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  1. Thank for the reply. Did not think of a classification issue, seems unlikely, but certainly a possibly - not going to take time to check, as if this, can not do much about it anyway. Yeah normally anything I do get via the store is the euro release, so considering it seems it is on euro stores (I don't know which it may not be on, but do know it is on some), again odd not to be listed in Australia too. Might be a rights issue, publishers only paid for certain release areas (I believe this is a thing, would couple with no classification in the sense was never offered up for classification, so not here). Anyway, thanks.
  2. Game is separate maps, no 'on going' style gameplay, progress gained only gives more options as you play (play high tier maps, unlock higher tier trucks). As I understand it, only played co-op a few times, but no one answered you so doing my best, anyway, as i understand it all maps are playable in co-op, do note co-op saves are separate to single player saves, and do not crossover i.e. you can not start in single player, and than continue from that point in co-op. I do not know how trophy progress works for co-op, besides the co-op related trophies, which pop for whom ever does the requirements (not both/all players, only the person who does it). Hoe this helps even if late.
  3. Can not find this game on the Australian playstaion store, is this a case of the game is no longer available (delisted) or a case of it was never released in Australia? N.B. Would not be the first time an indie game was not released here, regardless of having a 'worldwide' release
  4. There is another slightly annoying issue with refueling from a trailer (might be the OP issue), for some reason the source of the fuel always defaults to the fuel trailer towing truck, and the fuel trailer is the receiver (maybe by design, maybe you can refuel from your truck to boost another to a fuel station?), you have to first make the trailer not the receiver, than you can make it the source, and so refuel from the fuel trailer - game not open atm, hope this makes sense.
  5. 80 - Move the tennis ball above the yellow drive motor thing (right side) sitting on the lower platform, drop it from just under the conveyor belt. With some adjusting you can get the ball to drop in such a way that it will first knock the right most green guy off, and than bounce in such a way as to knock the left most green guy off too. Move the dart gun so it points at the top guy on the right - at the lighter, move the balloon nearby (not sure it matters where it is, but this is what I did),attach to gun, bye bye green guy. Hope it is clear.
  6. Yeah I have the same problem with lvl 64. Won't complete, but the green guys are all off the screen completely. There is a youtuber making a how to series, but they have not reached lvl 64 yet, this is also the only info I came across about this game outside of trophy and achievement type sites (none have any info, this site has the most, and that is not much) - Dukes4369 on youtube - waiting to see what happens with them if nothing else.
  7. Thanks for the replies! * I didn't actually think of restricting the store to digital only and seeing what happens, I'll remember that next time. Troy
  8. Hi, Does anyone know if this game is digital only? I can not seem to locate a single physical version for sale anywhere, so I assume it is (digital only), but would rather check before buying a digital version. Thanks Troy
  9. Maybe try a ranked list? (yeah I know it says just 'a speedlist') The 5 and 10 trophies do stack, and this is how I got the trophy you are having trouble with. I also had to do more races than the 5 and 10 listed - around 15 is where it dropped (for the 10). Besides ranked, I don't have any other ideas. Wish you luck!
  10. Okay, no problem, congrats! Maybe this can help others, although seems the forum is inactive for the most part concerning this game. Troy
  11. Hi, Yeah it does seem they need to be winched together the whole way, and not become separate during the trip. I tried this a few times, before it worked, the final time it was winched together the whole way. It does seem you need to use the trucks with a short log bed, no trailers, so they both fit in the lumber mill square. Note, you don't have to meet the quota for the mill, just remain winched for the whole trip until the white square at the lumber mill. I did this on the island map, there is a log yard not far from the lumber mill near the starting garage - very quick trip, not much mud, however there is two rivers to cross (small) you can push with the back truck if get stuck (triangle). Load one truck, drive forward, (do on casual setting) but don't leave the 'loading square', park other truck behind first, load it. Change to first truck, winch both together (don't move before this), after that just drive the trip. Hope that helps. Troy