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  1. What benefits does this edition give? Do the help playing the game, achieving platinum? Worth it?
  2. Maybe it gives some benefits which helps you at least at the start or do platinum/100% easier or faster? Really interested too
  3. Has this game recently got a patch? 3.3.0?
  4. Another question is how to properly boost this game. Is it possible to just use Australian vpn for all 5 players or boosters need to gather on 5 a. m. for example, when servers are almost empty?
  5. Some people say that it is broken like a medic trophy. Last trophy handyman earned at 16 September
  6. Is it possible to boost handyman trophy in 1 match like medic?
  7. I think calendar just bugged because there is two hero showcase with the same date
  8. Soooooo That is no boss hunt in event calendar now. WTF?! Like last time!!! It is awful!!!
  9. Could somebody confirm that this trophy is obtainable now in grand ops?
  10. What about Hoist the flag trophy? Is it possible to get it in Grand Ops now? How long it takes? Can somebody confirm it? Do somebody check it now? It is only trophy which stops me from launching this game
  11. Now everything is fine
  12. Thanks
  13. I can't connect and do daily challenges on ps vita and ps4. I can't see leaderboard too. Game says that servers are unavailable. At the same time for honor servers are available, so my with my internet everything ok. Is it only my problem or everyone faced with this? UPD: everything is fine now
  14. Just vpn With vpn