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  1. We should check if it is possible in ad-hock mode, because in another thread somebody mentioned that it is possible
  2. But you got them for free?
  3. I bought The Evil Within and season pass yesterday. DLCs should become free now and I should "buy" them for free in order to download because I don't see them in a download list. Unfortunately ps store says "Unfortunately, this product cannot be bought right now" (translation from my ps store language, but store is European). And now I have no opportunity to get DLCs, because game do not has any options of downloading DLCs. Saw that some people had similar problem with other season passes. How can I deal with this problem? P.S. Waiting for answer from sony support...
  4. Moreover, it is almost impossible to play. Constant crashes...
  5. Progress does not grow
  6. Vote for it and write a comment, developers should fix Punch Drunk trophy / achievement
  7. So, anybody can confirm that safe transfer does not work backwards (PS5 -> PS4)? If I buy this ( version for 69.99$ , I get both games and both dlcs, for PS5 and PS4, right?
  8. If somebody interested. Wrote to support and they suggested to reactivate my ps vita (games category) which solved the issue
  9. Just got a subscription on a 50% discount few hours ago. Unfortunately my ps vita still does not recognise ps plus. Tried to log out and log in, restart system, ect and still nothing. In subscriptions in ps store it shows dates correctly but I can't download or upload save files from the cloud. Any suggestions?
  10. What happens when you play on PS5?
  11. Is it possible to get platinum on digital version? It is on sale now...
  12. So, what to do to make them pop? No auto pop of in-game awards anymore? How I should play to complete all stacks in a fastest possible way?
  13. How easy/hard is it?
  14. Adaptive triggers are supported for sure
  15. How you get your triumphs unlocked? What you have done?