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  1. Ah, one can self remove himself? I was unaware Duly noted, mistakes were made but never repeated :D. Thanks man.
  2. "Can I do this?" scenarios and pretty much setting up an Atmosphere - Having everything co-response with the way it looks, sounds, and feels. A place can be beautiful and overwhelming but; setting up a scene is required. Having that soundtrack, the correct audio cues, living environments and a story behind the picture. List of the greatest details. Living Environments - When nature is reacting to your movements, people are walking around doing their tasks, and animals hunting for food. Soundtrack and Audio - Grass, Wind, Rocks, Walking, Swimming, and nature. Also brilliant soundtracks that links the theme of the game. An Environmental Story - enriching the player by showing that there's more than just directly telling. Examples of this is; facial expression, clean, dirty, damaged environments, and objects. Alongside subliminal messages.
  3. On this particular site, no. However, you can access PlayStations Trophies via the console. Once removed from the leaderboard's you cannot see or update your profile. oh, my apologies. I tried updating myself so I assumed that once off it's off.
  4. He has 6 or more flagged games, in which you can hide two flagged games to remain on leaderboards. Sadly, this means he will not be able to update his PSNProfile trophies. following message when trying to sync: "This user was requested to be removed and cannot be tracked"
  5. I know I couldn't. It's the prime reason why I haven't bought the game. Respect those who endured such harsh conditions. Also in theme of the topic, I hope they bring it across other countries... I wanna redeem my 100+ plats...
  6. Nice banner :)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Double-0-Zero


      :) Wlhelm's backstory was incredible, I had to use it :p.

    3. DEsIx_KaerO


      I just wish we would get Ex. Volume 2 faster, for more details  :)

      Recently ordered Vol5. + Ex Vol 1. Too bad that Ex Volume 1 wasn't released on  the same day as Vol 5.

    4. Double-0-Zero


      Yeah! Been wanting Ex. Volume 2 especially! Just waiting for the translated versions. They say around March, 2018 will be the estimated English release date. Looking forward to that, and the OVA.

  7. Don't joke about the wonderful Hannah Montana platinum :D. People struggled for that! Not so much the difficulty but the mentality of the game...
  8. Furi, it's difficult but I loved going for the platinum trophy. It's worth it, trust me.
  9. You have a really high completion rate, so by default... I would have to say Mass Effect. It's really easy and although the series is not for everyone but it's a pretty nice-looking platinum. it would also give reason to head back on the ol' PS3.
  10. 4,240, I have a lot of games I cannot be bothered playing...
  11. Souls Fan, pretty cool collection.
  12. The Wiki page, under the "hard_mode" section, stated that you keep all your character progress (e.g. items, level, vocations) but you start from the beginning. Can't confirm myself until I completed it. That's based on the PC/PS3/360 versions. Assuming nothing has changed regarding those sectors, Theoretically you should be able to on the PS4.