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  1. This game isn't even BR. What are you guys even talking about? Playerbase was solid on Steam during this whole Early Access phase and Crytek did a wonderful job on updating the game very frequently, trying new things, etc. This game is very unique. Excited to try on PS4, hoping the players won't be as skilled as PC ones. hehe ps: It's Crytek's Hunt Showdown, not Crysis. Crysis is another one of their games.
  2. My experience with Journey; So far, I wasted several hours trying to meet new players to get the 10 travelers trophy.. I'm either very unlucky or like nobody is playing on PS4. By now I have 8 travelers. With those 8 I met, I was able to get every other trophy. In fact, I think by the 4th I met, I had everything completed. The players are very helpful and I also make sure to help the people I meet too. I tried going to sleep with Journey on (desert level), but I had no luck. Maybe it does work but apparently I didn't meet anyone that night.
  3. Just wanted to let everyone know that the PSX method does work for Metro Exodus. You just have to be really patient with the download times, hehe.
  4. Psn: ivan_piz I play pretty much everything. Not much into multiplayer, but damn, I enjoy helping out. For life advice, psychological treatment, chat or just grab some trophies, feel free to add me! :- )