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  1. Loved Ape Escape 2, sunk a ton of hours into that one (had to form the perfect Monkey Football team after all!). Mirror the calls for Resistance as well. R2 was amazing and I played the MP well after managing 10k kills.
  2. I think this too and that would make for a great Superbowl too! That said, no way the Chiefs rebound from 24-0 down to the Titans if that happens again. I think they'll be more with it early doors this week.
  3. Interesting way to reshuffle the draft for sure. As a Bengals fan im glad your changes aren't actually in for this year! To be fair, our receiving group isn't bad at all (and is pretty decent if AJ Green returns). It's the O-Line that's bad and is going to cut Burrow's career short if we stick with it. I'm really hoping he gets to sit the first year, but the Bengals are an appallingly run franchise, so hardly matters really. For the high picks, I imagine they just pray a good franchise has a tank year the season before. Sucks for Burrow this year, but hey at least he gets a nice bit of $$$ out of it.
  4. Not that it's Sony's responsibility to turn things around, but bolting on the show is only going to ensure that continues. Ultimately it doesn't bother me much as I dont live in the same continent, so am unlikely to attend. I think it's a good thing for the industry that it had this big event which all the big guns showed up for and hit us with as many big releases as they could, so I'd like to see E3 return to prominence. But it has been in decline and isn't as important as it used to be. I'd like to see Sony return to it in the future though
  5. Peppy-Go-LuckyAwarded for performing 25 pep powers. Got plenty more of these to perform as well! Fortunately, Dragon Quest XI is a stormingly good game.
  6. Each to their own, although I can't see the logic in comparing a copy of a game created in 1998 and designed for a console 3 generations older, to a game made specifically for a 2020 modern day console. There is clunkiness in the camera, the gameplay etc.... but the original had all of that. To me, a remake/remaster should capture that same vibe as thats what I remember the game for. Stuff like bad textures/freezing etc are unacceptable however, fair criticism there. I haven't had any of that yet myself so its a bit crappy for OP if they have.
  7. I could too, just have that look of a team who are having a special postseason. Will be interesting if they have a slow start to a game though. Not sure how built they are to be a comeback team, let them get ahead and they can dominate though. Happy to see either them or the Chiefs win it.
  8. I personally hope so. I don't think the lack of competition this gen has resulted in the PS4 being less good as a result, but generally speaking a main competitor is a good thing in most industries. Having Microsoft push Sony should hopefully work out for us gamers.
  9. I don't rage quit over trophies as I know my limits 😂 the ol' PS3 used to get a shutdown when I was getting smoked on something like COD back in the day though. Tell you what though, the first 10 hours of Bloodborne made me realise what I creative swearer I can be!
  10. Jumping late into this one but as someone who very recently got the game and love CTR as a kid... I have to say I've barely even notice there being Micro-Transactions. Imo they haven't been done in a bad way. I agree that in general MTX are a pretty merky business, especially when they dangle the carrot of what you can earn if you just buy the in-game currency... or alternatively play the game 37 hours a day to earn it for free. On this one though... it's barely noticeable imo. I think the only thing I'd say is I'd have hoped the characters were more earnable through in-game activities rather than having to earn coins to unlock them. Skins and stuff im fine with being MTX as I couldn't give a toss about that.
  11. It's a tough platinum purely because most of the trophies are so situational. Rapid Discord you're most likely to get if the other team are all grouped up and you have a good DPS teammate doing some damage. I got mine on Volskaya and couldn't believe when it popped, as it was literally just me and another dude trying to win point A in a losing battle. We went ham, won the point and got me the trophy. Literally with the vast majority of them, once you earn them the situation to do so wasn't that difficult but it just depends on what everyone else on the server is doing. I think this platinum generally has gotten worse with time as well... generally it's much easier to block a D.Va bomb with shields these days etc. That and the userbase is just more experienced than in Year 1 and so know how to avoid dying to a lot of the ultimates. So getting those 4k's is a challenge. I can appreciate why this one is a pain for anybody only focused on the trophies. I just love me some Overwatch so I played for fun and was grinding heroes to get good at them. Once you've done so, you know what works best with them which makes the trophy list easier. The worst one I thought was the destroy 3 teleporters in a single game... which was when this was still Sym's ultimate! Ridiculous trophy as Sym often wouldn't even pick that ultimate on the rare occurancies she was actually in the game. I got them all without boosting and it really just came down to game sense and situational fortune. As somebody who mained Zen for a bunch of seasons, ironically I found 1500 Transcendence Healing pretty difficult to get. Mostly as my teammates healthpool was usually not too high (what with everyone playing DPS in earlier seasons). I found that one so much easier the minute tanks came back into fashion.
  12. Think mine was with Torb on Junkertown. We rolled them through all 3 points so my turret was on the point all game doing some good chip damage while I was able to get some good kills on their backline.
  13. To be honest, im not even sure I'd argue its a longshot scenario... I dont expect Oakland to make the playoffs, but each game they need to go their way is more than doable. I expect the Colts to beat the Jags. Indy is a funny team, but Jacksonville flatout suck. Pittsburgh have looked seriously inconsistent all season long. Lack of a QB will do that to you. The Ravens are miles better than the Steelers, only question is whether they bother to take the game seriously. Same scenario for Houston... they might also not both to play properly next week. Even if they do, Tennessee are a sneaky good team. This one imo is the one which is most likely to kick the Raiders out of the picture. Although... I think the Raiders will have a tough time in Denver. The Broncos have won 3 of 4 and look good at the moment. I'd say on a normal gameday, the Raiders chances are very good at making the playoffs. But with possible tank games from Baltimore and Houston it throws their chances out a fair bit. The Bengals loss yesterday was the most Bengals loss you could imagine 😂 Glad they didn't manage it though, #1 Pick! Which will be a Joe Burrow behind a god-awful O-Line.
  14. Yeah this is a good move. Experienced playoff guy who can come in and maybe help push a very good team through a tough playoff field.
  15. Not sure whether it should allow for cumulative objectives (i.e. in multiple runs) or not, but I've just finished a mission where I completed the two remaining objectives, and it then unchecked the two I already had done.