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  1. As many already know, this game is going to get shut down in couple of months and I decided to make my experiment for this which works and which not. I have my main account and alt account which I used for testing and I am going to list my foundings based on which (might) count as for Party Animal trophy. As my alt account, I achieved Social Butterfly trophy by doing 10-15 matches Mode: Bots - Teams and around 15-20 matches in Arcade mode. I started counting matches after couple of Bots - Teams and Arcade mode matches so thats why my calculations arent so accurate. Trophy popped while I was doing Bots - Teams matches. Total matches were around 30 (Teams and Arcade combined) so it seems that not every match counts or somehow it is bugged. Also, almost every match was "Short loss" so atleast those matches counts.
  2. Are you playing with PS5 or PS4? I had zero issues with trophies on PS4. I only need character level trophies until platinum. EDIT: Also not being a zero poster which doesn't help in any way. I was reading Rocket Arena reddit and found this on front page
  3. Only saying on my point of view and nothing calculated but it feels that playing last squad standing to be fastest exp and going like a rambo can net you 200-300xp in one minute if you are lucky and get total mayhem beginning of the match.
  4. First win was more luck than skill, but easy tactic for win is to just stand somewhere alone and camp and wait until there isn't much room left and try to hoard strongest weapon and then spam those when there is only you and somebody else. But it really depends how lucky you are with other players. Sometimes there can be really easy opponents but then other times they can be really skilled.
  5. I won my second match ever on PS4 and I got the trophy so its not bugged anymore or then there are some other issues aswell. EDIT: To be more clear. I won my second match on Sunday 13.12. so it was after the December 10th patch.
  6. Yes, this is fixed. Won my second match in this mode and got the trophy.
  7. I did Dark Domination. Lots of monsters beginning of the song. Also fun to practice. I got plat trophy like 10 minutes ago doing this song.
  8. Its not hard game imo. I've already done all proud (hardest difficult) trophies and even were able to one shot full chain some of the proud songs while still had world tour going. Once you get touch with the rhythm its pretty easy game. I had around 35 full chain proud songs after I finished world tour mode. I did resets to try again to get full chain but not more than 5 time max.
  9. I can't say anything for sure which might caused that I didn't get the trophy at 1000 kills. Only thing I can guess is that new patches partially or totally resets your progress. This isn't confirmed for any reason, but its the only thing that I can think of that might cause me to farm almost 400 more kills. Although, one thing also kinda rings my bell is that I mostly played Solo-FPP but when I achieved 1000 kills on that mode, I changed to Duo-FPP because it had least amount of kills, can't be exact sure but when I hit 50 kills in Duo-FPP mode, I unlocked the trophy. This might be totally coincidence, but also worth of trying to like spread the kills in different squad modes (solo, duo, squad). For your question did I played same mode over and over, yes I did 90% of all my kills are from FPP mode. I played TPP when I was farming nade kills and after I got that I switched to FPP and on side of everything I played like 3 rounds that arcade Team Deathmatch mode for fun because I got bored on the normal mode. You can check more from my PUBG stats in here: https://pubglookup.com/players/psn/vsmol/lifetime Good luck with your trophy, it sucks but best feeling when you achieve it and you can delete the game out of your PS4 system. I enjoyed like 100 first kills in that game and after that it was just a total grind fest and full of boredom.
  10. I actually got it like 5 minutes ago and I have couple of ideas what might make this trophy "bugged" it can be that if you kill enemy over 100m (it says it middle of the screen) those doesn't count and/or you need to make every CBQ kills in same mode (FPP or TPP). I have total of 349 kills with CBQ weapons, 3 with Handguns, 18 with shotguns and rest with SMG, highest amount of kills I have is UMP45 with 216 kills.
  11. Unfortunately I have now 205 kills with UMP45, but I didn't get the trophy. So maybe you were lucky or something else glitched that you got it.
  12. For me CQB Master trophy is also bugging. Although I have 153 kills currently with my UMP45 so I will try to get 200 kills with this gun so we see if thats the case
  13. My tip with the trials are that instead of button smashing, try to time those button presses frame perfectly. Then when you have completed all of them with one or two characters, the rest becomes much easier, although, there are some characters like M. Bison which you need to learn to use those charge attacks, but as you just practice and practice, future trials becomes much easier. I've done Trial no. 1 with all characters and some on trials no. 2 and I spent like 10-20 minutes per character depending on combos and how frame perfect they need to be. I am not try harding to plat this game because it becomes kinda boring in the end so I just do 1 complete survival run and 1 full trial per game session and then spend time with other games. Doing like this, there becomes those missions available which gives you FM which helps to achieve this trophy easily.
  14. Both worked fine for me, not sure if I had to do one or two more kills more on those to unlock but at least really close on the mentioned requirement.
  15. Hi, I am doing this topic only to warn people that this game might ban you for no real reason. Today I got banned from PUBG for 14 days for teaming up. I would admit that if I really did teaming intentionally I would just wait my 14 day bans and deal with the situation and not wasting time to send them a ticket or even writing this forum post, but the thing here is that I haven't (for my own perspective) done anything what would count as a teaming up. Only thing I can say for sure what might count as a teaming is doing Cruising with the Enemy trophy which requires you to go vehicle with enemy player. When I did this trophy I played a solo match trying to find car ASAP and then drive around to find enemy players. When I found one, I just kept horning to try them to understand that I have no way to harm them, only want them to jump onto the car to me able to get the trophy. So when I finally found a game and random player to jump onto my car, the map situation was that the circle was close so we drove together in the same car inside the ring, left each other and run to different ways. This is the only thing what comes to my mind what could count as a "teaming up". Also for everyones note, this did happen yesterday and I got banned today. Today, when the ban happened I played just normally FPP - Solo, crossplay off just to gather my kills and I got banned in situation when I landed like 2-3 minutes ago in desert map, picked up a hand gun, Desert Eagle and reloaded and got banned. And I am not making this post to make me unbanned somehow, I did sent them a ticket which they just replied and automated text that they can't do anything about it. I am making this post because I want to show other players that they are in danger, even they haven't done anything wrong or then be really careful with the Cruising with the Enemy trophy. Also when people get banned in games, I am a little suspicious are they banned for no reason, but for me, I have really not a single reason to do such a stupid mistake to "team up" with randoms because it doesn't help me with anything in anyway while getting trophies in this game. Only where it might help is that I might get easier wins, but still I already have 10 wins and also wins comes naturally when gathering 1000 kills and getting kills alone is also really easy against bots, only time consuming. Once again, be careful with this game, its full of bugs.