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  1. Which fish?
  2. Yup! Should I go back now? The guide says: Chapter 2: Pouring Forth Oil (II) – Quest Giver: John Marston (in camp). *Note: not an honor mission and doesn’t count towards this trophy but it’s missable so do it just to be safe. But will I need this for 100%?
  3. For chapter 2 I only have 17/18 of the quests done here is a picture https://imgur.com/a/d4PqqQ3 I was not able to find what quest I missed and will this mess up my 100%
  4. We understand that trophy is very important to those that haven't received. Rest assured, the team has plans to address this in a future update. Thank you for your patience and May the Fourth be with you. -Skeeter This is from EAHelp Twitter
  5. I am confused as to why they do not just link some more events with increased crown chance for the elders and black diablos.
  6. The fact that this is still not fixed is mindblowing
  7. My current assumption is that not only is there not an increased chance but that it might not be possible to even get Gold Crowns from this event quest.
  8. Triple Threat Throwdown Great Jargas Great Girros Dodogama Anyone have any success getting Gold Crowns? Currently have done this quest about 20 times with no success.