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  1. Hello trophy hunters! Need help with trophy Map Room (fully explored 9 maps). Who has a world with 9 maps, write me in PSN or here. Thank you in advance for your help!
  2. If I linked PC account to transfer trophies to ps4, after getting them unlinked pc account, will I get trophies on ps5 without actual progress on my ps4/ps5 or not? Or I need to link it one more time?
  3. Did not hear about progress reset but try to change activision account in settings, create a new one. If it is successful, write here please
  4. 4 new perks will be added very soon, so we will be able to get this trophy twice
  5. I mean playing on different consoles at the same time, on separate TV's
  6. Can you start both PS4 and PS5 versions at the same time?
  7. Is it possible to run both versions at one time? If so, somebody could try leave last upgrade and unlock both trophies at once. If somebody could try it, write here if you succeeded or not.
  8. Charles method is even easier, ask what you don't understand, I will explain. You said that game on 1.0 version do not allow you to play because of Bethesda account screen glitch, so it is not necessary to try as I understand
  9. This link didn't work for me, at least for the first time. Try this one: Make sure you fill in right parts of this link to the right places. Compare with example of 1.08 link above in Charles
  10. UPDATE: 1.05 is a patch which introduced 60 FPS experience. With patches before 1.05 you will have to play all episode levels in a row and will not have a possibility to start a level separately from the others. That's why I will probably stay on 1.06 with 60 FPS
  11. So we can try 1.05? On 1.06 all projectiles move twice faster, am I right? Maybe a doom guy also moves twice faster?
  12. Did not know about it. Is it true about Doom 1? ( - here are a lot of patches of the variety of different games. Right click the Piece 0 link and choose copy link address. Then change .pkg to .json at the end. I will need to downgrade it once again because I already successfully downgraded both dooms to 1.06. Turned off the internet and was able to play the game without irritating popping screen like you sad. They fixed the Bethesda account screen glitch in some of the patches. Also, which patch is better 1.03, 1.04 or 1.05?
  13. There is a method to downgrade ps4 games to specific patches. Here is a link to the patch 1.06: ( Should probably work , I will try it today. Here is a method:
  14. Already in psn, not yet on this website
  15. Does standalone version have its own trophy list? Or you won't get trophies if you launch dlc as a standalone? I tried to download it as a standalone but because I have a whole game, it just started downloading the whole game. It will be strange if people get dlc trophies for playing standalone game and not having a game. Explain please if you know