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  1. Simply put, just let people do what they enjoy. If it makes people happy, who cares? Don't worry about what other people do, just do what makes you content and/or happy.
  2. #87 - Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Fortune DOAX3 MASTER Earn all of the trophies in the game. I love this game. I got addicted to it pretty quickly. I'm debating on whether or not I'd like to plat the Vita version, Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Venus. I'm also looking forward to Scarlet!
  3. Limited Run Games will be selling both a regular edition and a collector's edition (called the Paradise Box edition) of the game tomorrow. The regular edition is going for $40 USD, is limited to 2,000 copies, and the collector's edition is going for $100 USD and is limited to 1,400 copies. Regular Edition Paradise Box Edition
  4. I'm just trying to make discussion, that's all. No need to get upset. I literally even say in the thread that I've platted the other ones. There's no harm in creating conversation. You simply can just ignore this. Anyway, locking this thread to prevent any further issues as this is just becoming one big fiasco. Some of ya'll really can't be civil, apparently.
  5. I've personally played the AS and JP versions already, and found them to be very easy. The only thing I'm disappointed about is that it appears this won't be separate for EU and NA, like it was for AS and JP, which was really nice!
  6. Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer: Comrades Vanquisher of Villainy Defeated Ardyn and Ravus. Peerless Completed all Bonus Quests. All I can say is wow, I'm glad I got the Ardyn and Ravus fight over with. I've now 100%'d the standalone version of Comrades, at least for now. For those who are struggling with this fight, the main key is having three people equipped with Rampage, and one person equipped with Healing Light. Those that have Rampage should only use melee attacks, and then use All Creation when it is available. The person who has Healing Light should of course be the healer.
  7. Thanks for this! I got really lucky and had Kenny show up after my first mission!
  8. Yes, it is now standalone. If you update FFXV now, Comrades will no longer be an option underneath Downloadable Content.
  9. Daidōji. A side note for everyone: to achieve "See All, Know All", you have to look at all characters (excluding Daidōji and Rin). This is different compared to the other versions, where you only have to stare at the Hanzo and Crimson girls.
  10. Credit for the video goes to @Aranea Highwind
  11. Censorship is unnecessary, especially for video games. Sony doesn't have to take on the role of a worried parent. They shouldn't have to worry about the children, as that's honestly the responsibility of the parents. CERO/ESRB/PEGI rating systems exist for a reason. Unfortunately, many parents do not seem to take the time to learn about them. But that shouldn't mean that Sony has to do the parenting for them. They could've handled this in much better ways. For example, have a separate section for lewd games, and don't out them on the front page of the store. They don't need to ban lewd/ecchi content altogether.
  12. Collector's Edition have been shipped out as of last week! I'm supposed to receive my copies this Wednesday. ^~^
  13. Final Fantasy XV Blessed by All Collected all the Royal Sigils. This deserves a screenshot due to how annoying and aggravating this process was: I cannot begin to explain how happy I am that I got this trophy, and all of the other Comrades trophies done before December 13th. Today was my first time trying to defeat Ifrit, and to say it was difficult is an understatement. I had all 4 slots equipped with level 120 weapons, my strength close to 2,000, and my fire resistance at 100%. While this was all helpful, I encountered game-breaking bugs twice in a row. First, Ifrit somehow got out of bounds. The next time, I had his health down, he killed me, and even though I had a food item, I would not revive! I was somehow still able to walk around after pressing L3, but I was still dead! After that time, I was FINALLY able to beat him. While this was all a big pain, I did have a lot of fun playing it! Now to completing the other DLC!
  14. Thanks, I got both trophies earlier today, as well as the platinum! Ah okay, that makes sense!