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  1. Hello, General feedback - Game is easy (I will add, as long as you know what to expect in sim type games), trophies came easily. No real grind for me (if you keep playing) apart from 'Print 250 parts' which may need some forcing (print extra parts when you have the resources) to make it pop earlier than it would naturally. Also, the different skill trees I popped by resetting skill points (has an in game fee) although may come naturally if you play to the end (game has no random 'infinite' re-spawning jobs, jobs will run out eventually, however Google tells me all achievements are possible in game without forcing). ' Repair reactor in Curiosity ' requires playing well into the end zone of the game. Troy
  2. Patch arrived (1.03), from patch notes "Fixed "Life Lesson", "Good Tip", "Rich Guy", "Racer Boy" trophies."
  3. I have randomly, seemingly out of nowhere received the "Good Tip" trophy - as I wasn't expecting it, I do not know if the money bonus on that order was different, I do know it was the 27ish money bonus order (vs 21ish for experience bonuses), so if there is a pattern/criteria I don't/didn't see it. Edit - This occurred before the patch dropped, but it no longer would seem to matter - Patch (based on tracking percents) seems to have fixed this one.
  4. Hi, 'Life Lesson' and 'Good Tip' are likely bugged (no tracking here or on PSN, plus the below) - also possibly 'Rich Guy' (see below - also no tracking at all). Yesterday I was looking into two trophies 'Life Lesson' and 'Good Tip' (the experience and money bonus with orders trophy) as I felt i was missing some requirement due to hitting up every order i could with these bonuses, yet not receiving any trophy for it, came across a Steam patch for the (Steam version) game which included the patch note "Fixed “Life lesson”, “Good tip”, “Rich guy” achievement'. I can not speak for the OP listed ' Racer Boy', not tried it myself - although it is also showing no tracking. Since they released a Stream patch (Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 Update 1.0.1) on the 11th (game came out for Steam on the 11th), hopefully one will follow shortly for consoles (assuming errors across all releases). Cheers
  5. Hi, Actually wanted to start a thread about this, but was burned out on the game at the time - spent literal hours trying to get this with zero results, gave up a few weeks/months ago, hoping for the devs to issue a patch (they know of the issues related to this and other trophies, although seems they have moved on - no patch yet. (Interestingly, while the devs know of the issue with this trophy, they have no known reliable work arounds, unlike with the growing trophy). First clarification question - 1/ Just these animals; 2 boars -- meaning the hogs, the ones that attack - 1 per island? 2 pigs -- meaning, the ones that run from you, don't attack - 2 per island? 2 crabs -- small or large? 2 snakes I also had - the other type of crab (so both types), seagulls and bats - in fact I wondered if the inclusion of them some how caused issues for the trophy - like it counts for the exact animals, yet extra somehow bug it out - this in spite of the fact people have claimed to have got it with all the animals together.. 2/ My game is set to non-hostile animals, because frankly I got annoyed with constantly hearing the shark music even while on land not near the shore! Also snakes, just plain annoying, they do not make the game more 'interesting'. Anyone know if this is an issue for the trophy? It was not for any of the other trophies I have already. 3/ Due to having raided most islands nearby, the respawn rate been unreliable, my animals - hogs/boars/giant craps/snakes, are all from 'new' custom islands, particularly the hog, as only one per island (even in custom, so respawn same island twice). Again, anyone know if this is an issue for the trophy? Again, custom islands have not been an issue for the other trophies earned after using them (started using after getting "Another one bites the dust"). 4/ If the small craps - in box or on deck? Thanks for any further clarity to nail this one for myself and others.
  6. See, that is just it, I don't quite feel it is a breach - at least it might be the breach mechanic causing it, but it does not act like a breach based on that i found for the PC game, as expected, the breach mechanic in game (PC) is that of patching leaks, I can find nothing anywhere, console or PC with regard to whole bases disappearing. I guess it is possible they changed the console/ps4 version but would need further feedback on if the same thing happens to others. Worth noting, if in the base when it 'disappears' the result is death for the player, and return to load/save screen. If outside, it just disappears, no explosion or other animation, beyond on screen red text 'base is destroyed'. My base is not near anything, certainly not the police robots, nor do I see any sign of an attack. My base is bigger, but only due to experimenting, also using the medium I believe, although added another, plus the small habitation (was hoping for a bed) module, and small transport module (was seeing if could just launch the vacuum to get trophy with out needing to build another (no) - this was the last thing added, and I wonder if it caused the issue, will see when brave enough to open older save and see how much do over is needed.
  7. As the tile states - happened to anyone else? For context (without any real spoiler) - up to radiation 3/6 (military, and bio). In my base, red text flashes on screen - "base is at risk of been destroyed" followed shortly after by "base been destroyed" - data screen says breach is at 40% something (don't recall) (which is odd as I just built the small transport module, and it was 50% something at that point - so bug/glitch?). Of course I just saved, so no help there, and the auto save is also just as I returned to my base - why do game companies continue to insist on 'one' save file in games, plain stupid, as there is not a game on the market that has not, or blatantly often, does corrupt and/or otherwise break saves. Questions - is this a bug? It does warn me, but does not indicate the issue, I see nothing outside in the time I get to look before my base vanishes. I tired deleting somethings, but seems to not help - also no time to do much. Is it story an I am missing something? Issue is game breaking, would need to restart, or at least back track a lot (losing all resources, which are for some, annoyingly hard to find and gather). My cloud saves are a few days old, so going with that - but afraid the issue will return, as seems really random as to why it happened at all. Edit to add - google search (breathedge base destroyed, breathedge base randomly destroyed, breathedge + either in game text warnings) for this issue yields zero results.
