

    4. MaximumOverdrive


      Continue playing Call of Duty Black Ops. 

  24. The long delayed console version of RPG Maker MV finally has a new release date: September 8. Honestly was thinking it was going to get canned after all this time.
  25. Growing Up Reach Teen Growth