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  1. On 30/10/2019 at 11:38 AM, Xugashi said:


    The thing that hurts the most is that it was through some REALLY good investigations, I'm talking 1 silver 4 gold types, and still no drop! Didn't bother with the events cuz they trash. Godspeed to you my brutha, you keep on trucking and you'll get it eventually!


    Mini Silver Rathalos is leaving me hopeless. I killed a bunch of them that were so, sooooo tiny and still no crown.
    I did measure and was right about the size of the video.. I'll have to check another video cause this is very weird. :-|


    On 30/10/2019 at 7:11 PM, Demek97 said:

    After +100 Gold Rath I can easily say its not worth it. I didn't even get a silver crown just the same size over and over. Same goes for Silver Rath. It's better to join some random SOS and get investigations for both of them. I spend like 10-15h on event quest with 0 crowns not even a silver one.  I think the event quests have a really low chance like investigations with 3 rewards, its possible but unlikely, so the guy who got 2 crowns  within 5 kills is insanely lucky. Still good event for people like me who dont have already unlocked lvl6 Guiding Lands monsters, so Scarred Yian Garuga would be perfect to get next time. 



    Dang, I really got my mini crown Gold Rathian in my first try. No joke.
    I was pretty lucky then - which does not happen often. lol


  2. 53 minutes ago, Xugashi said:


    Thanx for the heads up guys! Damn Mini Silver Rathalos crown wont drop and I even measured it and it was on the small side like 10 times!!! I feel your frustration bro! Only got the damn mini silver and large nightshade left!


    I was going crazy over this crap already. I swear I measured a small crown several times in the event quest and it would not drop too.

    The event is definitely busted for the Mini Silver Rathalos then. I'm returning to the investigations.

    Thanks for letting me know and good luck with your hunts! :D 


  3. This game isn't even BR. What are you guys even talking about? :P

    Playerbase was solid on Steam during this whole Early Access phase and Crytek did a wonderful job on updating the game very frequently, trying new things, etc. This game is very unique.

    Excited to try on PS4, hoping the players won't be as skilled as PC ones. hehe


    ps: It's Crytek's Hunt Showdown, not Crysis. Crysis is another one of their games. :P 


  4. My experience with Journey;

    So far, I wasted several hours trying to meet new players to get the 10 travelers trophy.. I'm either very unlucky or like nobody is playing on PS4. :P 
    By now I have 8 travelers.

    With those 8 I met, I was able to get every other trophy.
    In fact, I think by the 4th I met, I had everything completed. The players are very helpful and I also make sure to help the people I meet too. :)

    I tried going to sleep with Journey on (desert level), but I had no luck.

    Maybe it does work but apparently I didn't meet anyone that night.


  5. Psn: ivan_piz

    I play pretty much everything.
    Not much into multiplayer, but damn, I enjoy helping out.
    For life advice, psychological treatment, chat or just grab some trophies, feel free to add me! :- )