  8. What I did: 1/ I started game with intent to get this and the complete the game trophy in one game. 2/ I only have one save file, all trophies to date of this post were all on same save game (adding in case relevant). 3/ My home island is game generated, no custom islands were in my save game at time of getting trophy. There was custom islands in my save at time of game completion. 4/ Never picked up a compass, never picked up a box containing a compass (which means checking all boxes before picking up, and leaving any that were found to contain a compass. Stated another way - Compass was never in my personal inventory (hence never looked at one), nor never had any box containing a compass - never picked up such boxes, including never picked up via L2 pick up, 5/ Did not build the gyrocopter (before game completion trophy pop).
  9. *Yes, I am aware there is a "Who needs the sea?" post, but it is a little messy, (also feel there has been an update since the last post there), hoping for clearer easier guide here - however merge threads if must. I will below put what worked for me, at the time the trophy popped - if anyone had anything different had post as needed. -- EU version (I am in Australia), digital, version upto-date as of date of this post. -- I only have the one save file, everything I have trophy-wise to date of this post was done on the same save. (Edit to add this, maybe helpful to know did not switch saves to get this one) -- Home island is game generated, not custom, although my save does include custom islands. -- Plants: Pipi Quwawa Kuru Ajuga Potato Aloe Wavalavula Yucca Failed attempt: Firstly I tried this on my home island, with no result, I did not pant all at once, I planted Yucca very early on, later Potatos, Quwawa, Kuru and Ajuga. A little time after this (in game time enough for previous to be full grown) I planted remaining three plants in attempt to get trophy, with no result at all. This run of plants on the home Island were all planted in metal planters - considering there is some debate as to if this matters, and my next attempt was not in metal planters. Successful attempt: 1/ Collected one of each plant (multiple sources, had been collecting while exploring) from storage on home island - with note that the Potatos, Quwawa, and Kuru were all picked from planters (see failed attempt). 2/ Sailed to nearby island, island was custom, (actually used to get Potatos, Quwawa, and Kuru for home island planting). 3/ Built eight plank planters, in a 4 x 2 layout. 4/ Planted all plants one after the other, order was random, DID NOT water planters at all. 5/ Trophy almost immediately after last plant planted. Hope this helps.
  10. Single player and Co-op game saves are separate on Mudrunner, there is no transferring between the two as I mentioned - however - as I did not play much Co-op, I do not know (nor know if this is the meaning of your question) if progress in terms of of opening up maps and trucks to play via co-op transfers across to the same access for said trucks and maps if you start a single player game. Others may know.
  11. Thank for the reply. Did not think of a classification issue, seems unlikely, but certainly a possibly - not going to take time to check, as if this, can not do much about it anyway. Yeah normally anything I do get via the store is the euro release, so considering it seems it is on euro stores (I don't know which it may not be on, but do know it is on some), again odd not to be listed in Australia too. Might be a rights issue, publishers only paid for certain release areas (I believe this is a thing, would couple with no classification in the sense was never offered up for classification, so not here). Anyway, thanks.
  12. Game is separate maps, no 'on going' style gameplay, progress gained only gives more options as you play (play high tier maps, unlock higher tier trucks). As I understand it, only played co-op a few times, but no one answered you so doing my best, anyway, as i understand it all maps are playable in co-op, do note co-op saves are separate to single player saves, and do not crossover i.e. you can not start in single player, and than continue from that point in co-op. I do not know how trophy progress works for co-op, besides the co-op related trophies, which pop for whom ever does the requirements (not both/all players, only the person who does it). Hoe this helps even if late.
  13. Can not find this game on the Australian playstaion store, is this a case of the game is no longer available (delisted) or a case of it was never released in Australia? N.B. Would not be the first time an indie game was not released here, regardless of having a 'worldwide' release
  14. There is another slightly annoying issue with refueling from a trailer (might be the OP issue), for some reason the source of the fuel always defaults to the fuel trailer towing truck, and the fuel trailer is the receiver (maybe by design, maybe you can refuel from your truck to boost another to a fuel station?), you have to first make the trailer not the receiver, than you can make it the source, and so refuel from the fuel trailer - game not open atm, hope this makes sense.
  15. 80 - Move the tennis ball above the yellow drive motor thing (right side) sitting on the lower platform, drop it from just under the conveyor belt. With some adjusting you can get the ball to drop in such a way that it will first knock the right most green guy off, and than bounce in such a way as to knock the left most green guy off too. Move the dart gun so it points at the top guy on the right - at the lighter, move the balloon nearby (not sure it matters where it is, but this is what I did),attach to gun, bye bye green guy. Hope it is clear.