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  1. I really enjoyed it on PC. A definite pick-up on PS4 for me.
  2. You can contact Rockstar Support, and if I remember from memory they can and will revert your profile by a few days at most. This is from past experiences with modders giving unwanted RP on X360, it may have changed from 4-5 years ago.
  3. "Faster, Baby!" Is £11.99 in the UK store. "Sign of the Times" and "Stones Unturned" aren't available to purchase. Only the "Judge, Jury & Executioner" weapons pack is free. Again, UK store.
  4. So far I've accumulated 8 plats, finished the final trophies for Burnout Paradise, got as much as I could for Mad Max before abandoning it 2 trophies before the plat (100+ hours of collectables, only for the final one to glitch) and made a start on my backlog. My sleeping pattern is completely fucked.
  5. I've managed about 15 (real-time) minutes into the game. However, when I check the stats it states I've done around 45mins on the little bar graph. I have been playing on 3x speed, so I assume that the timed trophies are based on in-game time. I have half a mind to just create another save and leave my console running overnight on the first map...
  6. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. The game gives me severe motion sickness, and I can't play it without throwing up.
  7. Modern Warfare (2019) was a very quick and easy campaign, even on Veteran.
  8. Yes.
  9. With a lot of time, practice and hoping you have some dumb players for the Breach Charge trophy, it's achievable. I'm unsure if you could have unlock some of the trophies via Custom games, I've not really tried that.
  10. I'm online whenever I can peel myself from my PS4. SW-3308-4209-0415
  11. The normal one is enough to get the plat.
  12. The whole marketing behind this game confuses the hell out of me. I pre-ordered the game for Switch a couple of months ago, money is already out of my account and I really hope I still get it. I really think that they were using "blockchain" as a buzzword at the time, which led to more confusion, even for myself. Definitely up there for dodgy marketing ploy.
  13. Plat 25: The Crew 2. Working on NFS: Payback, for hopefully my 26th Plat.
  14. I just tell them that I go for the full completion to get my money's worth, like most of them do.
  15. Big bump, but missed trophies happen - it's happened to me in other games (Homefront: The Revolution, for example). I wouldn't worry about it. If you're still feeling unsure, you can always hide the game from your profile and move on.