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  1. My only 'Souls' experience before Sekiro was Bloodborne. Combat is completely different, the only real benefit of having played Soulsborne prior to Sekiro is the mental prep of knowing you're in for a total pasting most of the time. Once Sekiro clicked, I found it easier than Bloodborne. It will kick everybody's backside for the first few hours, but you get to a point which practically forces you to learn how to play the way it was intended, and once you pick it up it really takes the game to another level. Also makes you realise you can kick its backside in return. Regardless, it's a phenomenal game OP, just get it. You're missing out on a great one if you don't.
  2. Cheers pal. Mostly stat tracking that's screwed, or worse?
  3. Have the game and keen to start it, but have been holding off to see if the devs patch the bugginess I've read about. So... how buggy is the game currently?
  4. Seems a strange premise to this thread... OP has an issue with a developer releasing a game most people think is pretty poor, and then trying to improve it? I'm certainly very glad to see Bethesda try and rectify the game's state by releasing a fairly big free DLC. Can't for the life of me see why that would be a bad thing in anybody's mind (unless said DLC turns out to make the game worse!).
  5. I think this is a pretty good month. Uncharted 4 is a definite big hitter regardless of how many people have it, so giving it 'away for free' isn't a bad call at all really. A high number of people will have it, but plenty won't have picked it up yet too. On that note, would be interesting to know what % of PS Plus users do have it. Dirt 2 is a recent game from a fairly big series. Personally loved Dirt 2, 3 and Showdown but have missed the games since. Will be cool to give this a go.
  6. I havent viewed PTR in about a week, any nerfs in that time? Last time I checked she was still ridiculously OP. They always release heroes in too powerful a state, though I guess if they did the opposite nobody would want to pick them up.
  7. Echo looks so overpowered based on PTR gameplay... expect a nerf pretty quickly after release if they release the character with the current strength. Best get these two done asap.
  8. Thing is the difficulty depends entirely on the patch you're playing on. With Double Shield being so popular (and so many shields now playable in general), some of the multi-kill trophies are far harder than they used to be. The D.Va 4k for example... I can't remember the last time I saw one. 2+ years ago they used to be in practically every game, but tbh if you die to one now you've probably just forgotten where you are or don't know how to position properly. Let alone getting 4 with one! Even if you grav the whole team... no guarantee they all die to a bomb as it's very possible there's a Rein in there who can just block it. Or if not, there'll be characters who can block, or fade out of the grav. Many of the other multi-kill trophies suffer from the same problems. The playerbase is more intelligent and just used to the game than they were years ago... there are more characters and abilities than before meaning team wipes are more difficult to achieve with one ultimate... It's definitely one which has gotten more difficult with time. That said, a small number of the trophies are easier now than they used to be (minesweeper, 3 teleporters).
  9. Managed to complete the Shura ending last week and Sword Saint is definitely tougher than Isshin Ashina. Still took me a bunch of times to beat him, but his moveset was easy to counter having already learning 80% of it by beating Sword Saint. Phase 2 Isshin Ashina was a pain, but knowing how to avoid the unblockable attack made it easy.
  10. Got the plat in this one like a decade ago now! Man does that make me feel old. Anyway, I didn't recall it being a hard platinum either, but it was virtually impossible to do legitimately as far as I can remember. AWP was I think a total 0.000000001% chance to do legitimately as the chances of every individual race coming up was so minute. Me and a random guy boosted that trophy over 3 days or something I think. The only part that was more a case of it being 'difficult' than a grind was 'Fly The Co-op'. The story Speedrun wasn't a close call unless you were playing slow and mostly everything else was just a slog. I found achieving Level 10 online the 'hardest' of the lot, purely as it was way too high a threshold for a game with the online which GTA4 had. There simply was not enough to do to keep it fresh, but I did enjoy grinding out 10000 games of Hangman's Noose (no seriously, I did actually enjoy the 'camp in and grind'!). I'd argue it's a pretty similar platinum to GTAV, a long haul but no individual trophy is going to break the skill bank.
  11. Geniricho at the top of the castle for me. Like a lot of people say, this is maybe the real 'skill check' in the whole game... you play up until this point just doing your own thing, but you cannot fight Geniricho without playing properly. It really hits hard at this point that you have to fight tactically, learn movesets and learn how to properly deflect, manage posture etc. Prior to this you can get by with Soulsborne tactics, but this fight really takes Sekiro off on its' own path. What I love about this boss fight is you die a million times... but it never seemed unfair. Each time I failed it was due to a mistake I made... so I went back to readapt my tactics, find another wall to overcome.. etc etc. It's a great fight. Really is Sekiro at its best and makes the player discover the depth there is to the game.
  12. In a similar boat, although it took me much longer to 'get' SSIsshin. Two whole evenings of grinding this ******* but once it clicked, he's actually not too bad at all. Interested to see how the Shura ending bosses play out.
  13. Happy for Andy Reid, as he's the perennial loser when it comes to the Playoffs. Very happy for the Chiefs who've gone forever since last winning this thing. Very good game as well!
  14. Honestly haven't seen anything from them tonight which suggests they'll be a quick strike offence in the clutch, but well the season's on the line now! This is the possession that wins it for either team.
  15. They certainly did, but the plus side is they are 4 up rather than 3. Have to be a TD to lose it here. Plenty of time of course.