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  1. ye and like said this guy im talking about is not anywhere to be seen on Sergen's vid (between 12/03-19/03), and he got the trophy....also this guy has his profile/trophies hidden here on PSNprofiles. I just conclude by saying I did boost with him back in January, he failed to get the trophy back then and didnt really have time to boost it after I quess he went the illegal way to get it
  2. Nah the person in question didnt have his name on anywhere near top 1% at all....anyhow he had it unlocked last week, on Monday 19th
  3. Nope, but likely not in a while yet........likely not until 2-3 years after PS5 has launched at earliest, if even then. ATM its the only Killzone game (aside from Mercenary) that still has its multiplayer servers on, so very unlikely they would close it down any time soon.....Mercenary might shut down sooner and as for big PS3 games Uncharted 2 and 3 are likely to be shut down next, withing year or two maybe. But if they continue to do the announcement of server closures like they have thus far, they will announce any further server shutdowns some 3 months in advance.
  4. Yeap it sure is. Note that they never said the servers would go down at the END of 29th, only that they would go down today without any spesific time given.
  5. Well Rest in Pepperonis then.... Btw I just went to check on some of the trophies of ppl I know I just noticed something......seems to me that atleast 1 person managed to hack the VGC for himself without it showing up on the leaderboard. This might be also the reason why for some people who tried to do this legit, the trophy glitched....all speculation ofcourse, but I just went to check one of the vids Sergen uploaded to Youtube to check if this guy had made it to top 1% at any given week and sure as hell, he hadnt yet he still has the trophy...... So really fuckng stupid if some hackers managed to ruin this for some others who tried to do it legit, but it definitely seems that way....this guy was nowhere to be seen on the leaderboards, yet he has the trophy (unlocked last week)
  6. Its funny though cause it really was one of the most praised PS online games at the time.....many actually liked its slow aiming/heavy feeling controls, which is something I never understood personally, even though I could get used to it with time....but ye after I played some matches "legit" back in December, I could see why it might have been popular back in the day, but personally I likely would have grown bored of both Killzone 2 and Killzone 3 multiplayer after a week....but then again thats how it is for me with most multiplayer games... Now the question is, is there any future for this franchise anymore, but if there is, then I wouldnt be surprised if Sony at some point decides to remake/remaster the first 3 games for PS4. But as for Guerilla, they are likely to be busy with Horizon for most of the next decade or so, and likely many PS players here dont feel too bad about it.
  7. Yeap, Sony has definitely done this before where they shut down multiplayer servers on ALL the games from PS3 era, and they did it with all the WipeOut games too (except obviously for the remade version of previous games on PS4) Anyhow with Killzone 3 it isnt even that big of a deal, cause its trophies can quite easily done in 1 day....( and only bit longer grind for KZ3 MP version) But ye its clear Sony is driving all PS3 era servers down, Uncharted 2 and 3 are very likely coming up on their list next and both of these will likely be shut down at the same time as well.
  8. Well that sucks =(.....but you definitely werent the only one it glitched after they had reached #1 spot on leaderboard....back in the week when that 1 player had reached over 100k and we thought it was because of crossing 100k for example (which obviously wasnt the reason it glitched).... Anyhow just stupid how the leaderboards/scoring system of this game glitched all those years ago after server crash and they did nothing to fix it afterwards....but atleast leaderboard trophies like this luckily dont really exist anymore, so atleast there is that.... I quess anything else I can say is that its definitely gutting for a while (I know the feeling of just missing the VGC the first time I tried), but soon you feel better and forget about it....and like said you definitely werent the only one who tried their best to get this trophy and either got glitch or were just left out of 1%. Anyhow I wish you and all others who didnt get it best of luck with other trophies....trophy/achievement hunting sure can be pain/seem utterly useless at times, but when you succeed there is also something quite rewarding feel to it after everyone have worked together for common goal and helped eachother to achieve that.
