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  1. Nice win @odie8391! Well deserved, goodluck in the CWC.
  2. @Lucas sorry I couldn't make this fixture more comepetive, would have been a really interesting end to the season being the final fixture and all. The season ran longer than I had planned and I just don't have the energy to play games as much I'd like. Don't count me out just yet though, might surprise you in the final few moments!
  3. @Lucas Ah, 2-1 to you. 😂
  4. @ShogunCroCop I think I accidentally got points for a gold and platinum trophy in inksplosion, it says I got two platinums when it should say one. Could just the platinum total that's wrong though, definitely worth a second look!
  5. Oof, going to be a long few days.. goodluck to you too!
  6. Haha no thanks to you! Not even confident it was enough, either way well-played!
  7. Just finished up Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode Two thinking I was going to bag the trophy for beating the game on 1998 mode to find out I played through on 1999 mode instead 🤡 

    1. HarasserPL


      Damn, I didn't even know there's 1999 and 1998 lol. DLC is short though, so you should have too many problems.

    2. ApriIis


      Yeah I know right, I can't be the only one to have made that mistake 😂 

    3. Mori


      Happened to me on X360 .. I know how you feel. :D 

  8. @Lucas Balance has been restored, looks like we'll be meeting a lot sooner than originally planned 😅.
  9. @ShogunCroCop I'm not against it, I like the idea of adding some novelty in, definitely would prefer the tournament mid season if it does get incorporated in though. Also, am I right in saying that the tournament is its own thing and has no implication on the league standings itself?
  10. I was just about to say, looks like we'll have to meet in the CWC instead 😉.
  11. If there's room, I'd love to rejoin for season 30! Been MIA since season 26 but looking forward to playing games again while I have some time off
  12. I wasn't going to check this until later, but I didn't want you ruining another one of my mornings haha. Wow, luck must have really been on my side this round to hit you with all those issues, however, after a quick look it didn't seem to have slowed you down nearly as much as I would have liked 😂. I think the rarity bonus is going to make a huge difference when counting the scores. With both Bioshock 2 and GOW 3 mostly composed of common and uncommon trophies, luck might just be on your side after all. Good luck tomorrow @Lucas, if you have actually won you have certainly earned it. And regarding that future rematch, it definitely looks promising, however for the sake of my girlfriends and my own sanity, I hope its not too soon. 😄
  13. Not the name I was hoping to see this fixture, but I'm excited to see who comes out on top. Best of luck, I'm sure we're both going to have a busy four days 😂
  14. With 4 fixtures left to go, there's plenty of time for another upset in the Manganese league, I'm just hoping its going to be in my favour. 😉 Regardless, particularly looking forward to our rematch @Lucas and how you fair with the rest of the fixtures. As for @Wdjat Prinny Doods, I'm pretty sure we have one more bout left so there's still time for your shocking upset! 😂
  15. Good rematch @X18JELLO18X, ended up playing Thursday morning straight through to Friday night just to catch up. Really hope it was all worth it in the end now. Unfortunately we may have to wait an extra day or two to find out so @ShogunCroCop and his helpers have enough time to tally @Andrea9281 and @shadowhood1111 scores alone...😲