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  1. Various Bug Fixes Hopefully this has cleared up the Deathly Smorgasboard trophy glitch as well as some others, but as i had platinumed already i cannot be sure. If anyone else can confirm please let us know!
  2. There is an update released today (20th November) to v1.02, although i have platinumed already, hope that the glitches are ironed out with this fix, if anyone else can confirm?
  3. I love the nod to Mr. Bean with the Nano (Mini) in this game on the car select screen.
  4. Play with the Gentleman car in the race as you get 4 base nitros every race instead of three for this car.
  5. This also happened to me when i had the BSOD - I was livid, but then reloaded and was game started back to where back to where i was as the system storage saved the previous level. local storage saved the day this time. Phew...
  6. I agree with this, save the nitros then 'zoom zoom' when trying to approach the winning racecars to try and overtake them on the last lap as it is the AI that determines how fast the front cars are depending on your own speed in the race - the faster or slower you are they will try and usually be few seconds in front otherwise.
  7. Yes it certainly was free one day (2 years later) lol! Great Game thought, i wouldn't have paid for full price however it as it is quite a short game but enthralling none the less, hope it can be made into a sequel etc!
  8. Its so frustrating that you cant even pause the game as this resets the Challenge Run, and need to start over... lol I will beat this soon, i hope!
  9. Personally, for me i didnt like the game mechanics much at all, although i had to finish it too 100% (of course!) Too much time collecting random useless objects and not enough gameplay enjoyment that previous Lego games had. That, along with the redesigned (worse) Red Bricks now randomly collected Relics throughout the game, that you have to unlock in a shop, means you don't even have to collect them at all to obtain 100% as the only thing that achieves this is collecting the Purple collectable blocks that appear throughout completed missions and tasks for people or simply finding around the various areas you are in. Also i found a lot of glitches within the game which were annoying at times. My opinions but the game should have been stuck to the gameplay that Lego gamers all are familiar with. #KeepTheRedBricks lol
  10. Anybody get the "Flashing Pink Star CURRENT_RANK Error" yet? I did but had to exit and restart the game as it wouldnt get off my screen! Arrgghhh lol
  11. Yes i bought this last week for £14 approx, ps plus discount
  12. Didn't know that thanks for the hint!
  13. They are actually numbers inversed against the background - take a look at my screenshot and you will be able to see them as 4 digit numbers (example)
  14. I got the trophy but just finding them and walking over them and surprised to see this pop so easily. I didnt even run the last one just popped up as soon as i found it .
  15. now available for £15.99 £3.99 UK PS4 Store on PSN until the 19th September 2018