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  1. "11210": [1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22], Brunch Club (NA) stack needs to be removed as is obtainable. Only the EU stack is borked.
  2. Super Meat Boy 0.27% Power Gig: Rise of the SixString 0.61% Grand Theft Auto V (PS4) 1.95% Homefront: The Revolution 2.21% Cities: Skylines 2.36%
  3. You'll gain 100k tickets, unlocking Ticket Toddler as soon as you start the game.
  4. Xploder was definitely a big thing around 2008-2010 for 360 (if you could get it to work). I remember there being Xploder for PS3 around this time (sold by HMV, of all places), very likely Xploder could've been used but then again, I'm only going off of my ailing memory.
  5. I don't have any of the DLC but managed to find matches with 2-3 other players on the base game for Extinction.
  6. With the majority of my collection (1100+ games, 70+ consoles, 500-ish comics) being located in the (well-ventilated) attic of my house in the UK, it does get hot. 25°C with no air-con. I regularly play my games, not noticed any issues between cart, tape or disc due to the heat. Humidity is overall constant.
  7. I'm not entirely sure, however you can amend the rates via the settings when you pause the game in-flight or via the setting menu.
  8. // DCL: The Game (PS4) [frontzie] // // // // // // // "10392": [1, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20], Trophies unobtainable since January 2022 due to in-game server errors.
  9. // Pig Eat Ball (PS4) (EU) [frontzie] // // // "9800": [1, 9], Unsure if NA stack is unobtainable too. Only tested the EU stack along with another person and we're both having issues with this trophy.
  10. Playing offline is not an option - You'll be able to play ONE time attack, but you can't progress without connection to the leaderboards. So you'll be on that singular time attack. The game does not require PS Plus for gameplay/"multiplayer" - multiplayer is essentially time trials against ghosts of other players. Multiplayer Race Flows at this time are dead. Low-player count on all platforms, however there's currently a 1003 Error on PS4 so you can't join or create your own race flows. This currently makes 5 trophies unobtainable. The devs have been made aware and they're aiming to get an update pushed to PS4 to fix this, and add more tracks to make the game on par (if not, close to) the PC version. If you have a drone/FPV, you can use your own transmitter via USB provided that it's compatible. This will make it considerably easier for the "Acro" game mode. If you only have a PS4/PS5 controller, "Arcade" is the easiest option. Tuning your drone to make it handle better uses Betaflight v4 as a "base". If you're finding tuning to be convoluted and struggling to learn how to make your drone fly efficiently, I can highly recommend testing the rates found on PIDhub. Regarding the events, events rotate on a weekly basis. You can currently access up to 3x events a week, meaning that this will take a minimum of 4 weeks to get the trophy to complete the 10x events. You will need a team of 3x active players in order to complete one of the events on a weekly basis.
  11. Power Gig: Rise of the SixString (hardest part is getting hold of the instruments before you play)
  12. It's not over until we get Administrator Simulator.
  13. Does It Offend You, Yeah? - All The Same.