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  1. Fortnite, until the never-ending hype drops. Some delisted titles may rise after a year or two (here's looking at you, Mothergunship).
  2. Brilliant, once you're on the leaderboards I'll get you added onto the scores.
  3. I had a feeling that the Hebrew text at the splash screen had some hints we could use. I suppose this is correct. EDIT: The rest of the phrases are gibberish/not being translated correctly by Google Translate.
  4. It's not particularly very good. Hence why many people (like myself) have shelved the game, for now. Hence the ultra rare plat.
  5. Likewise. Possibly the best decision I've made on Titanfall.
  6. Can't believe I'm going to say this, but a fake DS3 controller. The ones you can get from AliExpress. I have tried many controllers for the PS3, even my PS4 and PS5 controllers. But a fake DS3 controller has been my "go-to". YMMV, however.
  7. I've just tested this. This does not work.
  8. Amazing, I think another admin had added you onto the list.
  9. Welcome to the Platinum Paradise Cafe's League event! Whilst we primarily base our scoring on TrueTrophies ratio system (e.g. Long Live Katamari, 15xp/33TT - ratio of 2.19), we're looking to expand our event to a larger audience. We are a group of friendly gamers who are welcoming, easy to talk to, and are willing to help out those who need it; be it in-game for lobbies, recommendations and elsewhere. Whilst our third season is currently underway, we are still open for new members - it's never too late to join the event. Rules: Players must join the PPC Discord server, as scoresheets will be updated and shared on our dedicated score-updates channel. Players must join the PPC Leaderboards on TrueTrophies in order to track scoring. Periods last for 7 days, from every Tuesday at 00:00 UTC. Trophies must be synced to TT's servers before Monday 23:59 UTC in order to be counted for that period. Season 3 lasts for 13 weeks. Bonus rounds run concurrently to each period, with a flash bonus to be announced at a random time for 24 hours. Score updates will be at least once daily, dependent on event team's availability. FAQ How does the scoring system work? I'm sure most of you are aware of how much XP is granted to each individual trophy, but here's a quick reminder: 15xp 30xp 90xp 300xp Our scoring system is based on TT's site ratio system which gives a high score to rare trophies, and a low scoring to easy trophies. For example, completing the NA stack of Infestor for PS4 grants you a score of 13 (1333 TT score - 1320 base trophy XP), whilst completing Cyberpunk 2077 nets you a score of 1811 (3101 TT score - 1290 base trophy XP). How many points will be granted for the completion of bonus rounds? Points up for grabs in the bonus rounds will be stated in the announcement of the bonus beginning. Points available may include bonus score for the next period, or extra points tallied for the league table. How many points will be granted for finishing a period? 1st: 10pts 2nd: 9pts 3rd: 8pts 4th: 7pts 5th: 6pts 6th: 5pts 7th: 4pts 8th: 3pts 9th: 2pts 10th: 1pts The person with the highest score at the end of the period wins, and the next period will start. Who are the current competitors? StuTheChief dvdmanpa Slayer1189 Harris59 xZoneHunter darkjian92 biff_beefcake HelixNebula_x B1rvine Gizmo_Monkey frontzie IR-Skinny Rimbaudelaire Cloud-side Shin-Alu Spikeynesss ylc0304 smittenkitten333 bRICK3d_IT2 cjninja125
  10. @DrBloodmoney Second Syndicate!! Such a great game. Binary Domain I recommend, along with Fairytale Fights and Wanted: Weapons of Fate.
  11. I noticed your name in the server (and your character was next to mine) when I was unlocking the trophy. What you need to do is head as FAR back as you possible can in a straight line, and jump once you draw the arrow.
  12. Yes. All 3 DLC's are included.