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  1. Well I would say you need atleast 2 ppl on top of that helping you most of the times.... killing just your alt isnt going to get you enough score compared to others who have atleast 3 or 4 targets to kill at all times when they boost. So ye if you can have 3 or 4 targets, and do like 8-10 hours per day, that should be enough for the trophy.....but time has long since passed when you could do this just with 1 extra PS3.
  2. Indeed the problem here is like said so many times already that you simply cant get everyone to play with the same rules, I too tried to organize ppl under the same banner and it all failed miserably + having other groups not working together with "spying" on our scores and what we tried to achieve so they could surely get ahead of us. So just saying that unfortunately the only "certain" way to achieve this trophy is still to boost as much as you can with as big group of ppl to help you out as possible. You can try ofc to try to organize something, but just saing there is big risk involved in if you try to settle for too low score and then all of you end up being just outside the top 1%. Either way I wish you good luck no matter what you decide to do.
  3. Currently the top 20 is looking like this: Again that might not be 100% accurate, but its currently showing me 145 pages now (likely this number will be again close to 200 by end of the week), so definitely most of the players are listed there
  4. Well right now its showing you would be on 10th place with 50k, so seems like you are doing fine :).. If we are to believe that the current weekly stats we can see are somewhat accurate, then top 10 is quite tight, everyone there has now over 50k (with top 1 guy having 75k) and are likely to get to 100k or atleast close to it. Then between 11th and 20th place the scores are between 47k - 29k. So like with less than 50k you are unlikely to get to top 1% this week
  5. Maybe, but not by such significant amount as to get well over 20 players inside 1% im afraid...but anyhow this was to be excepted due the collapse of the minimum score last week that this week it would be significantly higher again.
  6. Yeap, the last guy in top 20 had already 24k already, so this week the minimum score is DEFINITELY going to be much higher than last week. Strange that weekly leaderboard statistics seem to be working again though, and it still might not be telling the whole truth, but what you can see from there right now is that the minimum score this week is likely going to be over 50k.....
  7. @SniperEliteDido I just dont understand why some ppl have such big problems with how or when or what other ppl choose to boost I mean heck, its not your time or money on the line, so why do you care so much.....yes it would be much more sensible to boost these online trophies out of the way when the game is not 10 years old or whatever and having the risk of closing servers..... But then again, many would ask whats the point of trophy/achievement hunting in general, right? Anyhow just like with propably many other ppl here, I had Killzone 2 and 3 sitting there, on the self for years and they were simply not on the priority list to do....I bet like with many other players, we all have limited time and way too many games to play/to choose from, plus many of us likely simply cannot deal with boosting several games with multiplayer trophies/achievements in row, we sometimes NEED to take break from that and just play singleplayer stuff..... But ye, the way I deal with my huge backlog library, I do try to play it from the oldest games I have to the newest ones (and heck I know I will never reach that point where all my backlog would be gone, Im already 10 freaking years behind.....) in 2016 I dealt with several old games (all on Xbox 360) I had yet not done MP achievements from like GRAW 2, Gears of War, Battlefield Bad Company, GTA IV, Lost Planet and Pure, but after that I really needed to take long break from boosting multiplayer stuff...and indeed Killzone 2 and 3 were not anywhere near my priority list until the announcement of server closure was made. Anyhow like said, I do have shitton of backlog and heck of lot of MP achievements (and some trophies) to deal with, and older games still take priority on my "what to play next" list, but when it comes to online trophies/achievements, I simply cant boost all of them in row, I would loose my sanity if I did, and Im sure most ppl here feel the same....even at the risk of getting another announcement like this and having only 3 months to deal with it. For example Far Cry 2 would be next on my list from those games that include some grindy MP achievements, but I simply cant deal with that right after Killzone 2 (and Wipeout 2048), need again break from this and plan to play some singleplayer games before dealing with that.
  8. I did complete FFX and KH 1.5 Remix, but I have to agree, that both took really long time to complete...neither were particularly hard though except for those freaking FFX mini-games that are some of the worst of the worst minigames I have ever seen. The controls are outright horrible, but if you are determined enough to get them done, its not impossible....but definitely some of the most annoying trophies/achievements I have ever done. And like said both games require heck of lot of time to complete, FFX HD has LOTS of grinding you need to do at the end, and as for KH 1.5 Remix, you have to complete the main game and Chain of Memories multiple times on all different difficulty levels, because they dont stack up. So it can get really boring, really quick, especially with CoM and its gameplay....either way FFX HD took me about month complete and KH 1.5 remix took even longer, but much thanks to the fact I really needed to take some break from those games: https://www.(URL not allowed)/gamer/Balnazzardi/completiontimes One thing where I kind of gave up but might try again one day is Shadow of the Colossus HD, Meticulous Collector (get all items on hard mode time attack)... Thats the very last trophy I would need to complete to get platinum from that game, but at the time when I tried it, it just felt outright impossible. I might give it another chance in future with help of some video guides.
