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  1. Yakuza 3 Platinum Trophy Earn all other trophies in the game. 3.15% It was the most serious test of my patience and nerves
  2. Monopoly Streets. I've tried to find anyone online many times, but never found even one player.
  3. After 16th room you can't build any more rooms because MuiMui haven't opened them yet. I'm not sure but maybe you'll need buy some furnitures for open or just wait. I bought about 10-12 less expensive things.
  4. Just got the plat. For remains two trophies (15 and 30 rooms) you need to accumulate all items and money and then you have to buy them in a row without leaving. Seems like trophies still bugged but it works. Oh and if you want to leave the house without saving better do it via PS button. For some reason game still saves if you just press exit without saving.