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  1. I really wish I hadn't switched off DM... I had a hard time getting into this, and figured making the start of the game easier would get me into it. Which it has, but after about 5-10 hours or so this game becomes a breeze. Playing on whatever the 2nd hardest difficulty is called, but wish I had persisted with Death March now. Still, may have given up if I hadn't switched, so maybe it was a good idea.
  2. Quoting myself as I've persisted and have to say it's a slow burner... loving the game currently. I don't think I'm quite getting why people rate it as highly as they do, but I am finding it a pretty good game. Gwent is addictive as heck and there are no/not many 'filler' missions... everything has some character investment. Great game, I'd recommend people persist with it. Do have to persist for a while but well worth it imo.
  3. Brilliant to see it's finally confirmed and appears like it might be using a soundtrack based on the original... big worry I have for this is that they aren't able to replicate Copeland's soundtrack for whatever reason, but if the soundtrack a mirror then this will be brilliant. More hyped for this than any new release!
  4. This would honestly be by far the most hyped I am for an upcoming game. I've re-bought the Spyro trilogy so many times and played through them countless times. Day 0 purchase!!! I'd really love to see a CTR/Crash Bash bundle at some point, but as far as I'm concerned a Spyro trilogy (alongside the Crash trilogy) is basically all I wanted in terms of PS1 remasters. Anything further is a bonus, but Spyro is great news!
  5. Yeah I agree. Great defence, good Head Coach, and big playmakers on either side of the ball. Gurley and Donald are two of the best in the league, so as long as they give Goff some good targets to throw to they'll do great. the fact they led the league in points this year is very promising.
  6. As a Bengals fan, I am just so done with the current regime. It's beyond ridiculous that we've extended Marv. I don't have the energy or words to go into why this franchise is so dysfunctional, but this decision here should be a pretty good indicator. As for the wildcards, I figured the Falcons would probably beat the Rams. LA's a young team, so it's not too surprising to see they baulked under the big lights. They'll be back. Fancy Atlanta to beat Philly and face the Vikings in the NFCCG. The Chiefs blew it yesterday, but really the AFC this weekend is just to see who loses to Pittsburgh and NE next weekend. I can't see any chance of the Titans/Bills/Jags beating either of those two.
  7. I agree with this, personally I want to play the game as it was intended as you'll get the most fun out of it that way. That said, sometimes it is a necessity and sometimes boosting can be fun too. It just depends how it's done. Sure if you're all engineering fake ways to get the trophies like you would if you were boosting Overwatch then I can't see the fun or the accomplishment, but I can remember running through the AWP trophy on GTA IV with the same guy... took a good few sessions, was a real long process to get it done, but he was a cool dude and it was enjoyable running through all the races etc, even though it was just one of us letting the other win. It was the only real feasible way to do it, but I did enjoy running through it as well.
  8. I'm much the same on this one. I was really excited to get into it after reading all the high praise, but I cant say it has sat well with me either. Granted I'm not very far in, so I will pledge to give it a go and find out if I can grow to like it. Like with anything, not everything is an instant hit. Some things are slow burners, and this applies to games as well. Once I can find the time after clearing out some of my backlog, i'll be giving this a really go. But I definitely feel the same vibe as you do OP.
  9. Can't love a backlog! Thought mine was bad, but yours makes me feel productive. Anyway, my recommendations: Assassin's Creed: Black Flag - Brilliant addition to the series. Must play if you like AC. - Assassin's Creed: Ezio Collection - Where it all began. AC 2 is phenomenal, the others are good too. - Batman: Arkham Knight - I really enjoyed this. - Borderlands 2 - So much to do, really fun to play through in co-op. - Crash Bandicoot Trilogy - Self Explanatory. - Destiny - Get's a lot of hate and I can understand why. But I've found it addictive and the raids are something special to run through. - Fallout 4 - Self Explanatory. - GTA V - Self Explanatory. - Gravity Rush - Really creative game, give this a go. - MGSV: The Phantom Pain - Strong game for the most part. Lengthy plat but a fun one, - Table Top Racing: World Tour - Really fun game. Quick one to knock off your backlog. - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Really enjoyed it myself, very polished game. So much depth and playability. - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Not far through this myself, but high ratings everywhere. - Uncharted: Drake's Fortune - Self Explanatory. - Uncharted 2: Among Thieves - Self Explanatory. - Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception - Self Explanatory. - Uncharted 4: A Thief's End - Self Explanatory. - Watch Dogs 2 - Really loved the atmosphere of this game. Gameplay is fine, but the ambience/soundtrack are killer.
  10. Have got 200 total games on my profile and 3862 unearned... quite a few! 49% completion. Never going to be a 100%er but wouldn't mind getting that above 50%.
  11. A modest list, but here's mine: LBP Vita - Feb Mirrors Edge Catalyst - Feb Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell - March Watch Dogs 2 - May Borderlands: Pre Sequel - May AC: Rogue - June Batman: Arkham Knight - August Uncharted 4 - October
  12. Looking through my list, I wouldn't say any of my plats are all that hard... just time consuming. Probably my best ones are: GTA IV - Very grindy... so many collectibles and the online was a total grind fest. Strangely enjoyed it though! GTA V - Much like above, just less grindy. The online you could do any number of things to pick up XP so it wasn't bad at all. LBP Vita - A few tricky bits, I think the tough part about this one was the motivation to hold down on my vita screen for a combined 24 hours. Destiny - Only due to Epic Raider, replayed Vault of Glass a ridiculous number of times... but really enjoyed the group I was trying it with. Ironically, we did it on one of our worst runs (had to kill 2 Gorgons and had a few lucky escapes with the Templar), with a guy who had never done the raid before. Rayman Legends (Vita) - Purely due to the Diamond trophy online and reaching level 10. Level 10 was a huge grind, managed to pick up a diamond cup legitimately as well after about 100 runs of trying to perfect my time. Guacamelee - I found a couple of the bosses a tough time, not super difficult though. Modern Warfare 2 - I'm not incredible at COD, so some of the Spec Ops stars were a challenge. Mirrors Edge - Actually didn't find this too difficult at all, but I think it's deemed difficult due to the Time Trials. To be honest I found it fairly straightforward.
  13. Nothing for me, still rocking the free one from last year!
  14. I'm the exact same. I don't buy games just for platinums or trophies, but I generally try to go for the platinum on the games I do get. Don't really get the time to get through my backlog, let alone go buying games for plats!
  15. Working on this myself and you have to finish the mission as well. Tried seeing if checkpoints would save the optional constraints, but not to be. Fortunately, once you're speedrunning them, the missions are all fairly quick.