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  1. Seems servers are closing on 3rd of September, as described in the description
  2. Theres 6 games in total i see, DMC, Fifa 19, NFL 19, BF5, Sims 4 and Divinity. Sims for 8 bucks is tempting.
  3. Shows up as blank for me 🤔
  4. Pause at 1:00, take away the Dirt RALLY 2.0 text and replace it with Resident Evil 8. Those ppl are creepy...
  5. Same here, not sure if too late, but if you plan on finishing it, let me know please. I would love to join!
  6. 3A5H8KL2KN
  7. Mate, you are over lvl 60. And you make it sound like, meh, i just play and something dings in the background from time to time. Sounds pretty hardcore. Dent your logic
  8. Tervist, im 100% estonian aswell. Thanks for the kind words. Well it really depends what lvl driver you are. If you are a good driver you will also not get matched to good players. But that doesn't make it that there's no rammers. Ive seen rammers in A/A lobbys aswell. The game is mostly easy, but damn that lvl 50 trophy is timeconsuming as hell, it takes you around 2,3 mil xp to reach lvl 50. Its 400k xp from 49 to 50 alone. So its a few hundred hour grind.
  9. I just need the lvl 50 trophy now. So pretty close to the plat. As far as the difficulty goes, I'd say its definetly easier than GT5, those vettels and the Alfa challange were quite something. In GTS I golded most of the missions in 1-2 trys. The only challange here is Sport mode wins and poles, if you play racing games from time to time you will not have a problem. It's either you're skilled enough to be in the top 3 most of the time aka you play racing games fairly much OR you dont play them that much aka you are at the middle of the back most of the time. Sport mode is make or break. My tip is to get the best qualifying time and then go race.