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  1. Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Because I wanted all of the editions.
  2. No, I spoke to another member about this a few months ago. The seller is no longer a registered user, from memory.
  3. RSD now has a patch - check for update on your Vitas. ALL trophies should now be patched and working. @illuminati1556, plat should be yours
  4. DriveClub. Really enjoyed it, but unfortunately was too low in my backlog before the servers were turned off.
  5. Focus on one trophy at a time, don't get discouraged if you miss. Try and try again.
  6. Get an official DS4, from experience. Third-party controllers often don't cut the mustard, and the AliExpress special DS4's ("P4 Controller") are fucking dreadful.
  7. I'm sure LawBreakers won't get £200+ even with a low print run...
  8. I unlocked the S-Rank Silver trophy (get half of S-ranks), then cleared my data and restarted to go for the bones - which I have done twice (clearing data and restarting, as I had a brief issue with another trophy not unlocking in Endless).
  9. Can confirm completing the game without going for S-ranks unlocks the trophy. Ended up wiping progress to do so.
  10. Fortnite, until the never-ending hype drops. Some delisted titles may rise after a year or two (here's looking at you, Mothergunship).
  11. Brilliant, once you're on the leaderboards I'll get you added onto the scores.
  12. I had a feeling that the Hebrew text at the splash screen had some hints we could use. I suppose this is correct. EDIT: The rest of the phrases are gibberish/not being translated correctly by Google Translate.
  13. It's not particularly very good. Hence why many people (like myself) have shelved the game, for now. Hence the ultra rare plat.