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  1. Thank for replies guys. I only made the final boss on max difficuly, and in Heroic in same time. My friends got a save. Nothing happen at the end. And for Wrath of the Machine, we backed to menu cause we had drop fps. Some guys join and leave after that, cause we was 4. So you propably right, this is because we back to menu.
  2. Hi guys, Yesterday i made the Wrath of the Machine from the verry beginning to the end. I didn't get the trophy for finish it in normal. Someone know what I could miss ? Or if there is something else I need to know ? Thank
  3. JP:
  4. Hey, The game is also stackable on JP Store (PS4). Is it possible to update it in the home game page's ? I'll check, but i think it's also for others game from the same developer.
  5. Hello guys, I'm done with all the trophies, i just finish the game in hard without chamber, everything was fine except master research trophies. But in the research tab everything is done. So i reloaded my save with the miss ennemie, did again my final research, but nothing. I restart the game, and doing the same, nothing happen. I also reloaded the save, don't kill the final ennemie resarch, and find another one later, made my research, and still nothing. So what can i do ? I don't want start a new game, and remake all research... Please tell me i can fix it by another way. Any help will be appreciate. Thank you (Sorry for my english)