  9. This has NOTHING to do with Guerilla Games, this server closure is not up to them, but entirely decision made by Sony. And it has nothing to do with "freeing up servers for other games" either, its purely financial decision....Sony unfortunately (unlike Microsoft) cant seemingly afford to keep the servers up and running for their old games forever. Anyhow Guerilla stopped caring about these games long time ago, heck Killzone 2 support was cut off as soon as Killzone 3 came out. Either way next time I recommend everyone to start work on online trophies as soon as Sony announces another server closure, everyone involved here had 3 months since the announcement to get these trophies done.
  10. Pretty much the exact story as with me pal :D....except for me my main backlog is with Xbox 360 and PC games, but either way this is how exactly its with me as well, way too many games, not enough time and even though I had Killzone 2 and 3 sitting on shelf for years, they were never high on my "to do list", but anyhow luckily I could get this done withing the 3 months that Sony gave with the announcement of closure. But ye what I try to do is to work my way up from oldest games on my backlog to newest games, but sometimes I do want to play some newer titles as well...and while ofc as trophy/achievement hunter it might be more sensible to do the multiplayer related trophies/achievement from each game asap, I simply dont have the stamina/interest to do especially all the grindy multiplayer games all in row. 2 years ago I did so with Gears of War, Bad Company, Lost Planet, GTA IV among few others and I really needed long break from MP achievement hunting after that....and well getting these trophies from KZ2 and KZ3 were the first multiplayer stuff I've done since then. So anyhow even though I know that games such as Uncharted 2 and 3 are likely next on the target of server closure for Sony, I rather deal with that problem when the time comes, right now I need again break from multiplayer boosting.
  11. Ye sry to say, but not going to work, even if you would get 1000 or 10 000 to sign it....there is simply nothing there for Sony to keep these servers up and running anymore. Sony, unlike Micorosft, isnt in position to keep the servers for their old games running forever it Ive stated on this forum before, Microsoft still has the servers up and running for pretty much ALL of their 1st party titles that are over 10 year old, like Gears of War, Halo 3, Forza Motorsport 2 and so on....even though the online communities for these games has been long since dead. But we all know how much wealthier company Microsoft is + they likely have cheaper solutions to run their servers than Sony has, so that makes achievement hunting little bit less troublesome compared to trophy hunting. So ye it sucks, but the notification of server closure was given 3 months ago, so you had plenty of time to try get these trophies done even in that timeframe.
  12. I sadly have to agree for those of you who still want to hope for getting it this week that since the trophy is programmed to unlock for top 1% only at the end of the week, that unless the servers wont shut down after all in 29th, the trophy has now become unobtainable. And judging from previous server shutdowns like Resistance 2, the servers for that game went down right at the time it was said they would and everyone who was playing it got kicked out immediately. So I wouldnt keep your hopes up too much that Sony would give you any extra time on this. Either way everyone had 3 months or so to get this done and while there were many who were just cut-off from 1%, Im glad I could help so many to get it done as well. But like sergen said, lets hope this kind of trophy (or achievement) doesnt happen ever again....and that if there are some really grindy online-trophies that Sony would preferably notify about any further sever shutdowns more than 3 months prior. Thanks again to everyone who boosted with me and maybe we shall meet again with some other games (and hopefully less bullshit trophies/achievements like this)
  13. The leaderboard reset time is at midnight GMT 0
  14. Same here, got everyone in our group this done now as well (well except Eric who is now going try again since it glitched for him the first time), but since he should have plenty of help either way, Im going to take my leave now as well, glad managed to get it done and help quite many others (2 or 3 ppl per week) to get it done as well....and most of all Im just glad that there arent trophies/achievements like this anymore... Good luck for all those still going this final full week!
  15. Well some-one is definitely feeling bitterness Yes Microsoft screwed up at the launch of Xbox One, but so freaking what? that was almost 5 years ago and ever since then they have been making exactly the right steps to cover from it. And as for original Xbox Live services vs PS2 servers, for sure you can give it up to Sony for even keeping them on for THAT long, despite original Xbox Live being much, much more popular, but either way for me 6th console generation online services were insifnificant, I honesetly dont feel like we lost anything there.... The only thing that matters to me is what Sony and Microsoft are doing right here and right now, and the fact is that Microsoft is doing much better job with supporting their old games....I dont see what "they are only doing it to win back gamers they pissed off" takes anything away from it? But some idiots clearly are unforgiving it seems ;D