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  1. First of all congratulations on your new born.I recently got back into gaming too after quiet a busy summer of work. For me I just started playing a game that Id enjoy. I didn't want to start any long rpgs so I just picked a 25 hour platinum game to keep me busy and get me back I to it. My only advice is pick a game genre that interests you and try have a blind play through, then go from there.
  2. Yeah I agree with the spamming easy platinums,in fact I would vote for not including games that can be completed in less than 5 hours.But yeah I can get behind the idea of skill points.Although I'm not sure how the points are calculated ,for example every gold trophy I get would be worth 90 points we'll say then I get the multiplier of what exactly? x1 for each skill point I have in that category ?
  3. I know what you mean ,but just the way this competition is run I don't think making the rules and point system favored towards harder games is the way to go.The hunting grounds event is a good example where hard games are better because its run over months which gives players time to finish harder games and actually get points,but this competition is based upon weekly duels.Even finishing a 25 hour game in a week is hard for people with other commitments like family and work.I'm not for all easy platinum either,but the current scoring system is fair and it keeps the competition applicable to more types of players you know?
  4. 6 points doesn't seem like much,but that's a 26/50 hour game behind you plus your'e edging close to another 6 points 😲
  5. #46 - Prey I finally managed to platinum prey.It was an interesting journey to say the least.I really didn't enjoy the game at the start.The trophy requirements such as no upgrades and all the collectibles that are there really spoiled the experience.I spent about 35 hours on the first playthrough slowly slugging my way through each area looking for a bunch of collectibles and the fact i couldn't upgrade my abilities just made the experience really dull.Eventually I completed the game and was dreading the second playthrough,but turns out that's when the game got fun. Being free to upgrade my abilities was a life saver.My weapons were stronger so combat wasn't as dreadful as it use to be.I also got to understand the game more,its when the whole concept of the game really clicked with me.Not often do I enjoy my second playthrough more so this is defiantly a first.I can see why so many people praised this game now.That being said I wouldn't recommend this to anyone who wants a platinum,its just not worth the hassle.Despite enjoying the game the second time round, don't think I'll bother with the Dlc on this one unless it goes on sale very very soon.
  6. Personally I'd be against adding double points.I just think its a cheap way to get more points for less work based on playing a game with a certain criteria.As you said you don't want to take freedom of choice from the players.However if you really need to add a double point system I suggest every player gets to choose one game each week that is worth double points,but honestly, sometimes the simplest rules are the best rules.Just a suggestion,do with it as you will.😉
  7. Prey marks my fourth platinum in this event.I'm happy I finally got some more points on the board.I'm not doing as well as I hoped but if I can catch up to @ZeroGeass1 I'll be happy 😅
  8. I'd like to join up as a participant.Looks like a fun event ,although it looks like it won't be ready to go for another while since you want to fill up 10+ teams.
  9. I've about 100 more trophies to go before I reach a 10% increase.After that its a question if I'll start a new game or not and get the other badge instead.
  10. Got my second platinum so far,Life is strange.I've gone up 4 percent since the competition started,hopefully tomorrow I'll clean up lots of prey trophies.I had such big plans for this summer, game wise,yet I've done barely anything ,such a shame 💔
  11. I wonder how long I can stay near the top (if I'm even near there) Better get off fallout 4 and back onto prey.
  12. @Caju_94 Am I blind or was I left out..? 😂 Congrats to the winners.
  13. First platinum of the event,Lara croft go .Nothing to exciting I know,hopefully going to finish up life is strange in the next few days and maybe platinum deus ex too
  14. Any reason why my 0% games won't show up on my psnprofiles account? They sync on my console but not on this site.Is there an option to hide 0% games automatically on my console I don't know about?  

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    2. ApriIis


      @Lagoon Aris Do you know where that option is? I can't seem to find it :P


    3. Lagoon Aris

      Lagoon Aris

      If you're on your PSN Profile on this site here where you can see all your games, there should be your avatar and nickname in the upper right corner. If you click on that you see a drop-down menu. One of the options is "Settings". And there under "General Settings" are multiple options you can check mark. One is called "hide games on profile with 0%". If this one has a check mark, all your 0% games are automatically hidden. If there is no check mark, your 0% games will be shown on your profile here if they're synced with the network. Might take a new trophy in any game to show any changes. Not sure about that :D

    4. ApriIis


      A brilliant ,thanks 

  15. Made some progress in Prey.It's going pretty slow because there's so many collectibles around the place,and the no upgrades playthrough isn't helping ether.This platinum might take awhile...