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  1. I found this game really good, I loved playing games like Legend of Heroes on PSP and this reminds me a lot of that. Story was actually very interesting and the game for the most part was great trophy wise. However, the plat is easily one of the hardest things I've attempted in a while. The Eternal Slip mini game will test your patience. Good luck to all who attempt it! I am still trying to do it myself!
  2. Was suppose to go back to trophy hunting but BO3 is too fun! >>

  3. Hey guys, I completed this game 3 times (scoring the fastest time for each version currently ) and on the PS4 version I decided to record my plays for most of the trophies. Unfortunately the audio on the game got a little messed up so I had to put music over the gameplay If you find it annoying just mute the video. But if anyone is struggling with levels, modes, certain trophies you can watch the vids and see the loadout and strategies that I employ to beat them... and of course you can post here and I'll try to remember and check back to answer questions Update: Finally finished editing and uploading the first 50 levels, all 3 starred. Link to the playlist with levels 1-50 all 3 starred, included in each video description is the time for each level. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLp-CPFoV40wvF_EMNvnKj9_CfPqgs7RhI
  4. Ok, all the videos have been uploaded! Hope they can help someone. Instead of posting each vid I just made a YT playlist, so click the link in the first post and you can see all the videos there.
  5. It's a fantastic game guys. One of the best games I played all year, there is a reason I triple stacked it! More vids rendering this weekend!
  6. Chilling with some Dark Souls 2 PvP Builds >> http://www.twitch.tv/quantummercury

  7. IA/VT Works with PSTV which = 100x better stream. Come check it out and chat! http://www.twitch.tv/quantummercury

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      Nice, I wondered if it worked on PSTV

  8. I loved the Legend of Heroes games on PSP. They were easily some of the most memorable games I played until the end. I hope this game is similar to those.
  9. Fixed my Sony Vegas since updating to WIndows 10. Hopefully I can get the rest of these vids edited and uploaded.
  10. Going for PLat #350, IA/VT on Vita... Attempting make-shift cam setup on twitch for recording: http://www.twitch.tv/quantummercury

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      Galactic Hyper Balls

      but his ultra rares are impressive :), seeing those evaporated my balls

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      Awesome game and awesome number of plats!

  11. I just preordered my first game since Dark Souls II on PS3, FIFA 16 Deluxe. Damn UCL has me too hype... and I love UT.
  12. Dark Souls 2 PvP Building... come chill and chat! >> http://www.twitch.tv/quantummercury

  13. This doesn't seem to apply to Canadian consumers I bought my Vita on release.
  14. Lmao, nice find mate.
  15. I've never played or stayed away from a game because of graphics, if a game is good it will be played.
  16. FROM SOFTWARE Level-5 Japan-Studio Kojima Productions Platinum Games Capcom Japan Firaxis (Only NA company on my list lmao) Square Enix 1st Production Department There are other devs but not that I would trust 100%. Anything by the above I would buy day 1/always play.
  17. With PS+ being a requirement for PS4 online it's become less of a value-oriented proposition and more of a "here you go" complimentary service to accompany the online access for PS4. Edit: Regardless, I am happy PS+ gives out a lot of old school indies and non-mainstream games... but then again I am not really a fan of a lot of the mainstream stuff.
  18. Twisted Metal is gonna go to like 0.10% Looks like it's time to do that plat next
  19. Really? If you enjoy the MM games you should get the collection regardless. On another note, XBone version has 24 achievements I am pretty sure... lulz.
  20. The trophy list was already revealed when the game was released in JP. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/3143-%E9%9B%BB%E6%92%83%E6%96%87%E5%BA%AB-FIGHTING-CLIMAX/QuantumMercury It's a very easy trophy list, it's just your basic arcade grind. The only "challenge" trophy is the score attack one but even that is easy. I made a video for it here:
  21. France has a better squad than Spain. Belgium, France and Germany are the top 3, I would bet those 3 make it into the top 4 (assuming they don't go against each other in the R of 16 before the Semis).
  22. Exactly, if you love the game mode then of course it is worth it. CoD DLCs are always priced at a premium so you better hope you're going to be playing it a lot to get your money's worth.