  9. I know how you feel dark knight, I know how you feel.....(after failing myself once to get it) Anyhow the truth is most of us likely didnt expect anyone with such "low" scores to get it this week, when week before the minimum amount of score required was 95k! For example homleshobo definitely wasnt expecting that, he was mainly helping out Feethams (170k) and JohzyDeMartin (158K) last week and wasnt even going for this trophy, so just saying that no one here expected minimum score last week to be under said it hasnt been that low since last week of 2017! And the reason that ppl are bale to get 100k+ scores is that: 1) They boost ATLEAST 8-10 hours average per day (although 1 person from my group, Gregory, hardly boosted at all during 2 days) 2) Have quite big team of ppl helping them out (atleast 3-4 ppl at ALL times, and the top 5 for example had 6-8 ppl usually helping them at all times and they did quick melee kills at Beach Head) So you definitely still need lots of time and lots of ppl to help you out to make 100% sure you would get this trophy.
  10. I also had feeling that at some point The minimum required score would come Crashing down.... however for this week IT might go up again...either way seems like most of " hardcore" boosters are finally done, but keep in mind that top 14 players still had 97k or More with number 1 doing incredibly 210k.... So If you want to Be on safe side..
  11. Yeap I did it also because I want to get Plat one day on the entire Killzone series....and once again after I had failed on this already once, I only went for it again because I had the time and also felt confident I had large enough group to help me to get into top 1%. But again if you are not looking at getting plat of entire Killzone series or are one of those few who have like 100% completion on everything, then I too just recommend looking elsewhere at this point. But every person can judge for him/herself whether or not is worth to try to go for it anymore. Lets just all be glad that these kind of leaderboard trophies are quite rare and dont really exist anymore in any of the newer games (indeed the only others I know of are Lost Planet 2 and orignal Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighrer on Xbox 360)
  12. ye at this moment it really requires you to but atleast 8-10 hours per day....last week I could even do just 6-8 hours per day during some days, but even for that it really requires you to have 5-8 ppl constantly helping you out (and another reason was because many were afraid to go over 100k because of rumors of trophy glitching if you went over 100k, so that gave me and few others a chance to just aim as close to 100k as possible, now everyone is aiming to go as much above 100k as possible, so you need to put even MORE hours, and its been just getting worse and worse by each passing week) So without proper team to help you out + having enough time to boost each day, there is no sense to try to waste 1 week right now for nothing. most ppl going for it right now are making 15-20k score per day, some even much more than that, so once again I really recommend everyone to consider carefully if you want to even try during last 5 weeks, only go for it if you are feeling absolutely confident that you have enough time + big, reliable team of people (or bunch of alts) to help you out. For anyone else to have any kind of chance, tens of people would be required to fill in the leaderboards with hundreds of alt-accounts with 0 scores saved/registered on leaderboard so more ppl would fit in into top 1%, which seems entirely unrealistic unfortunately....
  13. Well it pretty much is...I had hoped that at some point all "hardcore" trophy hunters had got their trophies and the score would start to fall down or at very least stay same, but this week its likely minimum score will increase to around 120k. So I recommend everyone to think whether you really have the time to sink into this during 1 week or not, cause you dont want to waste 1 week for nothing if you cant currently boost well over 100k in week (which would mean going around 15-20k per day)
  14. Ye I already failed once (it was the week after ppl had to boost 2 weeks because server crash during weekly reset) and in the end I could only blame myself for not getting it that week cause I lived in illusion that people would realize that the minimum score from the previous week was actually the score from 2 weeks, but ofc it didnt work out that way and that's why the minimum score already then increased from 26k (note this was from TWO weeks of some ppl are getting this score almost in DAY) to 35k.....and I didnt want to believe that would happen, so I took turns with 3 other ppl thinking that getting to 20k for everyone would be enough....had we boosted 2 ppl that week and 2 week next, we could have gotten the trophy already back then, but either way knowing it was my own "stupidity" and wrong strategy rather than anything else that costed me the trophy back then and thats the only reason I even tried again. Had I failed it this time with the score of 99 999 (ye didnt dare to cross the 100k line just in case, so got as close to it as possible :D), then that would have been it for me. I wish all these other strategies aside from boosting your ass out would work, but like others have said, most boosters arent nearly as noble as we would like to think and if everything they would exploit these things and stab you in the back and go their own way regardless.....during these past weeks Ive seen that happen enough to say that unfortunately full co-operation with all players involved is out of the window, this was clear to me when me, WhiteCat, Adrua and the gang tried to organize everyone under "one banner" so to speak and it fell apart right at the beginning and we saw that it was better to instead form smaller groups of ppl you thought you could most trust with and then boosting 1 or 2 ppl per week in that group.
  15. Ye me and few others originally tried to get as many boosters as possible united under same group, for same cause , but it really didnt work out that well when everyone was just jumping in to the first opportunity to get this done instead of listening to reason that not everyone should be going at the same week....and like said its impossible to control the entire population of boosters out there and thus there would always be ppl who just boost as much as possible, targeting as high score as possible. Setting "max score" for everyone or trying to build up weekly playerbase are both noble ideas, but are easier said than done. Anyhow I feel for each and everyone not getting required minimum score, cause been there, done that some point you just have to start think is it really worth anymore, if you simply dont have enough time go for it. Had I failed to get it after boosting to 100k, I wouldnt have tried again. Anyhow if you can get ppl to listen to your advice and startegy that would be great, but like said there are groups out there who will never read these posts and ppl who will do what they will regardless.