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  1. You’re a star! Thank you so much for this!! I was literally looking for this info a few days ago, and it was nowhere online! Does anyone know the bronze & silver amounts for every sub-challenge? It’s sometimes helpful to know how far off you are from the higher bracket.
  2. Yes - I’ve seen a number of people saying that if you unlock gold without wearing two custom skins, you then need to get gold AND beat your score before it will unlock. Essentially, it’s actually that you need to post a Gold high score wearing both custom skins, not just any gold score.
  3. Tomorrow it releases Developer said on a reddit AMA the game should take 5-6 hours to finish, so even if it requires two playthroughs for every trophy, I can’t see it being more than 10 hours tops to platinum. I am surprised to see the trophy tiles are all just black and white! I was expecting them to be really colourful.
  4. The only scenario that makes sense here is that they delayed the game release because it wasn’t ready yet, but they had to have the discs go gold in order to release in time for Christmas, so they just sent the unfinished discs to print, and have finished the game via a mandatory download, rather than wait till the disc would be ready and miss all the sales from Christmas shopping. Shoddy. Absolutely no point buying a physical copy now.
  5. Steropes is from Greek mythology, I feel it’s going to be a new event type boss fight (like on Origins Trials of the Gods when you had Anubis etc).
  6. Technically there are 100% trophies at least - Spyro 1 trophy get every gem in Gnasty’s Loot is a completion trophy - you need 100% completion (all gems, all dragons freed, all dragon eggs taken from the thieves) in Spyro 1 to unlock the bonus level Gnasty’s Loot. Spyro 2 trophy unlock permanent superflame is also a completion trophy - you need 100% in every level to unlock it. It makes me suspect that the Spyro 3 beat the Sorceress trophy is actually the completion one and will unlock only in the Super Bonus Round in Spyro 3 where you beat the Sorceress in a second battle (which needs 100% completion with all gems & all dragon eggs to unlock).
  7. I love that they’re using concept art drawings as the tile images!! Gorgeous! Seem to be easy enough, a nice variety and a decent amount. I was sorely disappointed with the Crash Remaster trophy list, these are miles better.
  8. I really wish I had read this before I had already finished my infamous playthrough! You’re right I had completely forgotten all about the homeopathic items!
  9. I don’t personally consider 25-30+ hours to complete to be all that short for an action game! It’s not really fair to compare it to a huge hundred + hour RPG. Getting all the trophies doesn’t mean you’ve done everything in the game either; it looks like you could have hours of fun just with exploring and with the photo mode alone. If you think for the average player with a full time job and a family etc who can only game for maybe an hour each night, that’s over a month of play time leading nicely into the release of the first dlc. I’ve completed some tough and long games in my time (for example 1000 hours to complete Star Ocean 4 on 360!) but I actually find i enjoy games more that don’t have missables, or require me to play on super hard difficulties, or complete multiple playthroughs for the hell of it. I think it looks like a nice list.
  10. Oops just saw I was too late haha!
  11. I am struggling so much to complete Jacob’s final sacrifice the weak bunker time trial on infamous. I’ve tried so many times I feel like smashing my tv!!! Does anyone know if you can do the time trial bunkers in co-op to make it easier?
  12. Weird that they cut so many achievements from the Xbox list when doing the trophies. Only 31 trophies, but 57 achievements. It seems all the low and mid level progression ones have been removed (like sell 100/1000/2500/5000 plorts, discover X areas, etc).
  13. I’d be pleased because it would mean I could trade in my Pro against it and make it more affordable, because I wouldn’t need the Pro anymore if it was b/c. I still have an old 60gig PS3 under the tv for the PS2 b/c. I would like full back compatibility though, not the selective compatibility crap on the Xbox - most of my 360 games still aren’t back compat so I still have my 360 stuck under the tv too.
  14. Aahhhhhh I finally got a giant Teo! Realised it was big enough and what I’d been grinding days for and panicked and actually carted twice because I was so nervous! Managed it with just one faint left. All crowns now done! Just have a couple of trophies left for the platinum now - 100x MP missions, & send an SOS. Shouldn’t take too long.
  15. I get what you’re saying but I’m nt sure how it must work - I killed over 50 Kush and got no crowns using all kinds of investigations. Then I used a 50 mins 3 faints, one gold reward investigation. It had 3 tries. First try gave me a mini crown. Second try was average sized and I quit out. 3rd and final try was a giant crown. Basically the exact same investigation gave me both a mini crown and a giant crown.