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  1. Thank you so much, hope it helps
  2. That is what developer said: "We are moving towards 2020 with initial release of the 7th. I don't see there being another weekly event, and its not at the forefront of our plans right now." He did not say that they are stopping these events, he gave us a hope that this event maybe will be created in the future when main work on F1 2020 will be completed. The best thing we all can do is writing messages in this thread ( frequently. Thus, they will realise that people really need this. Such thing was with PVZGW2, people where writing for about a year and they added a boss, and cats vs dinos mode after this long time. The more people will write the more hope we will have. You can use this "@BarryBL" to make him see what you say faster. Maybe be less aggressive and more polite will be better but it is completely your choice. Maybe I should create something similar on trueachievements and steam forums. Combining our strength we will have more chances. Achievements/trophies are similar for them actually
  3. Other accounts didn't get trophies at all. So it is an ingame bug and I will have to complete the game for the 100% for the 5th time. Sad :(. It is my 4th platinum and qst time such strange bugs
  4. Every time I was launching the game. But we were playing together, sometimes 2 players, sometimes 3 or even 4.
  5. Finished the game collecting all cups, teensies, tickets, ect. But didn't get trophies for lucky tickets, creatures, awesomeness level, unlocking all paintings. WTF? Also, trophies for cups unlocked only after redoing the last level. Maybe somebody knows how to fix the problem?
  6. Three trophies in the game requires you to play Weekly Events. Featured event is up now, so hurry up to get one of those three trophies right now if did not get it before. Another event is weekly Grand Prix. According to the developer, it is not planned to do weekly events on the near future. So, it will be no events after this week for some time. Please, if you read this post, even if you do not plan playing this game, show your activity under my topic (, or even create your own. If developers will see that people need another Grand Prix, maybe they will add one. Thank you for everyone who will write a message on a forum in advance. Hope they will add a Grand Prix.
  7. I strongly believe that if about 30-40 people will send an email they will something for sure.
  8. The funniest thing is that somebody from UK still able to upload results as developer said. I was trying proxy from different regions, but nothing worked. Try to use UK vpn or proxy, lower MTU, 1400 or 1350 in different combinations. Maybe something will work. But nothing worked for me
  9. I was chatting with a developer for a long time. Now their email is working, they answer. Write them please that you have a problem. The more we write the faster they solve the problem. Now developer told about the problem to the people who are hosting those servers. Not the developers work with servers. So there are a very big hope that it will be fixed.
  10. Extremely simple. Just press options. When you on options screen, car goes by itself
  11. And how to get the Whole warrior trophy? This week seems to be a Grand prix but I did bot get the trophy Is it normal GP now or another featured event? It seems that it is a featured event right now. Do not see any qualification, ect
  12. Leader of the lobby can kick players? Explain please. And what do you mean 25% distance? Safe rank can be earned in offline play with AI or what? Thank you in advance
  13. Is this event still up? Next week I could get another two trophies for weekly events? Right?
  14. As I have just read , 30 lvl version and discovery mode will become available later , 40 lvl version and medium difficulty will be available on the 30th of June.
  15. Official site claims that they will add medium difficulty. And what about lower difficulties?