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  1. Quoting myself here as this couldn't have been more wrong lol. Close game, felt like it never really took off. Tough, gritty defensive battles are always good, but I just felt like neither offence really ever got going. Rams cannot leave feeling happy with how they played. Never looked like doing a thing on offence. If anything 13-3 flattered them. Pats dominated the game.
  2. Absolutely, I don't hate the Pats as a Bengals fan (lol why would I, completely different spheres altogether) but I get why a lot of people do. But the Pats making the Superbowl pretty much guarantees it'll be a really good one. I think if I'm the Rams, I'm pretty happy about playing the Pats. Of course, Brady-Belichick have 5 wins but they also lost 3 of these. Of those 5 wins, 3 of them are now 14+ years ago and were all by a FG margin. The two recent wins were both games that they should've lost. The Pats winning by a TD in Overtime against Atlanta was their BIGGEST winning margin in a SB ever. NE are the dominant team of this millennium, no argument can be had about that. But they aren't dominant in Superbowl's despite winning 5 of them now, and not even close either. That said, if I were putting money on it I'd go with the Pats. Just in a close one. This has the makings of a really good game
  3. Really cool thread idea OP! I'll have a hard time on this one as this might actually be my favourite gaming series of all time. Holds much nostalgia. In no order: Dark Hollow - Despite being a fairly bland level in terms of level design, the ambiance of the setting with the sleepy soundtrack really is perfectly done. Just one of those which is difficult to explain, but has a really warm feeling to it and one I would often stay behind in after 100%. Tree Tops - This one has the best level design of the whole of the first game for me. Again, as a kid it felt fairly impossible to complete. Finally figuring out how to get to the island in the distance confounded 8 year old me for a while. Getting there felt one heck of an achievement. Took a couple of runs to remember the route on the remaster too! Haunted Towers - Again, one on here which is a well designed level and one which made me feel like a boss when I finally figured out how to reach the dragon on the 2nd floor. Made even more satisfying by the fact that while on the ground floor, you can hear the 'dragon nearby' sound playing and can see a gap in the roof.
  4. Absolutely not OP, I'm playing it and finding it a blast too. It absolutely has it's problems; lack of storage space, the constant food/water requirements, the diseases/mutations can be a pain in the backside, the guns breaking every 5 seconds... but I'm a fairly low level so a lot of these issues might be solved by ranking up perks etc. Turning Fallout into a multiplayer only experience was always going to be pretty challenging, I honestly think they've done a decent job of it.
  5. Well his defence gave up over 400 yards again today, though I'm not sure if any coach in history could turn our defence into anything palatable! Lost a close one today, was a must win for both but seems like we played like crap again and needed a Baltimore 3rd quarter meltdown to even make it close. Hopefully we just tank from here on out, go 5-11 and clean house. I always used to stick with Marvin Lewis, and he probably would do a good job with another franchise where he's given tons of support, but his story ran in Cincinnati about a decade ago. Not sure what we achieve by sticking by him as we know his ceiling with the Bengals is a one-and-done in the playoffs season.
  6. I'm probably the wrong person to quote on this, purely as I actually enjoyed the grind to Resistance 2's 10k kills for the Killing Machine trophy!
  7. Thats a big loss for the Rams. We've fired our DC Teryl Austin. No surprise there since his defence was comfortably breaking bad records left, right and centre. Marvin Lewis calling defensive plays the rest of the season, definitely good news there too.
  8. I agree, if the Saints give Dez the time, then they've picked up a very good WR when he's on his game. But then again, the Saints could field Drew Brees and some guys from this forum at WR, and they'd put up 30 points on most teams. That might've been the Bengals worst performance of all time today. Equal biggest defeat in franchise history, if the Saints wouldn't have quit trying to score from midway through the 3rd quarter, they might've put up 100 points and 1000 yards, and that's literally not even a joke. I really don't know what guys have to do to get fired in Cincinnati, it's beyond ridiculous.They've somehow got to go from that today and win at Baltimore next week, as that game is literally the whole season. Lose and no way they're doing anything but tank the rest of the way. With the Steelers and Chargers on the schedule, that'll take us to 6 losses so we have to win the rest. With that said... the Saints imo are the best team in the league. Serious chance of a 2nd Superbowl. Hope Brees gets it.
