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  1. Same problem
  2. Just updated and synced from my ps4 and it's still not fixed it. The trophies i got on ps3 are showing up on my ps4 so it's syncing to psn fine.
  3. Let me check i've been playing ps3 for the last few days. Im on 6.70
  4. I checked mine too cause i thought id been hacked but trophies are public and my name hasn't been changed so i imagine its a site or trophy server issue.
  5. Just updated my profile and it says my profiles private.
  6. Todays update has fixed this for me, It popped after i leveled 2 new guns.
  7. Yeah im master 274 have zombies 100% and have all camos on all guns, If i have to reset il do it when the game inevitably dies.
  8. Hopefully i can't bring myself to reset i've done way too much.
  9. What about the bowie knife it's currently impossible to level and prestige if they patch that surely it would work.
  10. I have every weapon prestige 2 max level and the trophy won't pop.
  11. Looks like ubisoft forgot to update the unlock parameters to work with new Hereford hope they fix this before the Hereford playlist goes away.
  12. Any chance someone could translate all the commu challenges to english?