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  1. @Caju_94 Am I blind or was I left out..? 😂 Congrats to the winners.
  2. First platinum of the event,Lara croft go .Nothing to exciting I know,hopefully going to finish up life is strange in the next few days and maybe platinum deus ex too
  3. Any reason why my 0% games won't show up on my psnprofiles account? They sync on my console but not on this site.Is there an option to hide 0% games automatically on my console I don't know about?  

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    2. ApriIis


      @Lagoon Aris Do you know where that option is? I can't seem to find it :P


    3. Lagoon Aris

      Lagoon Aris

      If you're on your PSN Profile on this site here where you can see all your games, there should be your avatar and nickname in the upper right corner. If you click on that you see a drop-down menu. One of the options is "Settings". And there under "General Settings" are multiple options you can check mark. One is called "hide games on profile with 0%". If this one has a check mark, all your 0% games are automatically hidden. If there is no check mark, your 0% games will be shown on your profile here if they're synced with the network. Might take a new trophy in any game to show any changes. Not sure about that :D

    4. ApriIis


      A brilliant ,thanks 

  4. Made some progress in Prey.It's going pretty slow because there's so many collectibles around the place,and the no upgrades playthrough isn't helping ether.This platinum might take awhile...
  5. Anyone have any experience here with Prey? I'm playing through it at the moment and I'm using a guide for the missing people,however according to the guide the phantom enemies( when encountered for the first time )  are counting as a missing person for them but not for me.When I say phantom I mean the ones with no names.Was it part of the update not to include them anymore? 

    1. BlueDragonRR


      Only phantoms that have names count towards that trophy. Phantoms with no names are just generic enemies.

  6. @Mazi7ps I don't think you screwed yourself out of the platinum.You're definitely not screwed out of the platinum just for changing the difficulty ,unless you were on your hard playthrough and then reverted back to an easier difficulty
  7. If we add games can we just leave them on 0%? I want to try get on the fastest leaderboard for a few games once I'm back home but that won't happen until next week.I know the 0% games doesn't add to the completion counter,but I could easily calculate it myself and let you know what my true completion rate is when the 0% games are included. Depending if I'm allowed add 0% games my game will be Beyond Two Souls ,and if not I'll have to choose Prey.
  8. With exams finally over I can focus on getting up to 50 platinums. I have the next 7 planned out,included are Dragons dogma and Prey which will bag me 16 points total in the Hunting ground event.Also really want to get DMC on ps3 done and dusted...


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    2. ee28max


      Good luck on your 50th platinum :) 

    3. ApriIis


      @Boogieman Haven't decided which will be my 50th,might go with Dragon's dogma ,although I'll see once I get to 49.


    4. Edunstar84


      Good luck!

  9. You're saying the DLC was included in the psplus version? Are you sure ? I imagine the game of the year edition would have the dlc included,but the ps plus version was just the ordinary game.
  10. No it wasn't included. The psplus version was just the original game,you'll have to buy the dlc separately unfortunately if you want to play the dlc.
  11. If I wanted to play a game from a past console like the ps3, I'd be more inclined to push for backwards compatibly rather than pushing for a developer to re-release the same game for 40/50 euros as if they're doing me a favor.Anyway,since the games are on Psnow the physical copy sales of Gow1/2 would be so low it just wouldn't be worth the developers' time or money.
  12. Ah I see.Thanks for the clarification,and yeah two months without a new game might drive me crazy haha.
  13. @kingofbattle8174 Mind me asking why people who start new games are confined just to one tier ? I thought this was more of a competition based on increasing your overall completion rather than solely a backlog challenge.I must have missed the "do not start a new game " when I originally joined haha. It's not a deal breaker for me or anything,just curious to see why it was introduced.
  14. Just finished The Walking Dead season 3 last night.I liked the fact the game was short,with episodes generally lasting an hour each.It was nice, even through exams, I could still play a game to keep me from going completely crazy.😅

  15. I'd like to join,I probably won't go up 10% since I'm already at 86 but 5 seems doable.With exams coming to an end of the 14th of May the timing couldn't be more ideal.Looking forward to finishing some of my backlog off and getting my unearned trophies number down.