  9. Well I expected us to get beat today, but jesus christ... every possession a TD, Saints on course for 70 points... the Bengals poised to be the first team ever to give up 500 yards in 3 straight games. I think people looked at the records and expected the Bengals to put up a good fight, but we lucked out with comebacks against the Colts/Dolphins/Falcons and could easily have choked it all away against the Bucs... should be sitting on 2-3 wins but have been lucky enough to manage 5. Really this is a bad team carried by a decent offence who could've used a top 5 pick in the next draft. Oh well, hopefully we'll be lucky enough to pick up a 28-point deficit comeback win here in the 2nd half 😅
  10. That is seriously impressive. Can remember this being a pain in the backside to get even when boosting it! Overwatch (PS4) - Overwatch Platinum Trophy Definitely my proudest non-boosted difficult one. Loved the game the minute I got it and never thought I'd manage to get the platinum without boosting, which would've ruined the sense of achievement. Ended up playing the game an absolute crap load and getting pretty proficient at a few different characters, which led to some of the tougher trophies rolling in. Rapid Discord I think is universally agreed as very difficult to legitimately get, not necessarily a walk in the park to boost properly. Played a heck load of Zenyatta and managed to get it after many hours of just trying to be as good a support as I could be. Got the game at the tailend of 2016 so had already passed some of the nerfs which had some of the characters trophies less easy to pull off ('s defence matrix for example). Hanzo's 4K with Dragonstrike I only recently got, way after the powerhouse it used to be. Really enjoyed picking up each hero and trying to figure out what would be the best way to play them, best maps/gametypes/scenarios needed in order to pull off the requirements for the trophy. Often found myself basing my picks on what the other team had gone for (much easier to get 4 with the DragonBlade if you're playing against DPS heroes!). Took me almost 2 years to pull off the platinum, but thoroughly enjoyed the journey there and feel like I can hold my own on most of the heroes. Will be one of the few I play long after trophies.
  11. Saw this was the case for their PC userbase and wondered what they'd be doing to manage that on console. To be honest, if they're going to streamline the space you need for the game's data then imo this is convenient rather than inconvenient. A game like this with all the constant updates you need in order to play just ends up bloated game data (even if in Overwatch's case, it doesnt really take up too much HDD space). Seeing them reset will actually be pretty helpful, as long as the required game data space is less than it currently it.
  12. I'm not too fussed about the Kill 20 players trophy, just as 20 players is a pretty low threshold for any 'x number of kills' trophy, and to be honest you're bound to run into 20 people online who are already shooting at you... every online lobby in any game I've ever played always has one player just going around trying to knock off the rest! But seriously, I dont think this should need to result in you mindlessly going after too many others just for the trophy. Love the look of the rest of the list, very much like the single player games. The Level 100 trophy I imagine will be a fair grind if anything like the single player games. I imagine thats on there as they hope for this to be a game with a longlasting online community. May not be so trophy hunter friendly, but we'll see. Otherwise, looks a good list.
  13. Yeah I can't see that much care was taken to optimise the space the game takes. I think people have every right to complain about a 36GB patch on Day 1 with that in mind.
  14. If we can get a couple of picks then maybe so. I definitely think we can score 30+ but the Saints have been playing lights out on offence, so even if we do I'm not sure it'll matter unless we get a couple of turnovers. AJ out is a big loss, but Andy focuses too much on him sometimes anyway so hopefully Tyler Boyd will continue his breakout year and stepup. Should be a great game, if we play well I could see there being 80+ points scored combined. All the best to you guys too!
  15. As a Bengals fan... *Insert Bang Head against wall emjoi*. The Steelers do indeed look to be back at it after early season struggles. I think the Saints could put 50 on us this weekend... the Bengals defence I think is on track to be the worst of all time in terms of yards given up. We haven't been appalling in terms of points against, and fortunately the offence has been good most of the season. Brees and the Saints though... could see us giving up 800 passing yards this weekend!